Jessamine, honey, your sister is comin' home tonight. Can't going to the library wait until tomorrow? I want you here when she gets here.” Mom leans against one of the posts on the front porch, biting her fingernails.

Mom, I'll be there and back half an hour before she gets here. Besides, the library has shortened hours tomorrow. They had to cut them back.” I brush the strands of hair that have fallen out of my braid away from my face and buckle the straps of my helmet beneath my chin. The plastic pinches my skin in the process, making me bite my tongue to keep from cursing.

I suppose,” she sighs.

Want me to grab a movie for us all to watch while I'm there?”

That'd be lovely, sweetheart. Don't take too long. Dinner should be ready right when Adrienne arrives, and I want you cleaned up before then.”

Yes, Mom.” I walk up the steps and kiss her cheek. “Love you.”

Love you, too, sweetie.” She brushes my nose with her fingertip and then shoos me away. “Hurry hurry, Jessamine.”

I raise an eyebrow before walking back to my bicycle and throw a leg over it. The front door is closing when I look back at the porch.

The End

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