I guess I'd like to see what you make of this... Don't come by expecting an easy read. Got you intruigued? Hopefully =D

Woe betide are we who dwell with the evils upon this Earth, fragmented and bruised citizens of an early pathological inclination! O, for one who can bestow upon another the frightful wanderings of an ill and feeble mindspace is truly a Master of his own and each craft around him. Trembling notions fear to escape the dry desert plain of two pink strips of beauty, parted in the middle with a pearly essence perusing the turbulent scene. Unnamed foes retort in the manner of diligent spies as a sun-of-a-gun peeks atop a rising hill, only to cascade in frantic slow-motion towards an untimely devotion, devoured upon a mound we once referred to as our kinship, and a holocaustian fellowship is undertaken in an instant. Laid to rest is the expression of the time frame as it passes us by in ambidextrous ambivalence, and resonates a guttural cry of covert intelligence.

The End

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