Old friend or new friend?Mature

Lilly had often been in the middle of fights between Mia and I, but that didn't mean that she liked it. She and Mia are actually the BFFs and I am more of a third wheel, not that I minded, I knew that I couldn't never get in between them, Lilly was all that kept Mia going when Mia was feeling down, Mia was all that kept Lilly working when Lilly got bored or over excited, they were two pieces of a jigsaw and Lilly refused to show preference to me when Mia and I were fighting but she was happy for me. Mia, no matter how fun and outgoing she is, never really noticed how I was very much the third wheel, she only noticed how she and Lilly get along very well, Lilly had noticed though, on more than one occasion she had asked if I was alright or tried to hide from me that she and Mia were going somewhere without me, irronically this had always annoyed me because she would always lie about it and I don't mind that fact that they meet up without me, it's thei life, what I do mind is that she lies to me.

Tilly and I had walked to school together the next day, which hadn't helped the situation much because Mia and I would always take the bus to school together and meet Lilly at the gates.

As we got nearer to the schoo grounds I could see Lilly waiting in the distance and when I waved she texted me in responce "heard what happened, got some shit going on there then doesn't she! Mi'll forget it soon enough, gotta go into town during lunch tho, so try not to argue! L".

The morning and early afternoon was spent avoiding questions about how Tilly had forgive me for what I said. Tilly sat next to me in maths, leaving Mia to sit next to the teacher's desk, throwing dirty looks back at us the whole time, I did feel slightly guilty, but couldn't help laughing when she was told off for distracting Tilly and I from our work.

As Lilly had said, she left school at the start of lunch break, leaving me in an uncomfortable position, I dearly wanted to make up with Mia, I had to suffer French on my own if I didn't, and we never worked in french when we were together, it was the only subject Mia did badly in. Tilly, who has lunch at home, left, but not after offering me to go with her, within Mia's earing range, but I refused, it was easier to talk to Mia without Tilly being near.

"Anyone sitting there?" I asked, pointing at the seat next to Mia. "Yeah, but she's not here at the moment cause she's turned into a bitch and has started grooming the teacher's pet!" Mia said, not looking up. I sighed and sat down. "Look, I know it's hard for you, but give her a chance, she's actualy really nce and fun, she's invited Lilly and I to go with her to visit her uncle in Devon this weekend, she said you could come if you wanted to!" "Ha, how nice of her to add me on as something thats not necessary! I wouldn't go even if I wanted to! You see, I actually have a life, which doesn't include kissing her royal highness's ass!" "What about a compramise? You only have to talk to Tilly, but you can be your normal self around her and if she scoffs at it then we shove her!" I said, menatally crossing my fingers. Mia looked at me for a long minute "can I tell her what I think of her?" "NO!" "Can I tell you what I think of her andof you at this moment?" I raised my eyebrows but nodded.

"Cool, well I think that you are being a bitch, a kiss ass, trying to be a peacemaker when we all know that you don't know the first thing about peace, you need to try a different gloss, that one's too sticky and makes your lips look fat, which really does no flattery to you! Don't even get me started on thate other bitch, I mean did you see the look she gave me in maths, mind you your wasn't much better...."

I smiled and listened to her torments and cruelness, some things never change!

The End

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