The Graveyard

The early morning light poured in through the large window casting a golden glow about the room. Charlie hadnt slept that night. All night it seemed the shadows around her moved without reason. She kept every light in the room on and kept distracted with music and television. None of it helped the creeping feeling of the dream in her mind.

Hours before her alarm would have woken her Charlie left her room heading down to the kitchen. Her mothers keys and purse were missing from the counter telling her she had not come home that night, again. Grabbing an apple from the fridge she left the quite apartment.

The streets were vacant at this hour. Charlie walked and walked not knowing exactly where she was going. Her footsteps slapped the pavement in a rythmic beat as she went. When the wind would pick up she'd tug her hoodie tighter around her thinking she should have changed before leaving the house. It was evident it had rained the night before. The thick smell of wet asphault was heavy in the air. And she kept walking.

Then, a familiar place popped up before her. A cemetery, not unlike the one from her dream. The cemetery were she burried her father five years earlier. She hadnt been back since that day. His absence left a burning whole in he heart that her work-a-holic mother just couldnt fill. For years she tried to scrounge up the courage to come to this place and today her subconsious will brought her there. For a long while she stood starring down at the tombstone reading "Johnathon Arien, beloved father and husband." Below it, a qoute. "All those hiding in the shadows beware the everlasting light." Charlie never thought much of the quote her uncle had chosen, but now the words kept playing over and over in her mind. She couldnt help feeling they meant something, something more important then she could understand. She knelt before her father, hot tear sliding down her cheeks silently asking him why he had to leave her when movent far off caught her attention.

Air caught in her throat. She could hear her heart raging furiously in her chest. Whoever it was was watching her. It started to come closer. Charlie was frozen woth fear kneeling over her fathers grave. They drew nearer. Panick clouded her mind. All she could think was of her terrible dream and the erie watching eyes. Terror and dread filled up inside her. One thought grew bright in her head. She was going to die there beside her father.

She watched as the figure moved slowly through the graveyard passing in and out of veiw behind the larger tombs. Each time it dissapeared it reapeared seconds later. Her gaze followed it with every step fearing that if she broke eye contact she'd be dead sooner rather then later. Finally the figure was close enough to tell it was a man. Not a man but a boy. Maybe a few years older then she. And handsome. Tall, lean, dishelved black hair. He wore dark jeans and a black long sleeve that framed his muscled arms and torso. But what caught her feverish attention as he grew even closer was his eyes.

They were not the frightening blue that terrorized her every thought. They were sweet honey brown splashed with shades of green and blue and purple. They reminded her of pieces of amber flecked with tiny crystals shinning in the sun light. She starred at him in mute awement as he stood before her, holding out a hand. She took it. Pulling her to her feet the stranger glanced down at the headstone. Then his eyes laid upon her.

"All those hiding in the shadow beware the everlasting light," he quoted, "love that is forever triumps over evil that burns of rage." Charlie stood as if a statue. Her head was spinning dangerously out of control. It didnt make sense to her. Nothing did at that moment. She felt as if her dreams came spilling into her reality. "Charlie." The boy spoke. Her eyes hardend. "How do you know my name!?" she demanded finding some courage. When he didnt not answer she asked again. "I know you Charlie, I always have. And you know me." and with that he walked away back the way he came.

It was a long walk back to the city. Cars lined to the streets and pedestrians were hustling about. Charlie went on in silence her head still dancing with thoughts of the strange encounter at the cemetery. The boys compelling voice rang clear as day in her mind. By the time she got to The high school she had gone through every detail of the meeting about twenty times.

Her oldest friend Tessy Rayne greeted her at her locker. "Dear god Charlie you look like hell. I know you dont like mondays but this is ridiculous." Charlies hair was tangled and damp, the jeans now had dark mud stains on the knees, and she had dark circle under her blood shot eyes from her restless night. "Tess, long story. You got a change of clothes?" She was in no mood to explain whatever had happened, still not understanding it herself. Tessy handed her the spare pair of jeans and crop tee she kept in her locker. The dirt plattered converse had to stay. She washed her face n the girls bathroom and tired her unrully hair into a braid before heading to first period.

Talking her seat Charlie opened her US History book to the page writen on the board. "Class I would like to introduce our new student," Mr. Casey interupted. Charlies heart stopped. The world around her slowed as she lifted her gaze to see the new kid to New Mason High. Even before she saw him she had known it who it was. Standing next to the teacher stood the boy from the graveyard. The dim lighting of the classroom did not do his gorgeous chizeled features as the morning sun had. His eyes that had danced in the golden rays were brought down to the simple color of honey. "Everyone, this is Bane Hall." She heard Mr. Casey say, before she passed out.

"Miss Arien! Are you alright?" Mr. Casey was asking, standing over Charlie where she fell. Her head was fuzzy and hurt from where it had hit the floor. When things finally came into vision she could see those gold tinted eyes gazing down at her and remembered why her head was fuzzy to begin with. Mr. Casey helped to back into her seat. "You should go to the nurse Charlie Rae." he said sounding concerned. "I can take her." A familiar voice said. She snapped her head to look at him. Bane was smiling, flashing a set a perfect teeth. "No." she said, ruder then she meant but Bane made her nervous. "Thats very nice of you Mr. Hall." Mr. Casey said allready writing up the hall pass'.

Out in the hallway Charlie made a plan to run. Bane hovered just behind her the whole way to the office. When the entrance door was in view she took off. She burst through the double doors and headed straight for the apartment. As far as she could tell she wasnt being followed. When she got there she bolted all the doors and shut the windows. For the first time in a long time she felt affraid, like a child fearing the monsters in her closet. By midnight when her mom hadnt come home yet Charlie knew she wasnt. Every noise made her jump. In the confinment of her house she felt like sitting duck. She was downstairs when it happened.

The End

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