Waitress and the Construction WorkerMature

She was a waitress in a diner and he was a construction worker. His past was something he was not proud of but would a woman give him a chance?

                Jen smiled as the customer paid and said “Have a nice day.”

                “Thanks Jen. We’ll see you later.”

                She nodded. She turned and saw Ben walking towards her and said “How are you doing Ben?”

                He said “Can’t complain…it don’t matter if I do no one will listen.”

                She chuckled and watched as he walked back into the kitchen. She reached for the rag and went over to clean the tables. As she was cleaning she saw Ben’s wife, Kathy, walk in. She smiled and said hi.

                Kathy sat on a barstool and said “Good lord it’s hotter than Hades outside.”

                She chuckled and said “I know what you mean. How are you doing?”

                Kathy waved her hand and said “Don’t ask honey. How is Ben?”

                She said “Still getting around slow, but he’s moving.”

                Kathy sighed. Ben had been in the hospital about two months ago and still was slow to recover, but he was adamant about getting back to work. She said “How are you doing Jen?”

                She said “Oh I’m fine.” She finished wiping the table down and said “What about your ankle?”

                She said “It is sore, but at least I can move around.” She sighed and said “Don’t get old it only causes problems.”

                Jen laughed and said “You’re not that old.”

                She said “Lordy I wish I thought that, fifty-nine is no spring chicken.”


                Jen stopped and was talking to her brother as he finished eating. “Sure you don’t mind watching the kids tomorrow?”

                She shook her head. “That’s fine. I’ll come over about two?”

                He said “I appreciate it.” He wiped his mouth and said “Amy wants to go see some movie.”

                She said “Have fun.” She watched as he laid a ten dollar bill down and reached for his hat. She said “Be careful.”

                He nodded and said “See you tomorrow.”

                She reached for his empty plate and turned and watched as he pulled away in his squad car and picked up the money and the bill. He never went to the register, but he didn’t need to. He normally always got the same thing every day. She dumped the plates off and paid his bill and put the extra in her tip jar.

                She had her back to the door when she heard it open and turned and saw Wes Walton walk in and she said “Hi Wes, what can I get for you?”

                He walked up and said “Lemonade to go please Jen.” He stood by the counter and waited.

                She nodded and turned to get him his drink. She filled it and as she was finished she turned and set it on the counter and asked “Hot enough out there for you?”

                He chuckled and said “I’m glad I’m done for the day.” He slid a straw in the cup and paid for it and said “Thanks.”

                She nodded and turned as he walked out.

                “Oh gosh there is a man I wish I would have just a few minutes with.”

                She blushed and turned to Katie. “What?”

                Katie sighed. She said “Oh I know he’s way out of my league…but gosh the rumors about him and what he has done.” She closed her eyes for dramatics and said “He could curl my toes in my dreams.”

                She laughed and said “Back to reality.”

                She snickered and said “You know the rumor’s don’t you?”

                She said “I’ve lived here all my life Katie. Of course I have heard them.” She shrugged and said “I also know that I’m glad its happy go-home time for me.”

                Katie said “That means it is the start of my wonderful shift.”

                She took off her apron and said “Have a good evening. Jeff back there?”

                Katie nodded. “Yeah he is already prepping. See you Monday.”

                She nodded and left. She walked out to her car and slid in the hot seat. She started it and headed to her small apartment. She thought about Katie and remembered when she was seventeen, but didn’t think she had ever had the view of life that Katie did.

                A few minutes later she pulled up in front of her apartment and got out and walked inside to the air conditioning. She sat her purse down and kicked off her shoes. She sat on her couch and closed her eyes for a minute. She felt the quietness of her apartment close around her and leaned her head back. There were the times that she hated this. She was lonely and that was one reason she never turned her brother down when it came to watching her niece and nephew.

                She opened her eyes and looked down at herself and sighed. She needed to lose weight, but she just didn’t have the hours in the day to add it to her schedule. She worked at the diner from seven in the morning until three. She would watch her niece and nephew from three-thirty to six when her brother would show up and pick them up on Monday thru Thursday so her sister-in-law could finish her classes for a nursing degree.

                She would volunteer to work sometimes for Katie on the weekends that she wanted to go to the mall because she didn’t have an active social life. She didn’t date so it was easy to help anyone else out. She would go to church on Sundays and normally would stop over at her brother’s house for lunch and then on most Sundays she would volunteer to take the kids over to the park.

                She loved her niece and nephew and often spent time with them. She didn’t think twice about agreeing to watch the kids so her brother and sister-in-law could go out tomorrow. They normally didn’t do a lot of dating activities. She sighed and kicked off her shoes and groaned as she stood up. She knew she needed to get moving and her laundry needed done. She stretched and walked to her bedroom.


                The following day she was walking with the kids down to the park and was listening as they told her about their day. She laughed as Nicky said something funny and Trey replied. She said “Now remember we are only staying here for an hour before we are only staying here for an hour before we are heading home.”

                She watched as they played and pushed them on the swings. At seven and five they played very well together. She looked around and saw some of the people that were in the park and knew most of them. She hadn’t been kidding when she had told Katie that she had lived here all her life and knew most people and the stories that went with them.

                An hour later she was urging the kids off the slide and said “Remember what I said?”

                They sighed and followed her off the slide. She held their hands as they crossed the road.


                Ryan chuckled and said “Oh come Wes. I don’t know why you don’t go for the blond chic that works at the bank. Man she’s got legs that go on for miles.” He finished his beer and walked inside the house.

                Wes shook his head as he leaned back in his seat. He didn’t mind Ryan, but Ryan was about as crass as they came. He only had one thing on his mind and at twenty-seven he hadn’t started to wise up yet. He heard the door open and watched as Ryan walked out and stretched. “Suppose I should think about heading home.”

                He looked across the street at the park and said “Who is your date for the night?”

                Ryan chuckled and turned and said “Heather.” He closed his eyes for a second and said “Man she’s so fucking hot in bed.”

                Wes laughed and said “Play nice.”

                Ryan watched as someone crossed the street and said “Hell you don’t get out much anymore.”

                He shrugged and said “I did a lot when I was younger.”

                “Hell you’re only in your thirties.”

                He said “Like I said I did a lot when I was younger.”

                Ryan asked “I’m sure you have quite the list of girls. I bet there are very few girls around here who you didn’t get to know as well as I know Heather.”

                He chuckled as he watched Jen walk with her niece and nephew across the road. He said “There are some girls around here I haven’t known quite that well.”

                Ryan asked “Name one…and shock me.”

                If Wes would have thought twice he would have watched what he said, but he said softly “Jen, the waitress from the diner. I never dated her.”

                Ryan didn’t turn around so he didn’t know she was walking in front of Wes’s house. He said “Well with Jen there is just…a lot of her to date.”


                Jen heard the rude comment about herself as she walked with her niece and nephew and felt her face heat up at the comment. She swallowed past the lump in her throat and kept her head straight and hurried up past Wes’s house. She had to concentrate so she wouldn’t let the tears fall that threatened to.


                Wes groaned as he watched her walk past. He said “You fucking moron Ryan.”

                Ryan turned and watched as she walked past. “Oh hell.” He slid a hand through his hair and said “I didn’t know she was there.” He shrugged and said “I had better be going.”

                Wes slid a hand over his face. He knew she had heard what Ryan had said because he had watched the red slide up her cheeks. He groaned as he thought about it. He should never have mentioned her name and Ryan wouldn’t have added his two cents to the conversation. He stood up and walked inside.

                He knew Jen from the diner and could have kicked Ryan for what he had said that she heard. He liked to frequent it because she was a nice waitress. She was one of the few people around town that always treated him nice and didn’t tar and feather him for the things he had done when he was younger. He knew that she was not built like the girls he had dated in the past, but she was pretty.

                Her slightly round face was usually outlined by her dark brown hair that was in waves around it. Her body was overweight, but he thought she was a pretty girl. Her thick waist slid to a rounded bottom and a chest that some girls would die for. He groaned as he thought about her embarrassment to Ryan’s statement.


                Wednesday she was talking to Kathy and Katie when the door opened she turned and silently groaned as she saw Wes walk in. She hadn’t seen him in here since she had walked past his house this weekend. She told herself that he was a customer and watched as he sat down on a barstool close to the cash register. She glanced at her watch and saw that it was two forty-five. She planted a smile on her face and walked over and said “Hi Wes what will you have?”

                He swallowed and said “Hi Jen. How are you?”

                She nodded. “I’m fine. Yourself?”

                He said “Good.” He looked down at his hands for a second and said “Listen…about this past weekend when you were walking past my place…”

                She felt her face heat up again at the mention of what she had heard. She swallowed and waved a hand and said “Don’t worry about it. I’ve heard it before.” She tried to sound flippant and said “What would you like?”

                Before he could try to finish apologizing Kathy walked over and sat down next to him and he was forced to order.

                She felt mortified as she walked to the back. She looked at Katie and said “I think I’m going to go ahead and head out. Why don’t you finish Wes’s order?”

                Katie nodded and said “You sure you don’t mind coming back at seven?”

                She shook her head. “No that’s fine. I’ll be back. I need to go get my niece and nephew.”


                Wes was disappointed when he watched Katie bring his meal. He turned and saw Jen walk to her car and groaned.

                Kathy glanced at his focus and said “Indigestion?”

                He said “More like hoof-in-mouth.”

                She chuckled and said “What’s going on?”

                He had raised hell when he was younger with her son and she knew him well. He said “Hell Westford was at my place this weekend.”

                She groaned “I thought you were smarter than that. He’s like a disease Wes.”

                He said “Well I work with him and he stopped by and…hell he was standing on my porch and we got talking and somehow Jen came into the conversation and right as she was walking past my place Ryan opened his mouth and garbage came out.”

                Kathy said “Oh hell Wes.” She sighed and looked towards the door and said “Why pick on the poor girl?” She stood up and said “She is always nice to everyone around here.”

                He looked up at her and said “I didn’t say it. Hell I like her Kathy she has always been nice to me, but hell I know she heard what he said. I wanted to apologize to her…but she just shrugged it off and said that she’s heard it before.”

                Kathy shook her head slowly. “And unfortunately she probably has.” She glared at him and said “You know she is a very private person and doesn’t let anyone get too close to her. It is a shame that there are people out there like Ryan Westford that don’t look for more in a person than just their looks. She is such a sweetheart. Hell she volunteered to come back in tonight and work for Katie so Katie could attend a school function.”


                She laughed at something Jeff said and said “Well take it easy tonight Jeff. I’ll see you later.”

                He walked out the door and she finished turning off the lights. She normally did not work late, but she didn’t mind doing it once in awhile to help out Katie. Katie worked from three to nine during the week, but tonight she had a function at seven-thirty at the high school. She hadn’t minded coming back in for a few hours and finishing up her shift.

                She turned and locked the door and didn’t pay attention to anything outside. It was nine-thirty and dark. She was walking to her car and as she reached for the door handle she almost screamed as a hand descended on her shoulder. She turned around abruptly and put a hand to her chest as she saw Wes standing there.

                “Good lord you scared me to death.” She told him.

                He said “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to. I thought you saw my truck.”

                She shook her head and said “I wasn’t paying attention.”

                He frowned and said “You should with working this late…why didn’t Jeff wait and walk you out? Anyone could be out here Jen.”

                She said “I think I can manage to get to my car by myself.” She turned and fit her key into the door to unlock it and said “I doubt anyone would come after me anyways.”

                He closed his eyes and said “I wanted to finish talking to you since you left this afternoon before I could.”

                She started to open her door and sighed as he put his hand against it and shut it. She turned and said “Why don’t we just let it go Wes? Nothing needs to be said and nothing needs to be listened to about it.”

                He said “Like hell Jen…I know you heard what Ryan said this weekend…”

                She said “It doesn’t matter Wes.” She said “If I flew off the handle at every derogatory comment I have ever heard they would have locked me up a long time ago. Don’t worry about it.” She turned around to open her door again, but this time she was stopped by his hand closing over her upper arm and turning her back around.

                “Dammit listen to me. First off I didn’t say the comment and yes it does matter Jen because it hurt you. Secondly I want you to listen to my apology because I want you to know that it should never have been said and…you shouldn’t have to listen to what idiots like him say. Jen you know you’re a pretty girl…”

                She held up a hand and said “Okay no need to go that far Wes. You’ve said your apology, thank you.” She turned around and opened the door and tossed her purse on the passenger seat. Before she could do anymore she was pulled abruptly around.

                Wes knew it had been a few years since a woman had pushed his buttons. He had gotten to the point where he could control his temper and could walk away from any argument, but tonight was different. He reached for her as she started to get in her car. He shut the door and pulled her around and said “Do you think I’m lying?”

                She said “I think you’re going overboard in trying to make sure I believe you. There’s no need. Fine you didn’t say it and you have apologized. That’s enough. Have a nice evening.”

                “Dammit why don’t you just…” He gave up and jerked her close to him and bent his head.

                She never saw it coming and was shocked as his lips covered her own. She had her hands between them and tried to push him away, but he stepped closer until her back was against her door. She had never been kissed much to her embarrassment and now as he kissed her she felt like her world was in a tailspin.

                His hands were gripping her upper arms and his lips were hard against her own. She felt the change in him when his hands didn’t grip her arms so hard and his lips softened against hers. She found her hands clenching in the soft folds of his over-shirt.

                He almost groaned as he kissed her. Her lips were so soft and her body felt perfect against his. He felt her hands curl in his shirt against his chest and as her lips finally started to return his kiss he felt it throughout his body. He released her arms and one hand slid up and cupped the back of her head and he tangled his hands in her hair as his other arm slid around her waist and held her snuggly against his body.

                As she felt his hand slide in her hair she gasped softly and felt his tongue slide inside her mouth. She felt his arm slide around her and was glad of the support because her knees were shaking. She couldn’t control the soft moan that she emitted as his tongue slid over hers.

                He wasn’t sure how long they stood there, but finally he pulled back a little and looked down at her dazed expression. He swallowed and said “Now trust me…I’m not just saying anything to make you feel better, okay?”

                She couldn’t have spoken if her life had depended on it. She just nodded at his statement.

                He grinned and slid her hair from her face and tipped her chin up and bent his head and pressed a soft kiss against her lips and said “Be careful going home.” He reached behind her and opened the car door and watched as she slid in the seat. He shut it and stood there watching as she automatically pulled her seatbelt on.

                When she finally pulled out of the parking lot she said “Oh my gosh.”

                She felt like she was in a daze as she drove home. She pulled up in front of her place and saw the squad car pull up beside her. She smiled at her brother as he rolled down his window. “Hi Shawn.”

                Shawn said “Just getting off work?”

                She nodded. “I worked a little for Katie.” She reached in her car for her purse and pulled it out and saw him looking at her oddly. “What’s wrong?”

                “Did you fall or something?”

                She frowned. “No why?”

                “Your mouth is all bruised.” Then he watched as a blush started from her chest and engulfed her face. He stared at her and watched as she looked everywhere but at him. He said “You okay?”

                “Uh fine…I had uh better get inside.”

                He nodded and watched as she walked inside.


                He walked in the house and smiled as his wife hugged him. “Kids down?”

                “For the moment.” She looked up at him and said “You’re late. You said you were going to be home a half hour ago.”

                He said “I stopped by to make sure Jen was home…she just got there as I pulled around the corner. I guess she was working for Katie.”

                Amy nodded. “She okay?”

                He grinned as he sat down to take off his shoes. “Real okay.” He chuckled and said “I uh guess she’s involved with someone.”

                Amy gasped and said “Why do you say that?”

                He said “Well when I pulled up and she finally turned around and looked at me I asked her if she’d fell or something because her mouth was all bruised. I don’t think I have ever seen my sister blush so much before.”

                Amy said “Oh my god. So…she’s been kissing someone huh?”

                He nodded. “Someone kissed her pretty good.” He frowned and said “I wonder who it is. Do you think I should ask around?”

                She pulled him along with her to their bedroom and said “No. You do and you’ll embarrass her to death.”


                She was standing behind the counter talking to Ben when she heard the door open. She knew it was getting close to the lunch hour. She turned around and felt butterflies attack her stomach as she saw Wes sit down in a booth. She told herself to get back to reality and walked over to the booth as she got there he finally looked up.

                “Hi Wes. What can I get you?” She asked him.

                He raised his eyebrows and said “That’s a loaded question.” He watched as her cheeks blossomed with color and he chuckled and said “Lemonade and the special.”

                She nodded and said “Be right back.” She turned and bit her lip as she walked back to put his order in. She filled his drink and brought it back and sat it on the table. She said “There you go.”

                Before she could get away he reached out and grabbed her hand. As she stopped and turned slowly around he said “Everything okay?”

                She was very aware of him holding her hand and she swallowed and said “Uh fine.” She felt his thumb slide over the top of her hand and as someone else entered the diner she felt him release it. The good thing about the lunch hour was it was busy and that meant she was also. She saw her brother walk in with a deputy and talked to him for a few minutes before walking back to Wes and asking him if there was anything else he needed.

                “Well…” He let his eyes meet hers and was rewarded with her face turning red he chuckled and said “No I am fine.” He said “But I was wondering Jen…”

                She said “Yeah?”

                “Saturday, are you working?”

                She shook her head. “No.”

                “Watching your brother’s kids?”

                She frowned and said “No, why?”

                “Good. Would you spend the day with me?”

                She swallowed “Doing what?”

                He laughed and said “Don’t let my mind go into overdrive honey.” He watched as her face heated up further and he said “I’ll let you know. So is it a date?”

                She blinked “A date?”

                He nodded. “So…is your answer yes?”


                “I’ll let you know what I figure out for Saturday.”


                She felt giddy as she walked over to her brother and took their money and stopped when he asked her about Saturday. They were going to a festival and she’d gone with them before to it. She said “Uh…no that’s okay. I uh got plans.”

                He looked up and saw that her face was slightly flushed. “Really? Plans…for what? Are you working?”

                She said “Uh…no. I’m not working.” She busied herself with stacking their plates and said “Uh have a good time.”

                He said “Hey…” When she turned around he asked “What plans?”

                She swallowed and took a step back and said “I…have a date.”

                He blinked and smiled and said “Really?”

                She said “Yes…really. Now aren’t you going to be late?”


                Friday she had just got done stacking the glasses when the door opened she turned around and found herself smiling as Wes walked in. She could tell he had just gotten off work. He worked with a construction crew and currently they were building a new school. She said “Hi.”

                He said “Hey there. Lemonade to go please.”

                She nodded and turned around and got his drink and took his money as he paid for it.

                “Come around here for a second.” He asked her.

                She walked around the counter and said “Did you need something?”

                He nodded “Uh huh.” He reached for her and he was sitting on a barstool and his legs were spread and he pulled her between them and slid his arm around her waist and cupped her cheek and kissed her. He felt her lean into him and as he tasted the sweetness of her lips he felt like he was drowning. He finally pulled back and said “I needed that.”

                She felt her face heat up and said “Oh.”

                He grinned and reached for his drink and asked “You fish?”

                She blinked. “Uh…I have before. Why?”

                “Want to go fishing tomorrow?”

                She said “Okay.”

                “Five too early if I pick you up?”

                She said “No.”

                He grinned and said “Okay. I’ll see you at five.”

                She watched as he walked out and passed her brother in the doorway.


                Shawn nodded as Wes walked out and said “Howdy Wes.”

                “Shawn.” He nodded towards him and headed to his truck.

                Shawn walked in and looked at his sister and noticed immediately that her lips had the slightly bruised look on them and was able to put two and two together and said “Holy shit you and Wes?”

                She felt her cheeks heat up and said “Shut up Shawn.”

                He started to laugh and watched as she walked around the counter and got him an ice tea to go. He said “I would never have thought of it.” It had been a few years since he had teased her and he said “So…how long have you two had a thing going?”

                She slid his drink in front of him and said “We don’t have a thing going.”

                “So is he your date Saturday?”

                She said “Yes.” She took his money and rang up his drink and said “Do you need anything else?”

                He leaned his chin on his hand and asked “You and Wes huh?”

                She said “Shawn…”

                He chuckled and then got serious. He knew Wes and had known him for a number of years. He also knew his reputation and felt protective over his sister. He knew she didn’t date and didn’t want to see her get hurt and with a man who had been around like Wes…he knew Wes was in an entirely different league than she was. He reached for his drink and said “Be careful with him sis.”

                She said “I will be.”

                He said “Seriously…he’s been around and I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

                She said “I know Shawn.” She wiped her hands and said “I’ll be fine.”


                Saturday morning she was up early and had showered and dressed by a quarter till five. She pulled on a pair of sandals and a pair of shorts along with a t-shirt. She reached for a light jacket as there was a knock at her door. She swallowed and walked over to the door and opened it and saw Wes standing there. “Hi. I’m ready.” She reached for her purse.

                He looked at her and as she walked in front of him he swallowed as he took in the jean shorts that curved provocatively around her nicely rounded bottom. He opened the door to his truck and he helped her in and shut it.


                She walked with him carrying a tackle box and a blanket while he carried a couple of fishing poles and a cooler. She found herself a half hour later sitting beside him on the quiet bank as they fished. He wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and she could see the muscles in his arms every time he casted.

                They talked quietly for a little bit and as the silence of the area fell on them he watched her unabashedly. She was holding her pole and started to take off her jacket and he laid his down and helped her slip it off. He swallowed as he saw the t-shirt clung to her breasts. He laid the jacket behind them and said “Getting warm?”

                She said “Just a little.”

                They fished for over an hour and caught a few that he threw back. He finally lay back on the blanket and reached for her and slid his hand to her stomach and pulled her back until she lay next to him and he said “You enjoying yourself?”

                She swallowed as she looked up at him. “Uh huh.”

                He propped his head up on his hand and gazed down at her and then he let his gaze slide down her body and he said “You’re a very pretty girl Jen.”

                She swallowed and felt her body tingle as she heard his words. She looked up at him as his hand slid to her stomach and along her side. “Oh.”

                He slid his hand up along her side and said “Very pretty. I could look at you for a long time.” He slid his hand up and cupped her face and bent his head. He slid his lips across hers.

                She was not sure how long they lay there, but she felt comfortable as she lay next to him. His hand slid along her side and caressed her time and time again. She felt him move and gasped as his leg slid between hers. She drew her leg up until her knee was bent and slid her hands up and around his neck as he kissed her. She gasped as his hand slid underneath her t-shirt and she felt it against her bare skin.

                His tongue slid in her mouth as he heard the soft gasp. He slowly moved his hand until it cupped the soft mound of her breast. He heard her whimper and groaned himself as his hand gently molded her. He wanted more from her, but he also knew he needed to slow down. So he forced himself to not slide his hand inside the bra like he desperately wanted to. He finally slowed down and pulled back and removed his hand from her shirt and slid her hair away from her face and said “You pack quite a punch.”

                She blushed and said “Me?”

                He grinned at her and moved so he was lying on his side looking at her he said “Oh yeah you.” He said “It has…been a few years sweetheart that just messing around a little like were we doing has gotten me in such a state.”

                She frowned “What do you mean?”

                He realized she was innocent and smiled and bent and kissed her gently and said “From kissing and touch you honey…I uh got pretty excited.”

                She blushed bright red at his statement. “Oh.”

                He grinned and said “Just being honest.”

                She nodded.


                They ate sandwiches he had packed and talked some. When they headed back to his truck he watched as she walked in front of him. He said “You know…Jen you really fill out those shorts in ways that should be illegal.”

                She felt her face flush bright red and stopped and turned to him. “I do?”

                He nodded and slid his arm around her waist and dropped a kiss on her lips and said “Trust me you do.”


                They stopped at the movie rental place and picked up a couple of movies as they got back into town. She followed him inside his place and sat down on his couch as he put stuff away. An hour later she found herself leaning against him as they watched a movie.

                He felt content as his arm was around her body and she was leaning against him. He had his feet propped up on his coffee table and as she moved slightly he looked down and smiled as she was sound asleep. He reached for the remote and stopped the movie and watched her. He had been with his fair share of women, but there was something about the innocent look that she had that drew him. Her eyelashes lay softly against her skin and he found him staring at her.

                She woke up slowly and as she moved she felt him move. She opened her eyes and heard him chuckle “Awake?”

                She blinked and said “Oh gosh I’m sorry.”

                He said “It is okay.” He watched as she sat up and he said “You’re so cute when you sleep.”

                She blushed and slid her hair away from her face and said “I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

                He laughed and said “It was an early start to the day.”

                She stood up and used the restroom as she came back she started to walk past him, but he reached up and pulled her until she sat on his lap. His arm slid around her waist and he said “Now…this is what I call a perfect day.”

                She blushed as he pulled her on his lap. She tried to move, but he held her close. She finally settled against him and swallowed as she looked at him. “It is huh?”

                He nodded. He slid his hand in her hair and said “How do you rate this?”

                She smiled and said “I have enjoyed it.”

                He pulled her close.


                Tuesday she was at work and had just stacked napkins when she heard the door open. She smiled as Wes walked in. She said “Hey there.”

                He said “Hi.” He sat down and said “Busy?”

                She said “Not too bad.” She saw there were a few people in the restaurant. He sat down and talked to her for a few minutes. She saw Katie walk in and watched as the last couple left and Katie walked in the back. Wes finally stood and said “When you going to be home?”

                She said “Uh…Shawn picks the kids up at six.”

                He said “Okay. I’ll stop by after then.”

                She smiled and said “Okay. See you later.” She thought he was just going to leave, but as she was standing across the counter, he surprised her by reaching over and sliding his hand around her neck and pulled her close and placed a hard kiss on her lips. He grinned and left.

                “Oh my god I can’t believe it.”

                She turned around and felt her face heat as she knew Katie had just witnessed the kiss. “What?”

                “Oh my gosh you and Wes? I’m so jealous of you.”

                She blushed and said “Oh hush.”

                Katie walked out and said “I’m serious. He is…so freaking hot. Oh god I’m jealous…so tell me does he kiss good?”


                As her brother stopped by to pick up the kids he asked her about her date. She said “It was nice.”

                He grinned and couldn’t resist asking “How nice was it?”

                She blushed and said “Oh hush.”

                He chuckled and said “I was just asking. So what are you two up to?”

                She said “Nothing.” She slid her hair behind her ear and said “Be careful driving home.”

                He asked “Need me to leave?”

                She said “Yes…now go.”

                He laughed and asked “Having someone stop by?”

                She shoved him towards the door and said “Will you go home.”

                He laughed and said “See you later.”


                She wasn’t sure when Wes would show up, so she took a quick shower and as she just stepped out she groaned as she heard a knock at her door. She reached for her robe and pulled it on and raced to the door. Her wet hair clinging against her back. She opened the door and said “I’m sorry. Let me go change.”

                He swallowed as he caught a look of her freshly scrubbed face. As she would have raced back to her room he snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her slowly back and he said “Don’t I even get a hello kiss?”

                She swallowed and let him pull her in his arms. She slowly slid her arms up and around his neck as he kissed her. He groaned as he felt her soft breasts crush against his chest. He slid his hands around her waist and up her back and felt the knowledge that she wore no bra and as his hands slid down he cupped her bottom and felt her jump and groaned and he said “God…you’re not wearing anything underneath this robe are you?”

                She blushed and said “I was in the shower.”

                He swallowed and said “God.” He closed his eyes and tightened his hands on her briefly and said “You had better go get dressed Jen…or I won’t be responsible for what happens next.”


                She found herself seeing quite a bit of him. Saturday she finally agreed to go for a ride with him on his motorcycle. She was a little nervous as she had never ridden one before. She swallowed as she opened the door to him midmorning. “Hi.”

                He smiled and said “Ready?”

                She said “I guess.”

                He laughed and said “I’ll be very careful.” He watched as she slid her key in her jeans and said “Go ahead and climb on.” He reached for the helmet and helped her slide it on. He said “Feel okay?”

                She nodded. She watched as he slid onto the bike and he slid his hand behind him and to her hips and pulled her until she was leaning up against him.

                He helped her place her feet and he turned and said “Just lean with me and you’ll be fine.” He started the bike up and reached for her hands and said “Hang on to me.”

                She tightened her grip as he took off and as they got to the last traffic light in town they stopped. She turned and groaned as she saw her brother pull up next to them.

                Wes turned and saw Shawn pull up and his eyes widen as he saw who was sitting on the bike. He nodded towards Shawn. “Hey Shawn.”

                “Wes.” He said. He turned and looked at her and shook his head and said to Wes “She ever rode that thing before?”

                Wes shook his head. “No, but she finally told me I could take her for a ride.”

                Shawn shook his head and said “Be careful.”

                Wes grinned and slid his hand to her upper leg and patted her and said “I’ll make sure nothing happens to her.” He removed his hand and moves his hands and the bike off.

                Shawn shook his head and looked at the officer in the car with him. “I really hope he was serious.”

                Lee chuckled and said “How long have they been seeing each other?”

                Shawn said “About a month now. His reputation better not come to fruition.”

                Lee said “From what I hear he was quite the lady’s man.”

                Shawn nodded. “He went through women like water.” He turned towards the station and said “I haven’t really heard anything in the last five or so years, so I am hoping he sowed whatever he was into and has settled down a little. If I find out he’s been playing my sister I’m going to be pissed.”


                She finally settled with him on the motorcycle and she found herself relaxing as they got on the highway. They drove out to the dam and he helped her get off his bike and he said “So how was it?”

                She smiled and said “It was fun.”

                He grinned and said “See. You have to trust me.”

                She said “I do.”

                They walked over towards an embankment and he settled down on a fallen log and pulled her down so she sat in front of him. He pulled her back so she leaned back against him and he said “This is nice.”

                She said “It is beautiful here.”

                He reached for her hair and pulled the scrunch out and slid her hair to one side and said “You are very beautiful.”

                She swallowed as she felt his lips caress her neck. She tilted it for easier access and gasped as his hands slid up and cupped her breasts. “Oh.” She said softly as she closed her eyes and leaned back against him.

                He slowly slid his hands underneath her shirt and cupped her lace and satin breasts and massaged them gently. He then slid the cups of her bra away and his hands slid around her naked breasts. “Oh god Jen.”

                She moaned softly as his hands slid around her breasts. “Oh Wes.” She leaned her head back and felt his lips suckle her neck.


                She had to have him help her off the bike when they got back to his house. She said “My legs feel funny.”

                He laughed and did and said “You okay?”

                She nodded and was grateful for his support as they walked into his house. She sat down on the sofa and said “That was fun though.”

                He kicked off his boots and said “I’m glad you liked it.”

                She smiled and said “I don’t know if my legs will ever get back to normal though.”

                He settled back against the couch and pulled her close. “Let me see if I can get your mind off your legs.”

                She swallowed as she looked up at him. “You think…you can?”

                He grinned and said “I think I can get it on other things.”



                A half hour later she found herself straddling his lap with her arms around his neck kissing him. His hands slid from her bottom to her back and she felt his hands slide down and grip her shirt she swallowed as he pulled back a little and looked at her.

                “Can we get rid of this?” He asked her tugging at her shirt.

                She swallowed. “I guess.” She lifted her arms and let him pull it over her head. As he did he tossed it onto the couch and pulled her close. He didn’t bother doing anything else and continued to kiss her. He knew that she was nervous and wanted to assure her that everything was okay so he didn’t mind going slow. He finally felt her body relax against his and he slid his hands up her back and as he kissed her his hands unfastened the bra and he didn’t bother to remove it, but continued to slide his hands up and down her back.

                He had been with his share of women over his lifetime more than he wanted to admit, but it had been a few years since he had been with a woman. He had been honest with Ryan and didn’t look at women as he used to. He moved and gently lowered her to the couch and slid beside her and continued to kiss her. He wasn’t sure he had ever gone as slow as he was going with her.

                In his younger years he would have bedded her a few times by now, but he was older and smarter and understood quality was worth more than quantity. He pulled back a little and looked at her and as she opened her eyes and looked at him he smiled and said “You okay?”

                She nodded. “Uh huh.”

                He grinned and lowered his head and pressed a gentle kiss against her swollen lips and pulled back and gently worked the loose bra from her body and felt a lump in his throat. He said “God…you’re so…I’m without words.”

                She blushed as he looked at her half-naked body.

                He saw her flush and lowered his head and kissed her. As he leaned close he finally let his hand slide up and cup her bare breast and felt her arch towards him. He found himself enjoying her body as he touched her with every gentle caress. He finally moved until he slid his lips over her and heard her whimper as he caressed her.


                Monday she was washing tables and wasn’t paying attention so she didn’t hear the door open or close. She turned and gasped as Wes stood right behind her. She let him pull her in his arms and kiss her and then she said “Hey.”

                He said “Hi there.” He slid a stray hair from her face and said “I missed you today.”

                She felt herself blush and said “You did?”

                He nodded. “Uh huh.”

                She smiled at him and said “Busy day?”

                He said “It wasn’t too bad.” He heard the door and turned and saw her brother walk through it and turned back to her and said “So…what do you think about Friday night?”

                She tried to wriggle away from him, but he held her close. She blushed and said “Wes…let go.”

                He chuckled and said “It is just Shawn. Answer me and I’ll let you go.”

                She laughed and said “Okay yes Friday.”

                He said “Good.” He kissed her quickly and let her go and said “I’ll catch you later.” He turned around and walked past her brother. He nodded towards him. “Shawn.”

                Shawn shook his head as he watched Wes walk outside and looked at his sister and said “I’ll be right back.”

                She frowned and groaned as she saw him walk out towards Wes. She turned around and prayed that he didn’t say anything to make Wes mad.


                “Hey Wes.” Shawn hollered at him.

                Wes stopped before he got in his truck and said “What’s up?”

                Shawn said “So how are things going with you and my sister?”

                Wes raised his eyebrow and said “Fine.”

                Shawn nodded and said “Look I am not one to butt in her life, but I just want to make sure she doesn’t get in over her head and get hurt. I know your reputation.” Before Wes could say anything he added “I also know I haven’t heard anything about it for a few years so I am hoping you have changed and are not the same man that you were years ago. All that being said…don’t play my sister for a fool.”

                Wes gritted his teeth together and then forced himself to relax and he said “Anything else officer?”

                Shawn rolled his eyes and said “Oh hell Wes shut up about the officer stuff. I’m talking about Jen and you know her well enough to know she’s pretty damned innocent. I don’t want to see her hurt.”

                Wes sighed and said “I’m not going to hurt her Shawn. I like your sister.”

                Shawn glanced back at the diner and said “That was obvious.”

                Wes chuckled and said “I have changed Shawn. I was a lot younger and didn’t think twice about what woman I was with. I do now. I like your sister and I wouldn’t do anything in the world to hurt her.”

                Shawn nodded and said “Enough said.” He turned around and walked back inside.


                She glared at him as he sat down on a barstool. “What did you say to Wes?”

                He chuckled and said “Don’t worry about it.”

                She slid his ice tea across the counter and said “Shawn…”

                He slid some money over it and said “We both understand each other sis that’s all you need to know.”


                Friday she was sitting beside him in his truck and they were headed back from the movie theater. She had her head on his shoulder and said “That was a good movie.”

                He said “It was.” He glanced at the clock in his truck and saw it was only eight and asked “Want to stop by my place for a bit? It is early.”


                He pulled up in front of his house and followed her up the stairs and unlocked his door and watched as she walked in. She had on a skirt and he had to admit that he wouldn’t change anything about her body. He had found himself on more than one occasion looking at her and felt his body reacting in ways it hadn’t for a few years. He watched as she slipped her shoes off and was glad she felt comfortable in his house. He slid his hands around her and as she turned around he bent his head and kissed her.

                She slid her arms slowly around his neck and felt his slide around her waist. She responded as his kiss deepened. She tightened her arms as his hands slid down and cupped her bottom and pulled her close and she could feel his arousal against her and gasped and moaned softly as his tongue slid in her mouth.

                He knew he should slow down, but she felt so good against his body and as her soft moans were coming louder he turned and moments later he gently lowered her to his bed. He continued to kiss her and caress her and he gently removed her top and then her bra and slid his mouth down over her breasts as he tasted and teased her until she was whimpering.

                When he slid back up and his hands slid to the side of her skirt he encountered the zipper and with a couple of movements he lowered it and soon he slid it down until the only thing she wore in his bed was her panties. He pulled his shirt over his head and as he slid over her and kissed her he felt her hands slide up his back and groaned as her nails bit into his shoulders as he kissed her.

                As he slid down her body one more time this time he slid her panties off her body and watched as her treasures were uncovered. He wanted tonight to be spectacular. He slowly slid a finger inside her body and as she went rigid he murmured soft gentle words as he slowly educated her body to what lovemaking was like. Soon enough she was moaning and begging him for something he knew her body had never seen.

                When her body finally gave her the release she was begging for she fell back against the bed and tried to calm her erratic breathing. She felt his body move and opened her eyes slowly and watched as he lay next to her naked. She trusted him completely and as he kissed her and touched her she didn’t feel awkward as he moved between her legs and even as she felt his arousal touch her she was completely at ease.


                He closed his eyes that night as he slid an arm around her waist and pulled her tightly against him. He had never known such compassion from a woman as he had found tonight with her. She was such a precious woman that tonight as he showed her an entirely new aspect of their relationship he felt deeply honored that she trusted him as he had taken her virginity and shown her the joys of being a woman.


                He groaned as he woke up to someone knocking at the door. He untangled himself from her arms and he pulled on his jeans and headed out to the living room. He glanced at the clock and saw it was only seven. He opened the door and groaned as he saw Ryan standing there. He stepped onto the front porch and said “What’s up?”


                She slowly woke up to voices outside the window she was facing. She smiled as she thought about last night. She couldn’t believe what she had done, but she didn’t regret it. Wes had been so gentle and so sweet with her. She sat up and pulled the sheet close to her as she closed her eyes and smiled.


                Ryan said “Can I come in?”

                Wes shook his head. “No.”

                Ryan blinked and then grinned. “You got company?”

                He said “Something like that.” He wasn’t going to divulge to Ryan what was going on in his life.

Ryan turned and said “Hey man I called you last night and you didn’t answer I was going to ask you about the rumors I have been hearing.”

                Wes scratched his head and said “What are you talking about?”

                Ryan chuckled and said “You and the waitress. It is all over town about you two. I was just joking the last time I was here, but I guess you weren’t.”


                She frowned when she heard her name mentioned. She slid her feet over the bed and sat down facing the window and listened to the conversation.


                “What are you talking about?” He asked Ryan.

                “You know…I asked you what woman you hadn’t been with and you said the waitress…I guess you took care of that little error huh?”

                Wes figured if he protested too much it would lead to more probing so all he said was “Something like that. Was there anything else you wanted?”

                Ryan asked “So…come on man tell me how was she? She pretty good?”

                Wes gritted his teeth and said “Ryan…I’m not going to talk about it.”

                “Must have been pretty good huh? I’m surprised that you aren’t sharing such information man…you used to do that.”

                He said “I told you before I’ve changed a lot since I was younger.”

                “Oh come on…at least tell me if the rumors are true. You been dating her and got her in the sack last night huh? Come on man tell me something I mean we’re friends you know? I bet it felt pretty good last night getting with the waitress…and took care of having one woman out there you hadn’t been with.”

                Wes rolled his eyes and said “Something like that. I’ll catch you later Ryan.”


                She had heard enough and had pulled her clothes back on as tears slid down her face. She had never in her life felt as used as she just did. All she was to him…was a quick and easy lay. She had just walked into the living room when the front door opened. She looked up and saw him walk in.

                He looked at her and said “Hey…what’s wrong?”

                She said “So…I hope that I lived up to your expectations…I am sorry that I wasn’t as experienced as all of the other women you’ve bedded.”

                He groaned as he put two and two together. He had forgotten he had left his bedroom window up. “Oh lord.” He slid a hand over his face and said “Jen let me explain.”

                She looked around for her shoes and said “Forget it Wes. I may be slow but I’m not that stupid.” She looked around and found her shoes and pulled them on her feet and said “Forget that I’m very stupid.”

                He reached for her and said “Jen wait a second okay? I never went out with you for the on sheer reason to just bed you. You know I am not like that.”

                She looked at him and brushed angrily at the tears that slipped from her eyes. “So tell me if that was true then how did Ryan know what was going on?”

                He groaned and said “Look…” He said “Dammit we talked about it once, but Jen that was just a freak coincidence I swear to you.” He swallowed and said “Last night meant so much sweetheart.”

                She looked at him and said “I’m sure it did…what was it you said? I was one of the few women around here you hadn’t bedded? Well thank god you cleared up that mark in your life.”

                As she started past him there was a knock at the door he swore. “Who the hell is that?” He turned around and jerked open the door and groaned as he came face to face with Shawn. “Oh hell.”

                Shawn frowned and asked “Look Wes…I stopped by Jen’s and she wasn’t there have you…”

                She heard her brother’s voice and grabbed her purse and with tears in her eyes she pushed past Wes and said “Will you take me home?”

                Shawn blinked as he looked at his sister who was in tears. Before he said anything else he watched as she flew down the stairs towards his squad car. He watched as she opened the door slid in the passenger seat. He slowly turned around and said “What the hell is going on?”

                Wes groaned and slid a hand to his eyes and said “It is a long story.” He straightened up and said “I need to finish the conversation with your sister Shawn.”

                When Wes started to step out of the house Shawn put a hand to his chest and said “I don’t think so. Whatever is going on she’s upset and you’re going to leave her alone.”


                Shawn said “Let it go Wes or I’m going to forget the fact that I’m here wearing my uniform and I’m going to react in a very personal way.” He turned around and walked down the steps to his car.


                Jen found a tissue in her purse and wiped her eyes and stared out the window as her brother slid in the seat and she didn’t say anything as he started the car.

                “You okay?” He asked her.

                She nodded. She didn’t trust herself to speak so she didn’t.

                He sighed and turned towards her house. She didn’t speak as he pulled up and as he parked he followed her up the steps and said “Jen.”

                She turned and looked up at him and closed her eyes and said “I’m stupid Shawn.”

                He swallowed as he heard the pain in her voice. He reached out and pulled her in his arms. He didn’t offer anything but hugged her and said “You’re human sis.” He let her cry and then he said “Want to tell me what happened?”

                She shook her head and said “No.”

                He said “Okay.”


                The next couple of weeks were hard and she felt like her heart was going to break sometimes as she worked. She didn’t talk about Wes so she knew people pretty much knew that she no longer saw him. She was relieved that he didn’t show up at the diner and she made sure she didn’t go close to his house.

                Her brother stopped by and saw her often and her sister-in-law asked a couple of times but she just told them she didn’t want to talk about it. She hated to think about the idea of her being so easy and gullible. She looked at the calendar and noticed it had been almost a month since she had last saw Wes.

                She finished stacking glasses and heard the front door open. She turned and saw Ryan Westford walk in. She swallowed and looked down at the counter as he walked up.

                “Hey Jen how are ya?” He asked her.

                She looked up and watched as Katie walked in. She swallowed and said “I’m fine. What did you need Ryan?”

                He grinned and looked at her up and down.

                She swallowed as she felt dirty by his gaze. She didn’t meet his gaze.

                “Oh…I always need something.” He watched as she cleaned a spot on the counter and he slid his hand over hers and stopped hers from moving. He gripped her hand and slid his thumb across the top of her hand and said “I heard you and Wes weren’t seeing each other…and I thought maybe you were getting lonely.”

                She gasped and jerked her gaze to his and said “No…I’m uh fine.”

                He said “I agree.” He chuckled and said “Wes sure does have good taste in women I’ll say.”

                She felt herself pale at the crude comment and said “Let me go Ryan please.”

                He leaned closer and said “I like it when you say please. Can you say that again…just please Ryan?”

                She jerked her hand away from his and fled to the back. She passed Katie as she walked in the back.

                Katie walked out and glared at him and said “Did you come in here to cause trouble or order something?”

                He chuckled and said “I’ll stop by later.”

                She said “Don’t bother.”


                She worked the last few hours for Katie and as she walked out the door she walked towards her car and saw Wes’s truck parked beside it. This time she took notice of who was outside. She stared at her car as she got to it and as he got out of the truck she opened her car door and groaned as he said her name.

                “Wait a second Jen.”

                She stopped and closed her eyes and said “Please leave me alone.”

                He wanted to reach out and touch her, but he didn’t. He sighed and said “I heard what happened with Ryan today. I wanted to tell you he won’t be bothering you again.”

                She stiffened but nodded. “Thanks.”

                He sighed and said “There’s no excuse for him upsetting you. I talked to him.”

                She nodded and reached for her car door.


                The following week she was with her brother and Amy and the kids at the local festival. She hadn’t felt good that morning but she did like to walk around the festival. She walked along with them and was laughing at something the children were talking about. They started to walk down the other side of the street and she groaned as she saw Wes’s house coming up. She tried to ignore it and heard her brother say “Hell I’m sorry sis.”

                She smiled and said “It’s okay.”

                Amy put a hand on her arm and said “You okay?”

                She nodded and felt her head sway. She turned and watched as the children looked over at the park. She felt the heat creep up her neck and felt lightheaded. She took a deep breath but felt the world sway. She turned and looked around and saw her brother talking to Amy. She put a hand on his arm and said “Shawn.”

                Shawn turned and saw his sister had gone very pale. He said “Jen are you okay?”

                She put a hand to her head and said “Oh god…I feel like I’m going to pass out.”

                He turned and as her knees started to buckle he reacted quickly and in one motion he picked her up. She was no pixie, but he wasn’t a small man either. He said “Oh hell.” He looked around and saw one house he wanted to avoid but walked towards it. He walked up the steps and as he got to the porch the door opened and he looked at a stunned Wes. “Let me inside.”

                Wes stepped back and watched as Shawn carried his sister inside and laid her on the couch. “What happened to her?”

                Shawn sat her down on the couch and said “Not sure.” He squatted down beside her and slid his hand to her cheek and said “Jen come on wake up.”

                Wes left the living room and came back with a cool rag and handed it to Shawn. He turned as he saw Amy and the kids walk into his living room. He heard the kids sniffle and heard the little girl start to cry.

                “Come on sis open your eyes. Please open your eyes.” He slid the cool rag around her neck and said “Hell I should just call for an ambulance.”

                She slowly blinked and murmured “I’m fine.”

                Wes looked down at her as she slowly opened her eyes and said “If you were fine you wouldn’t have just fainted.”

                She swallowed and looked up at him and around and deduced that she was in his house. She started to sit up and moaned and put a hand to her head and said “Oh gosh.”

                Shawn said “Whoa there don’t move. Just lay back. What happened?”

                She leaned back against the couch and said “I don’t know…I…was fine and then I started to get dizzy and hot and then nothing.”

                He said “Well maybe it is the heat. But you need to just lay back and relax.”

                She turned and saw the kids were upset and said “Oh Trey and Nicky I’m fine. I just got a little hot that is all.” She watched as they nodded and she looked at Amy and said “I’ll be okay. Why don’t you go ahead and walk through the festival.”

                Shawn stood and looked over at Wes who stood there and said “I don’t know…”

                Wes said “Go ahead I’ll make sure she stays down.”

                Shawn looked at her.

                She swallowed and didn’t want to stay but still didn’t feel well. She said “Go ahead I’ll be okay. I just need to rest a little Shawn.”

                He sighed and said “Okay. We’ll come back this way okay?”

                She nodded. She watched as they exited the room and she felt butterflies come back into her stomach. She swallowed as she saw him sit at the end of the couch by her feet. She looked up at him.

                He swallowed as he looked at her. She still looked pale and he was concerned. He said “Are you okay?”

                She said “I think so.” She tried to sit up and her head spun and she lay back down and said “Oh gosh.”

                He groaned and moved by her and slid his hand to her neck and he said “Easy now.”

                She said “Oh gosh…I don’t know what is wrong.”

                He said “Relax then and just lay back.” He got up and came back a second later with a glass of ice water and helped her drink some of it. He sat it on the coffee table and said “Just lay back.”

                She did and sighed.

                “You just get feeling like this?”

                She said “I haven’t felt good lately.”

                He asked “Sick?”

                She said “Kind of.” She sighed and put a shaky hand to her head and said “Wes…I feel warm.”

                He stood up and bent down and scooped her up and walked quickly to his bedroom. He laid her down in the middle of his bed and reached for her shirt and pulled it gently up and over her head. He reached for the jeans and slid them down her hips and reached for the fan that was in his room and turned it on. He left and came back with a cool wash rag and sat beside her and started to slide it over her until he saw color creep back into her face.

                She felt a tear slide from her eyes and said “I’m sorry.”

                He sat the rag on his bedside table and said “Don’t worry about it.” He wiped the tear away and felt his jaw tighten as he looked at her almost naked body. He said “How are you feeling now?”

                She turned on her side towards him and said “A little better. I’m sorry for being such a bother.”

                He slid her hair away from her face and said “Don’t worry about it.” He closed his eyes as he felt her body relax and moments later he heard her even breathing. He reached for the sheet at the foot of his bed and slipped it up and over her as he adjusted the fan so it was blowing on her. He reached for her clothes and sat them on a chair in his bedroom. He walked back to the living room.


                He was in the kitchen when he heard a knock at the front door as he walked through the room he motioned for Shawn to come in. He said “Hey.”

                Shawn walked in and asked “Where is she?”

                He looked at his bedroom and said “Uh…she was sleeping in my bed.” He groaned as Shawn headed that way.

                A minute later Shawn reappeared and said “Did you have to undress her?”

                Wes said “Well hell she got real hot and I didn’t know how else to cool her off. She’s been out for the last hour or so.”

                Shawn sighed and said “She’s still out pretty good.”

                Wes said “Just let her stay here. When she wakes up I will take her home.”

                Shawn said “I don’t know.”

                Wes said “I’m not going to hurt her Shawn.”

                Shawn turned to him and said “You already did.”

                Wes sighed and said “She heard the wrong end of a conversation and got upset over it. I have left her alone so she would calm down so we could talk about it, but hell Ryan started to hassle her so I figured it was better if I just stayed away.”

                Shawn said “And now?”

                Wes spoke up and said “I care for her Shawn. Hell I’ll be honest. Since I haven’t seen her I’ve been missing her and I don’t say that lightly. Give me a chance please man.”

                Shawn turned and looked towards the room and said “If she wakes up and wants to go home you’ll take her home?”

                He nodded.

                Shawn walked towards the door and turned back and said “Don’t make me regret this Wes.”


                She woke up and saw it was already dark outside. She sat up and moaned softly. A moment later the room was bathed in a soft glow. She turned and saw Wes walk in. She said “What time is it?”

                He said “About nine-thirty.”

                “Oh.” She blinked and said “How long have I been asleep?”

                He sat down next to her and said “About five hours.”

                She said “Wow.” She blinked and said “I can’t believe I slept that long.”

                He slid his hand alongside her neck and he asked. “How are you feeling now?”

                She blinked and turned and looked at him and swallowed. “Uh better.”

                “You sure?”

                She nodded. She moved slightly and turned so she was almost facing him and looked down and said “Oh gosh.”

                He watched as she blushed and he said “It’s okay Jen you were really hot and undressing you was the only way I knew to get you to cool off.”

                She bit her lip and slowly looked up at him and slid her arms slowly up her upper body and said “Oh.”

                He slid his hand around her neck and as she looked at him he said “Don’t be embarrassed. Remember…I’ve seen more to you than what you’re showing me now.”

                She blushed and lowered her face and said “I know.”

                He heard her soft voice and reached for her chin and tipped it up so she was looking at him. As she did he swallowed as he stared at her. Slowly he lowered his head and his lips touched hers he groaned as he felt her arms slide around his neck. He leaned closer and helped her lay back and he followed her down and lay next to her as he kissed her. He wasn’t sure how long he lay there kissing her but when he felt her hands tug at his shirt it took him seconds to tug it over his head.

                He moved back and as he kissed her and his hands started to slide over her body he didn’t think about anything as he slid his hand under her back and unfastened her bra. He slipped it from her body and moments later he slid her panties down her legs and shucked off his jeans and briefs and slid next to her. He started to caress her and pulled back and asked “Hell…here you about passed out today, do you feel okay?”

                She slid her hands around his neck and pulled him close and said “I’m fine…please don’t stop.”

                He groaned as he slid over her and moments later inside her body. He groaned as she was encased tightly around him. “Oh god.”

                She pulled her knees up and heard him groan and felt his body start to slide in and out of her. “Oh Wes.”

                “God baby.”


                A couple of hours later she was sitting on his couch in a shirt of his cuddled beside him. She was half asleep when she heard something outside but was too tired to move.

                Wes looked up as he saw someone appear at his front door. He blinked as the door opened and someone walked in. He said “Hey Mike.” He turned and reached for the throw on the couch and pulled it over and watched as it slid over her lap. He turned and saw she was half asleep.

                Mike blinked and said “Hell I’m sorry I didn’t know you had company.”

                He said “That’s okay. Have a seat.”

                Mike sat down and looked and said “She’s out.”

                Wes nodded. “She hasn’t felt well. So what are you up to?”

                “Thought I’d stop by. I was down listening to the band and headed back to my truck and saw your lights were on.”

                Wes nodded. “How ya doing?”

                “Can’t complain. You know I’m working over at Sterling since I left?”

                He nodded. “I had heard that. Good work?”

                Mike sat back and said “I can’t complain. The hours are nice and I don’t have to work out in the hundred degree temps.”

                Wes chuckled and said “That has to be nice.”

                “You guys still busy?”

                He nodded. “Yeah. Bill got the bid of the school so we’re doing that right now.”

                Mike said “I had heard that you were going to be running the project.”

                Wes nodded. He said “Yeah. Donovan left and Bill has been running it but he wants to get out there and get some more work lined up and talked to me about it. I guess word travels fast.”

                Mike said “Yeah…also heard you and Westford got into it.”

                Wes sighed and said “Yeah. We had words a few weeks ago.”

                “Heard you put him in his place pretty good.”

                Wes said “Yeah.” He sighed and said “She and I had problems and he went and started to give her a hard time.”

                Mike looked at her and said “Who is she?”

                Wes smiled as he looked down at her and said “Her name is Jen and she works at the diner in town. We started seeing each other a couple months ago.”

                Mike said “She’s cute.”

                Wes nodded and said “Yeah she’s definitely got me wrapped around her finger.”

                Mike chuckled and said “Sometimes that’s not a bad thing.”

                Wes looked over at him and said “How are you and Natalie?”

                Mike shrugged. “Depends on what day it is.”

                Wes shook his head “I’m sorry man.”

                Mike said “Ahh it is all right.”


                As Mike walked out of the house the screen door shut and she blinked and moved and looked around and said “What was that?”

                He chuckled and said “A buddy of mine just left.”

                She gasped and turned and saw that a blanket was draped over her and said “Oh gosh. I didn’t know someone was here.”

                He said “That’s okay. Relax.” He leaned back and said “You been getting rest?”

                She said “Yeah, but I have just been tired.”

                He frowned but didn’t say anything. He pulled her closer and felt her jump as some thunder sounded outside. He said “A storm is brewing.”

                She groaned and said “Gosh I hate them.”

                He stood up and walked over and shut the door as lightening highlighted the sky. He said “The wind is really starting to whip around.”

                She stood up and jumped as a weather warning went off. She stared at the screen and turned to him.

                He smiled and pulled her in his arms and said “Relax.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead and said “Let’s go to bed.”


                He groaned as the phone beside his bed went off. He had just got to sleep and turned over and slowly reached for it. “Yeah.”

                “Wes this is Shawn please tell me you still have Jen.”

                Wes frowned. “Shawn?”

                Shawn stood in front of his sister’s place and said “Yes. Wes, tell me Jen is still there with you.”

                Wes sat up and said “Yeah she’s sound asleep at the moment. What’s wrong?”

                Shawn sighed as he leaned his head against the squad car and said “Thank god.”

                Wes said “What’s going on?”

                Shawn looked up at the house that had a tree laying over the front of it and he knew from the angle it was where his sister’s bedroom would have been. He opened the door and sat down and nodded to the captain and said “She’s fine. She’s with Wes.”

                The captain said “Thank god.”

                Wes spoke again. “Shawn what’s going on?”

                Shawn swallowed and said “You know the huge tree in front of her place?”

                Wes said “Yeah what about it?”

                Shawn said “With the winds and lightening it got struck and the winds blew until it fell…right where her bedroom would be.”

                Wes felt the bottom of his stomach hit and looked at the woman sleeping next to him. “Oh god.”

                Shawn said “Now you understand.”

                Wes closed his eyes as he thanked his prayers that she’d stayed with him. “How bad is it?”

                Shawn said “Total loss. There is another batch of some bad shit coming in too. She feeling better?”

                Wes said “Yeah. She’s feeling better. Her stuff going to be ruined?”

                Shawn looked at it and said “Probably. I’ll see if I can get anything before this next batch comes in. Hell whatever you do don’t let her come out.”

                Wes set the phone down and turned and pulled her close and as she snuggled against him he closed his eyes as he felt his body tremble slightly.


                She slowly woke up and heard the rain hit the windows. She turned and as she did her stomach started to heave and she threw Wes’s arm off her and raced out of his room to the bathroom. She slid to her knees as her stomach relieved its contents. She wiped her eyes as she finally felt like she wasn’t going to throw up anymore.

                Wes slid a wet washrag in her hands “Here.”

                She wiped her face and flushed the toilet and was glad that he helped her stand. She stopped and closed her eyes as she stood.

                Wes stooped and carefully picked her up and walked to his room and set her down on his bed. He said “You okay?”

                She nodded and said “Oh gosh I don’t know what I ate yesterday.”

                He knew very little, but he slid her hair back and said “Just rest.”

                She laid there for another half hour when she finally said “I think I can get up.”

                He helped her up and to the couch and as he did he heard a knock at the front door. He walked over and opened it and saw Shawn stand there in a rain slicker. “Hey.”

                Shawn said “Hell it is raining something fierce out there.”

                Wes let him walk in and said “I haven’t told her yet by the way.”

                Shawn nodded and walked in and saw her sitting on the couch in one of Wes’s shirts with a blanket over her lap. He sat down on a chair and said “How you feeling today?”

                She said “Better.”

                Wes tilted his head and she said “Honestly I am.”

                He said “Uh huh. If you were why did you get sick?”

                Shawn frowned “Got sick?”

                She said “It was probably something I ate yesterday.”

                Shawn asked “You actually threw up?”

                She nodded.

                He closes his eyes and said “Oh lord.”

                She frowned and asked “What?”

                He opened his eyes and looked from Wes to her and asked “You’re pregnant aren’t you?”

                She stared at him and then felt her eyes widen and said “Oh no.”

                Shawn swore and said “It makes perfect sense. Fainting yesterday and you’ve been so tired lately…and this morning you getting sick.”

                She started to cry and slid her hands to her face.

                Wes closed his eyes as he finally put two and two together. He heard her cry and sat down next to her and pulled her close and said “Hey hush, you’re okay.”

                She leaned closer to him and said “Oh no.”

                He sat back and said “Don’t worry about it Jen. Everything will work out.”

                She said “What am I going to do?”

                Shawn sighed and said “I suppose I should tell you the rest huh?”

                She frowned and looked at him and asked “What?”

                He swallowed and said “Uh...your place.”

                She said “What about it?”

                He said “That tree out front fell.”

                She said “Fell…oh no on what?”

                He said “Your bedroom.”

                She felt her eyes widen and started to cry harder. “Oh great I’m homeless now.”

                Shawn’s phone went off and he reached for it and stood up and answered it.

                Wes chuckled and said “You’re not homeless sweetheart.”

                She sniffled and said “Yes I am…I don’t have a home anymore.” She wiped her eyes and said “And I could be pregnant.”

                He settled back and pulled her close and said “Calm down Jen. Getting all worked up isn’t good for the baby.”

                She elbowed him and said “Oh hush.”

                Shawn walked back over and said “I’ve got to go back out. I do have some of your stuff with me sis.”

                She looked up. “You got some of it?”

                He nodded.

                She started to get up and Wes said “Do not move.”

                She watched as he stood up. “I’m not an invalid.”

                Wes walked to the bedroom and pulled on a shirt and walked out and pulled on a pair of shoes and said “Sit.”

                She sighed as he walked outside.


                Shawn handed Wes bags of clothes he’d gotten and followed him in and sat her stuff on the floor. Wes looked up and said “Do not move.” He was rewarded with a scowl but he followed Shawn back out to the car and picked up another armload of stuff. He said “This all you got?”

                Shawn nodded. “She didn’t have a lot. The TV is gone so is her stereo. I think we got most of the clothes though and some of her personal stuff.” He followed him back up the walk and said “So what do you think?”

                Wes turned and asked “Bout her place being gone? Bout her being pregnant?”

                Shawn chuckled and said “All of the above.”

                Wes answered “Well she will just stay here that’s her only option.”

                Shawn said “She could stay with me.”

                Wes shook his head. “She’ll be fine here.” He turned around and looked at the door and said “About her being pregnant? I’ll be honest it scares the hell out of me.”

                Shawn asked “Gonna stick by her?”

                Wes turned and said “Hell yes. I mean that’s my kid too.”

                Shawn followed him in and he sat her stuff on the floor and he said “Don’t even try to go over there tonight sis. We have your entire area blocked off. You going to go to work tomorrow?”

                She swallowed and nodded. “Yeah.”

                Wes frowned and said “If you’re puking you won’t be able to.”

                She glared at him.

                Shawn chuckled and said “I see you got things under control Wes. Later Amy and I will bring your car over.”


                That night she lay in front of him in his bed and said “You sure it is okay if I stay here?”

                He nodded. “It is fine Jen. Just relax and get some sleep.”

                “I just feel bad because I don’t want you to feel like you have to let me…”

                He laughed softly and squeezed her. “I don’t have to do anything sweetheart. I want you here.” He sighed and said “Last night when your brother called me Jen…and when I hung up I thought for a second about the possibility of you being there…and under that tree. From what Shawn said it landed right on your bed. God…I couldn’t fathom not having you with me. So relax sweetheart. I want you right here, okay?”


                Two days later she sat in the doctor’s office talking to them about the pregnancy results. The doctor confirmed her fears that she was pregnant. She got back to Wes’s that night and was quiet as he walked in the house. She swallowed as he walked in and pulled his shirt over his head.

                “I’m going to grab a shower.”

                She nodded and walked back to the kitchen. She had started dinner and had it cooking when his arms slid around her. She leaned back against him and said “I am pregnant.”

                He nodded and said “We thought so.” He asked “What did the doctor say about you working.” When she didn’t immediately answer he said “You did ask him didn’t you?”

                She sighed and said “Yeah.”

                They had talked about it last night and she agreed she would ask the doctor about her working.

                “What did the doctor say?”

                She said “He said he didn’t think I should work at the diner while I was pregnant.”

                He nodded. He didn’t think it would be good for her to be on her feet so much. “Uh huh.” He slid his hands around her belly and said “You going to talk to Kathy?”

                She said “I guess.”

                He turned her around and slid his hands to her waist and hoisted her up until she was sitting on the counter and he waited until she looked at him. “What’s wrong?”

                She looked up at him and said “But what am I going to do? I need to work Wes.”

                He slid a hand to her cheek and said “You need to take care of yourself and the baby. That’s all you need to do Jen.”


                He slid a finger to her lips and smiled and said “But nothing. I will take care of you.”


                So a couple of weeks later she found herself laughing at something Wes said and finished folding their laundry. She was putting it away when his hands slid under her shirt and she said “Wes.”

                He said “Yeah?” His hands cupped her bare breasts and he groaned as they filled his hands completely. “Man there are advantages to you being pregnant.”

                She let him pull her back in his arms. She sighed as his fingers slid around her nipples. “Mm.”

                He pulled his shirt over her head and guided her backwards until she lay on the bed and he pulled his shirt over his head and shoved his jeans down his hips along with his briefs and said “You know it is so hard to get enough of you.”

                As he slipped her shorts down her legs and pulled her panties down she sighed as he started a trail of kisses up her legs and as he slid his lips to her heat she moaned softly. “Wes.”


                Much later she lay next to him as he lay there next to her and she smiled up at him. “I was doing laundry you know.”

                He nodded. “Uh huh. You do it so well.”

                She giggled. “You have such a dirty mind.”

                He grinned and bent his head and kissed her. “I blame it on you.”

                She said “Me? Remember before I met you I was innocent…now look at me.”

                He nodded and looked down at her naked body. He said “I know I corrupted you.” He chuckled and said “But you’re all mine now.”

                She giggled and slid her hand up his arm and around his neck and said “It works both ways.”

                He grinned as he leaned over her and kissed her and he said “You know I was thinking.”

                She smiled up at him. “About what?”

                He said “About what you just said.”

                She said “That it works both ways?”

                He nodded. He said “Your mine…I’m yours.”

                She nodded.

                He turned and opened the bedside drawer and reached for something and turned back around and said “I was thinking maybe we should think about making sure everyone knows about that.”

                She frowned at him and said “Taking out a billboard?”

                He laughed and said “No.” He reached for her hand and to her shock he slid a ring on her finger. He looked up at her and said “So…I was thinking of making this widely known.” He grinned at her shocked look and he said “So what do you say sweetheart. Want to make this thing permanent? Will you marry me?”

                She gasped and said “Oh my gosh.”

                He kissed her knuckles and said “So what do you think?”

                She blinked and looked up at him and said “I’m shocked.”

                He smiled and said “I figured that out. But…what are you thinking about my question?”

                She looked at the ring and slid her hand around his neck and pulled his head down and kissed him. When he lifted his head she smiled and said “Yes.”


                She walked into her brother’s house and walked inside and said hi to her niece and nephew. She walked into the kitchen and looked at Wes and said “Can I?”

                He laughed and nodded.

                Shawn looked up and said “Can you what?”

                She walked over and put her hand in front of him.

                He looked down and blinked. “Holy hell.”

                Amy gasped and said “Oh my gosh you’re engaged.”

                Shawn looked up and said “Congratulations.”

                She smiled and sat down next to him and said “Thank you.”

                So Amy asked “Wow…so when are you getting married?”

                She looked at Wes and said “Uh…three weeks.”

                Shawn blinked and Amy gasped. “What?”

                She said “We talked and…with the baby and all I don’t want to have a big wedding. So…we’re just going to the justice of the peace.”

                Wes said “I told her it was up to her.”

                Shawn said “You’re sure that’s what you want?”

                She nodded. “Uh huh.”


                The wedding was short and sweet and she didn’t think she missed out by not having a big wedding. Her sister-in-law had thrown her a surprise wedding shower last weekend that quite a few people showed up at. She had been surprised to say the least at the congratulations she received. She had promised Wes she wouldn’t move any of the boxes so when she had shown up at home and walked inside and told him the stuff from her shower was in her car he had went outside and came in surprised that it was full.

                She had assured him she did not move any of the boxes in there that other people had packed it for her. It had taken him over an hour to get everything inside. He was surprised at the many gifts she had received.

As she lay next to him a week after they were married she relaxed as her new life seemed to be easy to slip into.  He as protective of her and often made sure she was not overdoing it.

The End

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