For several months the gap was clear, Mia refused to sit near Tilly or even look at her without giving her the bitch stare. Tilly persevered, she was quiet when we were with Mia, but when it was just us two, or Lilly, she would be cheerful, and fun, we learned to love her, Mia getting over and forgetting everything that had ever happened between them and allowing her to ,old into her life.

One day, when Tilly, Mia and I were walking home from school, we had officially dumped the bus, Mia brought up her favorite topic, her boyfriend. We listened to the sound of her voice but not bothering to understand the words, until she mentioned that he had asked her to attend the cadet's ball, and I stopped dead in my tracks. It had been a long time since that fateful day when the drama began, Jake hadn't texted me at all, but that didn't mean that I had managed to get over him. The cadet ball was special for us both because I have to go due to my parents owning the venue and Jake and I had agreed that we would always go with each other, he was in the royal navy.

"You alright?" Tilly asked, looking over her shoulder to see that I was several paces behind them. I looked up, not quite seeing them, but nodded anyway and walked on. Mia left us at the alley leading to her house, still mumbling about dresses.

We walked on in companiable silence, we liked this part of the day, it was just us two, and it always seemed like we were comunicating by telepathy. "Have you actually tried to get in contact with Jake?" she asked as we neared her gate, the four of us had joined together to make the house look nicer, much to the delight of Tilly's mum, who made us a huge cake and let us go for a picnic in her back garden. "He sent me a present on my birthday, and..." I bit my lip, I have never been very good with expressing my feelings to people, my parents had never invited confidence and I didn't want Lilly or Mia to get too involved in my life as they both have problems that are often far worse than that of my trivial worries.

"And...?" Tilly asked, pushing me on, "I tried to thank him in person by dropping by his place, and all the curtains were shut and no one answered the door but I swear that when I reached the curb on my way home and looked back, I saw the curtain being pulled  back and a light turning on, it could be my imagination."

We reached Tilly's house and stopped, she looked at me "do you remember my cousin Mike?" I laughed, Mike was a humorous lad, he had us in fits the whole weekend doing impressions of his dad, or taking the mick out of Tilly. "Well I think he took quite a liking to you! He told me it was nice to see me with people like you who are actually decent." It took me a while to realise what she was getting at, and I frowned, I wasn't ready for a relationship, I wanted Jake still.

"It was your choice" Jake's famous phrase that he loved to use on me when I moan about a bad movie or meal, echoed in my head, I had chosen to break up with him, I knew that if I wanted to get back together with him I was the one who had to take the first step, not him, and dating Mike wouldn't be fair on anyone as I would only be hurting nice people. "It's just an idea" Tilly said as she finally opened the gate, "I'm not saying you have to, it's just that he's coming down this weekend. Think about it." And with that she shut the door.

Slowly I made my way down the busy street, I didn't pay attention to where I was going, I didn't need to, I knew this town like the back of my hand, I have lived here my whole life. I do wish that I had been paying more attention, because on turning down the smaller street that led to my house, I pushed into someone.

The End

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