Waimferth Academy

Water Air Metal Fire Earth

This story is written for my younger brother, Aidan. I plan on keeping it a secret until I surprise him with the finished product.

Aidan is a boy with his head delightfully tucked away in the clouds. He loves to get lost in books and video games and this often gets him into trouble. One day, he is grounded for getting caught up in a computer game. While attempting to occupy himself, he stumbles across a book that he does not recognise. He quickly becomes engulfed in the story but is not satisfied with its ending. When he tries to look for a sequel, however, he finds that the book is not meant to exist at all.

Soon he is thrown into a new world and a school called Waimferth Academy; it turns out that he has always been a witch with the ability manipulate a particular element. At this new school he will discover his element and go on a journey that exceeds even his wildest dreams, forming lasting friendships along the way. It is important that he holds on to everything he learns, however, because an evil is brewing in paradise - an evil that they must all eventually face.

The End

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