Waiting For The Truth...

Please Just Read It !

I sat there thinking about what I’d just learned, my mind reeling in absolute surprise. I reached out with my fingers, just grazing his white tuxedo. His face was white and motionless, his eyes not even fluttering. He was gazing straight ahead; I moved out of the way as the emergency crew came and removed him from my sight.

          They covered him with a sheet and I knew that I was truly alone now. I sprinted after them and asked to see him one more time and say goodbye. They smiled grimly apparently knowing that I was very close to him. I drew the sheet back and caressed his cheek lightly with my lips. The first tears of countless showered down my cheeks as I whispered to him and him only.

          “I love you, daddy. I’m going to miss you so much. “Tears poured down my face more rapidly now. “ I love you. Please don’t leave me daddy, please,” I wept

        I seized his collar with a more firm hold when someone told me that it was time to go. I didn’t want to let go of him. I couldn’t let him go. He had helped make me, he played with my hair when I was sad, and he helped me with my homework. I couldn’t let him go.

          As the hands hauling me away became more persistent, I twisted and threw myself in their arms, crying my heart out. My knees gave out and I only sensed the arms go up and under my legs, carrying me to the car. I curl myself into a fetal position, still weeping. I could feel a scream edifice

          As we got home I only comprehended that we were there, as we went inside I jumped from their arms and ran away, fumbling in the darkness .I ran to my parent’s room and went to my dad’s dresser to see a picture of me and him with cake frosting on our face and clothes, his eyes twinkling and his skin around his eyes creased with years of laughter. I grabbed it down and lay down on my dad’s side of the bed. The scream that was building up in my chest, increased until it was difficult to inhale and exhale.

           A penetrating scream rang throughout the community. It was a scream bursting with the sound of pain and misery, a scream full of built up rage. I let it all go and no one protested because several and possibly all already knew of my father’s demise. I remained there all night, memorizing my fathers’ smile although I’ve already imprinted it in my mind. I loved my father more than anything in the world so this loss has had its toll on me. He was a survivor, survivors don’t die. I felt tears come to my eyes as I thought about him. He just couldn’t be gone yet. Not yet. I’m waiting for the truth.

The End

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