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"Well my darling, there isn't much more to tell!" I said, smiling as the light of my heart looked eagerly at me, desperate for me to finish my story.

"You said that there is always more to tell, so tell!" He said, it amused me that he was so desperate to hear more, so back I went, back to the heat of the fire, a broken leg, frost bitten fingers, and love.


"I'll promise you something if you promise me something!" Jake said, as I said in the circle of his arms, whilst being treated by a tear streaked Tilly. "What's that?" I asked, slightly wary, I knew what it was he was going to ask, "I will never hurt you ever again, as long as I live, I swear to it, only, if you promise to never risk your life so badly again!" I sniggered, he was being dramatic again, he loved to do that. I nodded anyway.

It was a happy time, I never stopped loving him, we never went to university, my dream of being an author was fulfilled, I wrote a story about the love of a boy and a girl, apparently the critics thought that it was a little too unbelievable to be a non-fiction story, but whatever.

We married, it was a very young marriage, I was only 21, you see, he had been drafted into the RAF, his brother, who had always supported us, let me stay with him, he hadn't gone to university either, he had decided to turn my book into a film, it wasn't too bad.

I never stopped loving him, we kept our promise, he never ever hurt me again, for as long as he lived. He never knew that he was a father, I had planned to tell him when he had leave, I was seven months pregnant when I heard the news, it didn't happen in action, the irony is that he was actually safely on a plane home, the plane had been rigged.

I have often said that I would not have been able to survive Jake had died, and so I would have, but he didn't die, my love is still with me today, he looks the same, except for the hair, he has my colour hair.


I finished my story, my son looked at me, yes, I thought to myself, Jake never died. "Mum, you said that you were only sixteen when you fell for dad, but everyone says that you can't fall in love at sixteen cause it's too young!" I laughed, "That's ridiculous. Why is it that you can feel true love when you are an adult but not when you are a teenager, trust me, when it is love it is love, there is no age issue about it, in the olden days people got married at sixteen and thought nothing of it, your father and I loved each other, Jake, when you find the one you love, you know, you just know, and when you do, never let them go!"

The bell rang and Jake ran off to get it, reader, you may wonder why I included the story of my best friend Tilly, well, Jake is like Tilly, in a way, I am not poor, but he is fatherless and in need of his father, just as much as, at times, I am in need of a husband. Tilly has been great, she married his brother, I was thrilled to have her as my sister in law, they have been a great support, as have Mia and Lilly, who, if you are interested, now live happily together with two children of their own, Lucas took it well when Mia told him, I believe that he knew before she did. As for me I have never re-married and I will never marry again, for it is not just any husband that I need, it is my husband.

The End

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