Waiting, waiting, waiting in the cold winter air

My heavy grey blanket scratched at my bare hands. Still, it was warm, and the frozen winter air is not. The smell of my tea wafted around me, swishing and swirling. It smelled of smoke and sugar and was golden in my bone coloured mug. From my spot resting on the chipping rail around my porch, the soles of my dirty feet gently touched the muddy ground.

What was it now...4:30am? I sighed under my breath. It must have been...I had been out here for a while now. I pulled the hood of my deep red cloak down a bit, hiding my thick black hair. Where is he? I thought to myself, nervously picking at the peeling deep green paint.

I clutched a letter close to my heart..it seemed to belong there. I read the name on the envelope out loud again, hushed though as if I was keeping it all to myself. My heat fluttered suddenly and the sound of hooves grew near.

I swung myself down from the rail, leaving my blanket and tea behind. All I needed was my letter, and my love. Then something caught me off guard. It wasn't my love riding on the chestnut mare I knew so well. It was somebody riding a heavy black horse. Sweat made the huge animal gleam like a freshly polished stone in the moonlight as he grew nearer. The person on his back was wearing a thick black cloak, easily hiding their face.

I stepped forward....who could it be?

The End

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