The Attack

It sounded like an explosion going off somewhere upstairs. There was a loud thud after the crashing sound of glass. Charlie's heart was pounding in her chest. Panic ignited like fire in her head. As quite as she could be she slipped off into the kitchen grabbing the lagest of the carving knives from the counter. Adrenaline was racing through her viens so loud she could hear it in her ears. The stairs creaked telling her whatever had broken in was on it's way to find her. She held the knife close to her chest. After a few moments she peered over the counter. At the far side of the room stood a creature the likes of which Charlie had never sen nor could have a imagined in her wildest nightmares.

It had black fur in patches all over its mishapen body, talons for fingers, and eyes the color of acid. It let out a deep grawl revealing two rows of dagger sharp teeth. It sniffed the air obviously trying to find her. Charlie was striken with fear. She tired not to move, not to breath, nothing to draw attention to herself. The blade felt foreign in her hands but it was her only line of defense. In a moment of sheer unluck the Thing snapped ot gaze 360 and fell right on her. Without warning it lept into the air landing heavily on the center island cracking the marble with its weight. It snarled. Charlie tried to run but before she could even make it out of the kitchen it was on top off her.

The weight was crushing her. When it sank its teeth into her shoulder Charlie couldnt help but scream. The pain was untollerable. With great effort she managed to roll enough to lash out with the knife. She felt it sink into its flesh, felt the warmth of its blood flood over her hand, heard the high pitch wail of its yelp. As hard as her aching body would allow Charlie tried to wiggle out from under the beast. When the shock of the pain wore off the creature lashed out with a new found rage. Its talons raked her back. Charlie had no energy left to yell out. Then suddenly the weight on her legs was gone.

There was a loud crash as something was flung across the room smashing her mothers glass coffee table. When her eyes finally focused Charlie saw Bane standing in the middle of her living room, his eyes dead locked on the Thing that had attacked her. A black mass flew at him but Bane easily stepped out of the way and watched as the creature slammed into the wall. It shook its head furiously and saw Charlie laying in the kitchen. It chargered seeming to remember its original mission. But Bane was allready there, standong between it and Charlie. He held something in his hands, long and dazzling bright. With one slash the creature let out another inhumane screech and turned to ash.

The End

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