Off Kilter

"Look, I'm tired. I was honestly hoping this was my chance to sleep." Santos smiled wearily and gazed at her through eyes filtered by moon dust and sands of time. His hands sat still, and every now and then he rocked to one side like a teetering doll. "Rip van Winkle's got nothing on me right now." His face sunk into utter despair, and then he risked another smile that only made him seem even more desperate.

"You mean to tell me I decided tonight we could have some fun, and now you're tired? I swear, it's like you're the girl in the relationship." Lilith rolled her eyes and turned over under the covers, facing the wall and huffing like only women can. "And I was ready tonight, too. Look at me!" She rolled back around and pressed up against him, skin against skin burning like a third degree fire. "I'm naked! Under the blankets, naked! What more do you want?" She pressed herself to him and gripped tight, clawing at his back like a cat too passionate.

"I'm just tired, ok? It's not like something big is going down. I'm just tired. Maybe some other night." Santos gave her a quick peck on the lips and a smile that was broken, crooked and left ajar. Before he could pull the covers over, a hand on his shoulder brought him back to her eyes.

"Santos, please.

The End

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