A Strange Visitor

Before he knew it, Aidan was home from school and running into his room. He searched frantically for the book, but had a strong feeling it wouldn't be there. As he suspected, it was gone, as if the whole story were a dream. He considered telling someone about the book, but quickly reconsidered. Everyone would think he was off his rocker, after all.

He busied himself with homework to take his mind off the strange events. Perhaps a second book would appear soon. If not, how would he know if the story ended? Maybe he would write the second part himself, one day. Or, it may just be better if he forgot about it completely.

The day passed slowly and the scent of onions caramelizing on the stovetop wafted his way. Yuck, it's probably chili, he thought with disdain. Ways to avoid eating the dinner were flowing through his mind when he heard a knock at the door.

"Nige!" his mom called. "There's someone at the door!"

When his dad walked past to answer it, his mom hissed quietly "She looks a real weirdo. Probably selling something."

'Real weirdo' was a good observation. Aidan peeked into the living room just in time to see his dad open the door. The woman was tall and thin, her golden blonde hair tied back in a high messy bun. Her dark blue eyes were staring right at him. She wore a short blue dress that rested over some sort of blue bicycle shorts. There was a strange insignia on the sleeves of the dress. Aidan recognized the outfit immediately and his hearth began to race.

His father laughed. Whatever the woman was saying, he didn't sound like he was taking it very seriously. Eventually he seemed to give in and invited the stranger to sit down in the living room.

"AD!" he called. "There's someone here to see you, apparently."

"What's going on?" his mom asked suspiciously, eyeing the situation with an air of caution.

"This woman, er, what was your name again?" his dad began.

"Siloh," the woman responded happily.

"Yes, Siloh claims that she is a witch and wants the chance to prove it."

"So, you let her into the house?" his mom asked, bewildered.

"Well, I figured it would be easy enough to tell if she's lying."

"I can prove it," Siloh said with a small smile. "Where is your sink?"

His dad brought the woman into the kitchen and pointed. Aidan's mom stood behind him, gripping his shoulders and watching from a distance.

"I am a witch," Siloh announced proudly. "And not just any witch. I am a water witch."

She had a funny accent that was hard to place, as if it were a watered-down mix between Scottish and Russian. Aidan was captivated by her words. She really was a witch, just as he had suspected.

Siloh flicked on the faucet and water began to flow. She raised her hands and pulled the water towards her palms. It flowed through the air beautifully, a suspended river. With strange hand motions and shifts in posture she weaved the water in complicated shapes, once creating a cat that chased its own tail frantically. Aidan giggled at the show while his parents stood speechless.

She ended with a clap and the water crashed to the floor, splashing up at their legs. With a wink in Aidan's direction, she pointed her forefinger downward and made a swirling motion. The water followed the movement and swelled up around her hand. With a quick flick, she let it all flow back into the kitchen sink and down the drain.

"Wow," was all his mom could say.

"Aidan is a witch, too, you know. We just do not know what type yet. He will find out when he goes to school," Siloh informed her cheerfully.

"School?" his dad asked, eyeing her with suspicion.

"Sorry," Siloh jumped in quickly. "I am getting ahead of myself. Can we sit down?"

They moved to the living room again and Aidan watched the woman excitedly. She would know what happened to the book and how it ended, since the story must have been about her world. As soon as he could, he would ask her all of the questions that had been running through in his mind.

"Aidan is hereby invited to attend Waimferth Academy, the only school for elemental witches."

"Wait, back up," his dad said. "Where are you from?"

"Ah, well, yes," she paused nervously. "I am from another world. In my world, witches are not common, but they do exist. Far less common are Earth witches. I do not mean the earth element, but witches from your planet. One has not existed for over a hundred years."

"Then how did you know he was here?" his mom asked now.

"We have our ways, but they are not to be discussed. He is a witch and will soon have tremendous powers. If those powers are not trained properly, they will eventually consume him -- not now, but by the time he is twenty, to be sure. That is one reason why students join Waimferth Academy at such a young age.

"For as long as there have been witches, there has been Waimferth. The first witches of each element created it, having nearly been destroyed by their own power. It provides the very best education and training. I teach water elementalism there. Oh, and the dorms are lovely," she added in as an afterthought.

"Dorms? So it's a boarding school?" Dad seemed displeased.

"Well, yes. It is awfully far away. Another world, you know! Young witches do visit frequently, though. Students come back one weekend at the end of each month and they also take extended holidays."

"If what you're saying is true, why can't you take us to this school?" Mom asked now.

"I can! You will be dropping your son off at the school, of course. These children are young and not used to being away from home. We have manner of magic outside of just elemental manipulation that allows for travel between our two worlds at ease. However, it is not to be overused, which is why students cannot come back at the end of each day."

Aidan bounced excitedly at this news. Could it really be true? He wasn't sure if this was just going to disappear like the book.

"This is all very new for us, you have to understand. We will visit the school before it starts and see what your officials have to say," his dad explained.

"That is perectly reasonable. Here is a list of everything he will need," she began, pulling out a folded piece of paper from a hidden pocket in her dress. "It also gives you instructions on how you will get to Waimferth. Please, mull it over. We look forward to having Aidan in class."

Siloh smiled at Aidan now. He returned the smile with a sheepish grin.

"Any quick questions, Aidan?"

"Yes, um, where did the book come from?" Aidan asked nervously.

"What book?" Siloh wondered.

"It's called Waimferth Academy. It was all about your school and children who went there. The top witch of each class was chosen and trained and... things like that."

"That is very strange. The top students are indeed chosen, but not even the younger students know that. I am afraid that I have never heard of a book named after the school, either. Do you have it with you?"

"No. It disappeared when I came home," Aidan revealed, now feeling slightly crestfallen.

"Such a book should not exist. But stranger things have happened at Waimferth," she said with a wink. "However, it is time for me to go. I hope you end up being a water witch, Aidan!"

She walked out of the house without another word and disappeared from sight.

The End

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