We're not all as clever!!Mature

"Breaking up sucks, did you know that?" I said to Mia, as we walked out of assembly, it was the Monday after my break up and I had whispered everything that had happened between Jake and I to Mia during prayers, avoiding the evil looks of my RS teacher.

"Did you guys ever consider, you know, the whole friends with benefits?" I stared at her "That's a film!" I said pointedly, she shrugged "just saying, could work!" I shook my head at her, Jake and I hadn't even reached 3rd base how did she expect us to be that?

"Hey babe, heard that you and Jake broke up, so sorry, it's hard for someone like you to keep a guy like!" Tilly, the class (I'm actually trying to stop swearing or using any kind of bad words so I won't even think it). I smiled painfully "thanks Tilly, Mia and I were just saying that since we will still be friends it really isn't a break up becaus we will still be seeing each other all the time!" Tilly looked at us sceptically, but the bell rang and she scampered of with a "Bye babes, can't be late!"

"Oh no your highness, I would hate to ruin your perfect attendance record, with you running two minutes late, that may even stop you from getting a smile from Mr. Farn!" I said as she rushed towards the music department, Mia sniggered.

We split as she went to textiles and I went of to double Latin, I don't even know why I chose Latin for my GCSEs, all I know is that, compared to the others, I am the dumbest person that ever existed, but, the problem was, that there was nothing else that I could do for an option, that would do me any good in later life, so Latin it was.

This was an especially bad double, my heart wasn't in it, and unfortunately, Miss. Sams, had decided to give us a surprise vocab test, and I got five out of twenty, not my best result, all the others got above fifteen. The rest of the second lesson, passed with us translating a latin poem about a guy who has been dead for a gazillion years and happened to have a goddess for a mother, I zoned out, I usually do this, I just wasn't in the mood, I still had six more lessons to go through, and I was barely managing this one.

Maybe I could go to the nurse and miss the rest of the lesson, I looked at the time, no, there was no point, there was only ten minutes left, English was after break, not that I was looking forward to it as much as I usually do. We were anotating love poems, and I only like reading or writing poems, not trying to see into them, what if all that we were tying to guess they meant was a complete waist of time? We never do creative writing anymore, it's so sad that it isn't part of the exam!

"For homework I want you to read  this chapter about Horatia and Neo and answer the questions on it, please have it ready for Friday's lesson!" Yes, time to go, I got up and literally sprinted out of the room.

Mia was waiting for me outside the canteen, ready to continue our conversation from where we had left off, but I distracted her by asking what she and Lucas had done that weekend, she was obssessed with the poor guy, it made me laugh, I had never seen her so happy. I know as much about the relationship as the two who have the relationship, but  didn't mind, I liked that Mia feels that she can confide in me.

I managed to make it through the whole twenty minutes of break talking about Lucas with Mia, then I rushed off to English, Lilly was waiting for me, I could see from her kind expression that Tilly had told her about my break up, I wasn't surprised, Tilly was best friends with Jakes other ex-girlfriend Jade, who is a female version of the devil, I think it is possible that she is his daughter.

English started and I desperately tried to concentrate, Tilly, as usual, was always giving her opinion on the poem that we were looking at and expaining how she thought the story affected the reader, and we all just wrote down what she said. Mrs. Michaels always picks on someone else, just to make sure that it wasn't just Tilly's ideas we were writing down, today, she picked on me. "Miss. Loop, can you tell me what you think the second line on the fourth stanza is?" She asked, I looked but I could only see words on a page, I knew that using my imagination wouldn't work because she meant what rhetorical device the author had used, but I had never been too good at them! "umm, I'm not sure, I think that they have been written, oh wait they are alliteration!" I said quickly as I saw the note that Lilly had quickly written for me.

Tilly sniggered "well done!" she said sarcastically and looked over to where we were sitting "You know I think that there is also something else there, that may not be something that a kid from the junior school would know!" I glared at her, Mrs. Michaels, didn't seem to notice, she only put up a hand to silence the whispering that had broken out when Tilly had said that, as the deputy head knocked and entered "Mrs. michaels I was hoping that I may have a brief word with you outside!" he said, and stepped back holding the doo for her, to show that it was an order, she nodded and quickly said "alright girls, please continue with this while I am gone!" and she shut the door behind her, I wished that she hadn't left.

I started to talk to Lilly about the poem, because I didn't understand what Tilly meant, but Tilly's bat ears had heard and said, almost screached across the room "You know, I find it shocking, that someone who wants to be a journalist when she is older can't even recognize an onomatopeia when she sees one! I just couldn't bear it if my daughter was like such a person!" she shuddered then sneered across the room at me, I glared back "I'm sure that you will have no problem there, unless your future boyfriend gets back from helping the devil hide from you, I don't think that you will have much problems with any spouse!"

I looked at her, and everyone went silent, no one dared to talk back to the teachers pet, for she would always tell and they weren't afraid of getting told off, but no one liked to see her smug face when they were forced to apologize. However my words had the opposite effect, instead of making her burst into fake tears ad run off to tell a teacher, she went very quiet and looked down at her poetry book. A few seconds later I saw a single tear smudge her perfect page of notes.  

The End

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