Plenty Of RoomMature

Chapter 4

Plenty of Room

Peter Perfect was pacing up and down the corridor just off from the room where they had put Penny. He was fighting to keep himself from collapsing in a blubbering heap, as the worry was eating away at him inside. The doctors and nurses were still in the room with Penny hooking her up to more monitors and trying to keep her as stable and as comfortable as they could.

"Oh god, whats taking them so long!?"

Just as he was finishing his mumblings the Doctor's and Nurses exited the room.

"What is it!? Whats going on!? Is she ok!?"

"Calm down sir", exclaimed one of the Doctors, "She is stable! We have her in an induced coma to prevent any extra damage, but she will be fine."

"EXTRA damage!? What do you mean!?"

Unfortunately for Peter, his words fell on deaf ears, as the Doctor had already started to dash off down the corridor due to his pager beeping.

The final nurse exited the room and shut the door behind her. She could see that Peter was in a state of shock, but knew that she really couldn't do anything about it.

"You can go in if you'd like..." Her voice was quiet, as if filled with some sort of sympathy for the now crying Peter Perfect.

"I can?"

"Yes. She won't be able to talk to you of course, but she may be able to hear you if you speak to her. Just remember that she is going to look quite different with all the tubes and wires."

He merely nodded and sniffed, the nurse acknowledging by nodding back, then leaving him to his thoughts.

Reaching out a hand, Peter opened the door and stepped inside the room. It was dark inside and the only sound that could be heard was the beeping of the machines... Those awful, awful machines that Penny was attached to. He stepped forward again and stopped in front of Penny's bed, peering at her with a horrified look on his face. All those tubes and wires...

"My god..."

Dick and Rachel were following the Doctor through what seemed an endless labyrinth of corridors. The finally got to the end of the corridor that led to Pennys room. If it had taken any longer, Dick would have strangled the Doctor for wasting time.

"Th-there! Are you happy now", asked the flustered Doc, waving his arms around in frustration, "Now, if you don't mind, I'm going back to do my job!"

The two said nothing, but whirled their eyes around in disgust, before fixing them on the window to the room. There stood Peter gazing at Penny lying in her bed.

"Oh my lord", gasped Rachel putting her hands to her mouth, "This is awful!"

Dick held Rachel tightly and simply stared through the window at Peter. His normal confident posture was in tatters. His back was arched, his arms looked limp and his legs looked as if they were about to snap under his weight. Dick and Rachel just watched, watched until Peter unexpectedly turned around sharply, refusing to look at her any longer. It was then that he spotted them through the glass.


He bombed towards the door and flung it open, collapsing onto both their shoulders in a blubbering heap.

"Its ok bud. Its ok", hushed Dick patting him on the back.

"No! Its not ok! Pat did an awful thing", shouted Peter through tears while raising his head up, "He hit a lady! A lady who is now in a fucking coma! Do you understand?!"

"Hey hey hey! Shh! I do understand, of course I do..."

Rachel stepped forwards and walked into the room leaving Peter with Dick. She began to well up herself when she caught sight of the extent of her injuries. It was so overwhelming in fact that she had to turn away just as Peter had done.

"I'm so sorry Peter!"

With that, she flung her arms around the blonde and cried with him, which left Dick cradling two sobbing individuals in his arms.

After the crying had subsided, the three sat down on the floor and propped themselves up against the wall. Silence fell. A sharp, cold, silence that chills to the core. After a few minutes, the silence was broken by Peter. HIs head slowly raised to reveal a red, streaky and horrifyingly angry face. Pure anger... It even sent shivers down Dicks spine.

"That man... Has to pay."

Dick and Rachel both nodded in agreement. It was true. Pat had to pay somehow for what he had done. It was not something that could be ignored at all.

"He'll get his... Don't you worry Peter", smiled Rachel placing a hand on his shoulder.

Silence fell yet again. This time it lasted a good few minutes. It came to a halt, though, when Dick stood up and expressed his concern about the time. Rachel stood up, shortly followed by Peter, who removed his handkerchief from inside his jacket and wiped his nose.

"We only have a couple of hours left", said Dick putting his glove back on properly again after looking at his watch.

Rachel nodded, then turned to Peter. "You going back to the hotel?"

"No... I want to stay here."

"You don't intend to race then?"


Dick scratched at his chin. "Won't that just make it easier for Pat to win?"

Peter raised his head in alarm. "What do you mean!?"

"Well, with Penny out and you out too, he has less people to worry about. If I were in your shoes, I'd be racing FOR Penny!"

Peter sighed and thought for a few seconds.

"I know. You are right, Dick. But, I can't right now. You know? I can't leave her side..."

"I understand, bud. Don't worry about it", smiled Dick slapping his hand to Peter's shoulder and giving it a reassuring squeaze, "You take care, ok?"

Peter smiled and nodded, before giving Dick a big man-hug and giving Rachel a peck on the cheek.

"You guys are the best friends a guy could have, you know that?"

Dick, who was already walking down the corridor at the time of the sudden exclamation, simply turned his head as he was walking. "Never thought I'd hear you say that! I must be going soft!" And with that, they were gone, leaving Peter smiling to himself.

"I still feel no better off now", sighed Rachel reaching for the car door handle.

"How do you think poor Pete is feeling?"

"I know... Its awful!"

The two climbed in the car and buckled up. It was icy yet again, so Dick, after adjusting his gloves, turned the heating on.

"Lord, we've steamed this thing up already!"

Rachel giggled and told Dick it was his dragon breath that did it.

"Heeyy... I'm not a member of the Creepy Coupe club!"

"Could have fooled me..."


After giving each other the playful evil eye, Dick started the engine and drove off.

"Mmm", giggled Rachel, enjoying the warmth of the heating system, "Toasty!"

Dick just smiled and patted her arm, before turning off the main road down the first set of country roads that led back to the hotel. They were winding, one-laned roads with hedgerows either side and the occasional grass verge. Beautiful by day, no doubt, but awfully treacherous by night, especially with snow falling rapidly.

Suddenly, the car started to judder, followed by odd grating noises.


Rachel, who was on the verge of dropping off to sleep, sat bolt upright in her seat with an alarmed look on her face, as the car rolled slowly to a complete stop.

"What the...?"

"Oh", exclaimed Dick slapping his forehead, "We are out of bloody gas!"

"Oh god no! Not here, not now!"

"I'm afraid so..."

"What are we going to do? We have a race tomorrow and we need to get back to the hotel!"

"I know, I know. I can't help it. Its your car anyway, you should have filled it up."

"I DID!"

"Not very well then, by the looks of it."

"Why you..."

Dick put his hands up to defend himself, just as Rachel lunged forwards at him.

"HAHAHA! OK OK! I was only joking! HAHAHA!"

Rachel just sat back in her seat and gave him yet another playful evil-eye.

Suddenly, a car shot straight past them at lightning speed.

"HOLY CRAPPOLA", roared Dick in surprise, "Its a bloody good job that I'd managed to roll the car onto this verge, or we'd be toast!"

"I know... IDIOT DRIVER!" Rachel shook her fist in the direction the speeding car had gone.

There was a pause as the two thought of what could possibly be done about their situation.

"What now then, Dick?"

Dick shrugged. "Theres nothing we can do."

"Can't we call someone?"

"With what? I don't have a phone!"


"Don't you have a mobile, Rach?"


"Then we are saved!"

"No, we aren't."


"I left it at the hotel."

"DAGNABBIT!" Dick punched the car door.

"Hey hey hey! Watch the upholstery, yeah?"

"Augher..." Dastardly slumped in his seat looking totally fed up and worn out.

"Think theres any houses around here? Maybe we could ask if we could stay overnight?"

" I don't know. I didn't see any when we were driving up to the hospital."

"Yeah, but it WAS dark, Dick."

"Still... I didn't see any."

"I think we should get out and look, just in case."

Dick didn't like that idea. He was too comfy in the nice, warm, cozy car and didn't really feel like trudging outside in the dark and in the cold snow. But, he had to admit, it was a good idea...

Muttley woke up with a start. The chiming of the clock had forced him out of a wonderful dream he was having. He looked at said clock with a cold and unforgiving stare, before realizing what time it was showing. He sat up on the bed and scanned the room. No dick. Not even a sign that he was back. Tilting his head in puzzlement, Muttle climbed down from off the bed and made his way to the balcony. Rachel's car wasn't there at all, so they were obviously not back. Where could they possibly be?

"This was a BAD idea! BAD BAD BAD", shouted Dick walking back to the car. He was shivering and his nose had turned bright red due to the freezing conditions. The weather had, indeed taken a turn for the worst and it was blowing a gale.

"But, Dick! We need shelter!"

"The car is plenty of shelter! Oh yes, enough for me anyway!"


Dick just trudged through the deep snow leaving her behind. He was too cold to argue with her and needed to get warm. He also needed sleep. If he stayed awake any longer he swore he would collapse.

Seeing that she couldn't reason with him, Rachel followed him back to the car. She was also very cold and very tired and really couldn't be bothered to search any longer for a house that might not even exist. But, of course, she'd never admit it.

When the got back to the car, it was covered in snow. So, the two set about sweeping it off as best as they could. After a failed attempt, they gave up. Dick opened one of the back doors so Rachel could sleep on the back seat.

"Aren't you having this seat?"

Dick shook his head with a smile. "I'm going to sleep in the front."

It was highly gentlemanly of him and Rachel found it sweet. Dick shut the door and opened the front passenger door and got inside. After shutting and locking all the doors, he attempted to snuggle down into his big coat. No luck. It was freezing and his coat was just not warm enough. And that wasn't the only problem. The seat was the single most uncomfortable thing he'd ever felt in his entire life! Of course, that led to much tossing and turning, which in turn disturbed Rachel.

"You daft bat... You can't go to sleep there!"

Dick raised his head and peered in the back of the car. "What am I supposed to do? Sleep on the roof?"

"Daft nit, come here."

"On the back seat?"

Rachel nodded. "Yeah."

"How can I when you're there?"

"Plenty of room..." She raised an eyebrow and smiled wickedly.

Dick frowned and looked at the seats. It wasn't THAT big at all. If he shared it, they'd be virtually on top of each oth... "Ooohhhh."

The End

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