Chapter 1

Home. A place where everybody knows you and everybody cares about you. A place where people can say "Hey, how's your mom?" or "What are you doing this weekend?" Somewhere where memories are made and journeys are begun. But some journeys travel outside of home and sometimes, take us to an airport. Unfortunately, these airports can slow down our journeys because of the layovers, or obstacles, with which we are presented. However, these layovers give one the opportunity to reflect on their own journey and guess at the journeys of others.

Possibly some people are coming from halfway across the world or some may be from my own hometown. Some may be returning home and some may be venturing to a place to which they've never. Even though most of these travelers don't know me, I know if presented with the opportunity I could learn more about who they are and the journeys on which they are embarking.

The End

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