Friend against friendMature

"YOU WANT ME TO BE FRIENDS WITH HER?" Mia screached at the top of her voice at me, I held the phone about a metre from my ear and yelled back "...YES!" 

I had known that Mia would have trouble with us getting along with Tilly more than Lilly would. I sighed, in the background I could hear Mia's dad yelling at her for speaking too loud, as per usual Mia ignored him and went back to me. "Do you remember what she has said to me? To you? To Lilly?" I cringed, yes she had once said something to Mia, something Mia had never been able to forgive. "I don't remember her ever saying anything mean to Lilly!" I said.

Tilly had never been a bully, she just wanted attention, the attention that she never had at home, the problem was, that wasn't so different to how Mia felt.

Mia had been brought up by a very different family to Tilly's. Mia's parents were split up, but I sometimes wondered if Mia would rather not having a father. She wasn't much better well off in the money department than Tilly was. Mia had had to look after her two younger sisters from a young age, but it was rare to hear her complain about it. She was prepared for a rough life, but she wanted a better one, that was why she was so thrilled when she had found Luke, there was finally someone who loved her for who she was, not who she was supposed to be in the eyes of her family.

Tilly and Mia, though both from similar backgrounds, were as different as it was possible to be. Mia had often scoffed at Tilly's desperate need for attention from the teachers, she found it easier to keep her head down and work solo, that was how she had managed her constant stream of As. Tilly had thought that Mia only did so well because she copied off what other people said in the class and used that as her own material.

Tilly had once overheard Mia talking to me about how she and Luke were celebrating their six month anniversary soon, and Tilly, who was behind us, said "That poor boy must be desperate if he wants to go out with someone who is more of a man than he is!" If Lilly hadn't been pulling at her jumper, she would have lunged for Tilly, which was strange because this wasn't disimilar to what we had aften said about she and Luke.

"Mi, think about it, she needs friends who she knows will be friends, she has never known what that would be like, we might as well help her out!" I said, I could hear the plea in my voice was turning into a whine, but I ignored it, my voice was reputed for sounding strange when I was trying to convince someone of something."

"Look, never in a million years am I helping that pig with her shit life, I can do what I want with my boyfirned, and I don't want her hearing about it!" She said fiercly "Then don't say anything about it! You'll be doing us all a favour then!" I had already hear too much of her exploits with Luke!

"If you want to be friends with that brat then you are going to have to do it without me!" "Fine! Maybe then I would get some space from your consistent whining of how you don't know where your relationship is giong and how you are so hard done by. You have a life, you have a home, you have friends, and you have a boyfriend. What the hell is wrong with you, if you have such a crap life then what the hell are you doing at a private school? Why don't you just piss off?" with that I ended the call, and I feared something else.

The End

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