"Sit closer to the fire honey, my goodness, you have gotten thin, here, have some of this, it will make you feel better, you did a good thing honey, don't worry about it, everything is going to be okay!" Tilly's mum was bustling around me, I was freezing, Tilly was sitting on the sofa next to me, she had her arms around me and was crying, Mia and Lilly were at the lake still, they were helping zone it off, make sure that no one else went there.

"Here you go sweetie" I felt another blanket wrapped around me, I closed my eyes and snuggled against the arms that were surrounding me.


"Jake!" the screams reverberated in the air, everyone was screaming, rushing around, trying to see if they could see him under the ice. I was frozen, all my sufferings of the previous months was nothing to how I would feel if I lost the person who had caused them, there was a reason for my pain, he was it, just as I knew that I was the reason for his pain.

My eyes searched the ice, but they were not looking for what everyone else was looking for, I knew my boy, he was not a weak one. I saw it, a crack, I jumped.

The water seeped into me, it was freezing, but there was warmth, I could feel it, and, unless there was another idiot who jumped into the freezing cold water, it was Jake.

I reached out towards the warmth, my fingers scraped something, I wrenched my gloves off they were in the way, the water bit at my skin but I could feel the warmth radiating from an arm, I pulled at it, it responded, I was amazed that he was still conscious, but I couldn't concentrate on that, I hadn't taken a big enough breath, I pulled him towards the arms that were reaching through the hole in the ice I had made. They grabbed us and pulled us out, my leg got caught on the ice, they pulled too hard, my leg suddenly snapped, I was exhausted.

They pulled us onto the bank, not once did I let go of the reason for my jump. I felt myself being lifted up into the strong arms of Jake's brother, I moaned as that arm slipped from my cold fingers, I fainted.

The End

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