And that makes me sad.

But mostly I like to sit there and imagine where they come from.  Imagine things about their lives and loves.  Who they really are, away from the airport and the crowds. 

Where has the harassed looking lady whose hair is starting to fall out of place from?  What has made her look so angry? She is rushing through the airport hell bent on something.  I dont think I would like to be that something and that makes me sad.

What has made the young girl with the green eyes look so sad?  With green eyes like that she should be smiling but her eyes look sad.  And that makes me sad. I can see she is hiding herself  underneath so many layers.  Why does she hide?  Or what is she hiding?

Why is the attractive hot guy with a million tattoos thinking about right now? Why does he look so peaceful?  Is it the music he is listening to?  Or is does he not have a care in the world?  It would be nice to not carry the world on your shoulders.

Why is the young lady crying her eyes out like she has no tears left?  Why is her face so red like she's been crying for hours?  Who did she say goodbye to?  I know I probably couldn't make it better.  And that makes me sad.

Who should I talk to first?  What would I say to them?  Should I just be me?  Or should I pretend to be somebody else?  I'm torn and that makes me sad.

The End

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