I don't even know..

Look at this maze.

Spaghetti tangles grow from the ground like trees, intertwined with one another; so intertwined in fact that you could not traces one back to its root without receiving a severe headache in the process...

The soil, not at all ordinary, all squishy and broken. Cracked in places and there's holes in parts too! It's a wonder how all the trees grow...

Shoes are stuck in a pathway sort of line, as though one person with an endless amount of shoes has walked across the mud and mess, replacing her shoes each time they got stuck. Convenient for me, it seems, as I can follow their trail.

And above, the sky is confused. The sun peeks through a cloud as the moon looks down on me cautiously; it's as though the sky fears me in some way.. as though I harmed them in some way by coming here and looking around.
I wish they'd understand that I am only to untangle some spaghetti and get the world in order.
This may be a hard task.

There's also a rain cloud, splashing me every now and then. Darting about and spontaneously pausing its downpour in confusion. Each time it rains it looks like it's crying... what a sad cloud.

I can see the core of this madness now, having followed the heeled path.

Strands of spaghetti are flung in all directions and shoots of lightening fly into the sky - the sun moves away nervously and stares warily down at the machine.

It is glowing red hot and there's so much inside of it; it looks ready to burst.

Isn't it beautiful, this mind of mine?

The End

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