He's only a friendMature

"Shit!" I said as my books did an excellent impersonation of Niagra Falls as they fell out of my arms. I looked at them, I was wearing my pencil skirt and it was always incredibly awkward when I had to pick something up, I always feared that my behind would make an unpleasant appearance.

"The day you throw out that damn skirt is the day I stop being your bloody slave!" A head appeared over my books, then vanished. Heavy things were put into my arms, noises were going on around me. I had vanished, my life had stopped, everything was strange, there was another.

"I haven't seen you for ages and you aren't even going to say hi?" Jake laughed at me as I tried to bring myself back. I focused, there was the tormenter of my nights, leaning against the fence, his arm casually slung around the shoulder of the blond bombshell standing next to him, completely ignorant of the daggers that were throwing themselves again and again at my sprinting heart.

"Unless your incompetent brain has become even worse than it was the day you forgot your own birthday, I think you will find that it was you who asked for the separation and not me, and don't even pretend that you aren't aware that I stopped by your house the other day, you really need to practice your subtlety!" I said, allowing my acting skills to take control, I knew how to behave around him, I knew how to be normal around him, I could walk casually past him into my house and he would be none the wiser.

"Nice to see that you have been practising you social skills!" He said, allowing the sarcasm to flow through. I finally felt confident enough to allow my eyes to slip from the ground, up his gorgeous body, and meet his piercing eyes, they had always been my most fascinating book, why was it that now, when I had reached the cliff-hanger of the story, that I could read no further, why were they shut off, did he fear me? Or was it just that I was reading too far into them, maybe the nothingness that I believed that I could see was a mere reflection of mine own. "Don't you give me your crap about social skills when you haven't even introduced me to your lady friend!" I avoided the use of the word that I once was, it would have trembled on my lips, I would have broken.

"Oh, yeah, this is Jenni" he said, looking over at her and smiling blissfully, she smiled at me, clearly oblivious to his look, it was almost as if he did it when he knew that she would not notice, no that couldn't be right, "Jenni" he said, continuing "this is an old friend of mine" and he lazily gestured towards me.

I screamed, cried, shrieked to the heavens "old friend" how can I be so little to him, not even a name worth mentioning, no history worth remembering, why was this world torturing me, the blackness was surrounding me, my heart wasn't sprinting anymore, it was slowing, it had run too fast, it had longed too much.

Not even a second had passed, no emotion had shown on my face, no emotion was felt in my heart, I was empty, "Cool to meet you, but I have shit loads of homework that I gotta go do now! So, bye!" I walked around the, I walked down the road, I walked to the gate, I walked to the door, I walked through the hall, I walked up the stairs, I walked to my room, I walked to my bed, I fell.


The End

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