The storm approachesMature

"Hun, are you goin to the cadet ball?" I stopped, it was Mia. Did I want to go to a place where people would be laughing and dancing, where he would be laughing and dancing with her? "you did promis to go!" Mia again.

I didn't reply, my fingers had stopped working, I had gone elsewhere, my memory had wondered.


"If you think that I am going to that stupid ball thing you clearly don't know me as well as I thought that you did!" Jake fiddled with me finger, I laughed, the boy couldn't dance to save his life. "Come on J, I have to go! It's not fare if I have to go and you don't, you are something to do with the navy aren't you!" He flicked my ear "If you say I am in the navy once more I will...damn I can't hit a girl, well I will think of something! RAF! Keep saying that to yourself!" I laughed, I knew that I would always think navy!

"So how are things going with the she-devil, has she grown her horns yet? Is the tail showing?" How much I hated Jade I could not describe, why on earth was he going out with a girl like that? I sometimes wondered what it would be like if we went out, but I knew that that would be too weird, we were just good mates, I would never want anything to ruin that, I felt as if I would die if I had to be without him. "She's fine, doesn't want to go to the ball either, so I will be a loner!" "Dude! I am just saying that I am going to be there and you think that I would leave you alone, I thought that I had made it clear that it is my mission in life to see you embarrassed beyond your wildest dreams and you dancing is an excellent start!" "Gee thanks, well that's better than going alone I guess!"

I playfully punched him, "hey, how about if either of us are dateless for the ball then we always go together? Agreed?" I thought in amusement, what if I finally had a boyfriend, hadn't happened yet, so I nodded, he was better than nothing.


I didn't answer Mia, I didn't touch my phone, I moved away, I walked again, I just walked as far as I could, I didn't notice where I was going, I didn't care, I just walked.

Eventually my foot no longer felt the ground, I wasn't in a coat, it was the middle of winter.

I looked down to where my foot was hovering over, it was water, a river. I looked at the water, there was a person looking back at me, this person looked skeletal like, thin, pale, distorted due to the ripples of the water, her hair was matted, he face was blank, her eyes were mine.

I hadn't been in the same room with Jake for a while, I wondered how long it had been, the ball would be the first time. 

I looked back down at my foot, I wasn't wearing shoes. I had wanted an excuse to not attend the cadet's ball, now I had found one.

Before anything could happen, blackness engulfed me. 

The End

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