True ConfessionsMature

Ending for Dick Dastardly

Chapter 2

True Confessions.

Back at the Hotel, Ryan, Julie and Rachel were all in one room attempting to make sense of the situation.

Rachel was slumped face down on her bed, Julie was sat next to her patting her on her back and Ryan was stood to one side, his arms folded.

"How could he", shouted Rachel, her voice trailing off as the lump in her throat grew bigger at the mere thought of Dick being with Penny.

"I know, I know", exclaimed Julie, "But, don't let it affect you this much! It wont do you any good!"

"The thing is Rach", said Ryan scratching at his beard, "Regardless of whether he did or didn't do it, he never knew you liked him until you mentioned it earlier."

"I KNOOOOW I know", sobbed Rachel in reply, hiding her head in her arms.

The room fell silent, the only sounds being the electrical hum of the florescent lights and Rach's muffled snifflings.

"Come on", sighed Julie patting her on her back once more, "Get some sleep."

"Yeah, we will deal with it all before the race or something", smiled Ryan, "Don't worry, it'll be sorted."

Rachel lifted her head and rubbed at her eyes.

Her face was all red and streaky.

Nodding, she sat up slowly and reached for her night dress.

Julie and Ryan started to head for the door.

"See ya in' morning", smirked Julie peering round the corner of the door.

The two exited and went downstairs to the hotel's bar for a quick drink.

Lifting the sheets from under her, Rachel snuggled down and closed her eyes.

The screech of tyres echoed through the streets as Dick raced his way back to the hotel.

Muttley was on the balcony and saw his car screech to a halt and a rather flustered Dick exited the car with great haste, even forgetting to lock his doors.

Dick raced up the pathway and pushed the lobby doors open with such a ferocity, they collided with the walls with a triumphant 'thud' sound.

The only person, besides Muttley (who is not really a person anyway.), who had seen Dick's entrance was the receptionist who preceeded to blink rapidly and shake her head as he dashed for the stairs.

"Huff, puff", panted Dick as he reached the top, "OH WHY DIDN'T I TAKE THE ELEVATOR?"

The receptionist heard this exclamation and shook her head once more.

Dastardly rounded the corner and stood staring at the corridor.

He grunted nervously, adjusting his gloves and slowly made his way to Rachel's door.

Rachel had heard the screech of tyres, but since her room was at the back, she had no way of telling what was going on.

'Knock, knock'.

She sat bolt upright, clutching her covers tightly in her hands.

"Er, wh-who is it?"

Dick was biting his lip, not knowing whether to say or not. She might not answer the door if she knew it was him.

"J-just a second", called Rachel wiping her eyes and pulling the sheets away from her legs.

"Oh, blasted key", seethed Rach as she battled to put it in the lock.

She opened the door to reveal Dick stood there.

The two stood there staring at each other for a few brief seconds, until finally one of them spoke.

"Why are you here?"

Dick swallowed noisily.

"Why, expecting room service?"

Rachel folded her arms and frowned.

"I'm sorry, bad joke", said Dick shuffling around looking at his feet.


"Look, I thought you deserved an explanation, a TRUTHFUL explanation."

Rachel, still in her night dress (And too pissed off to care less if she was or not.), leaned against the door frame and frowned more.

"Oh really?"

Dick nodded.

"Yes, really."

Sighing, Rachel entered her room again.

Dick, looking left and right for spies and onlookers, entered as soon as he was sure it was safe.

Rach plonked herself down on her bed in an irritant manner and watched as Dick walked around her room, not knowing whether to sit or stand.

"Are you going to sit down or not", asked Rachel crossly.

"Er, y-yes."

He sat down at the opposite end of the bed, his back facing her.

There was a pause as Dick thought of how to start.

"I didn't do that you know..."

Rachel tilted her head.

"Honestly. I didn't, Pat is such a freaking liar."

"So, what was he talking about then. He can't have just made it up", quizzed Rachel angrily.

Dick turned round to face her, as he still had his back turned.

"He was right about seeing me go into Penny's room", he explained.

Rachel blinked and started to get tearful again.

"W-why did you go in...?"

Dick cringed and let out a big sigh.

"Its complicated!"

"In other words, you can't explain it to me, because its true! You ARE seeing Penny!"

Dick shot her a surprised look.

"I would have thought you would have given me more credit than that", he exclaimed trying to fight of the tears himself.

Rachel sniffed loudly as her frown grew deeper.

"How can I? I, really, hardly know you! I don't know what makes you tick do I!"

Dick mumbled something to himself about wishing she DID know him better.

Rachel sniffed once more as she turned her head away from him, locking her gaze onto her pillow which was speckled with wet patches from her crying.

Dick noticed that she had broken eye contact with him and wondered if he had really blew it for sure.

Taking a deep breath he decided to explain the whole truth, nothing held back... After all, what had he got to lose? It looked as if he had already lost her.

"I...", he peered down at his twiddling thumbs, "I went to see Penny for advice. Advice about you."

Rachel's head whirled round and she looked at him with a puzzled frown.

They made eye contact again. Perhaps it wasn't all lost, maybe she would at least hear him out.

Dick let out a huge frustrated gasp as he flailed his arms upwards and slapped them back down.

He hastily moved over to her and grabbed hold of her hand.

"Wh-wha'", asked Rachel, somewhat shocked by his sudden action.

"I asked her what I should do."

"Do? About what?", she sniffed back, constantly looking at his and her hand, then looking back at him.

"About how I feel..."

"And how DO you feel", she asked edging further away from him.

"Exactly how you do."

Rachel blinked and tilted her head.

"Oh god... I love you, Rach! More than anything! I was just so freakin' scared I didn't know what do do", he said loudly, flailing his other arm and slapping it back down again in frustration.

Rachel, still frowning and crying, let out a little laugh.

"I've never loved anybody before", he said, now blushing a tomato colour and crying himself, "I started to wonder if I was coming down with the flu or something."

His head lowered as the room fell silent.

Rachel reached out her hand and slowly raised his head, forcing him to look at her square in the face.

Dick smiled softly and sniffed as Rachel took his hat off so she could see his face better, as he always had a habit of using it to hide it.

Her frown suddenly changed to a beaming smile, which Dick thanked heaven for... if there was such a place.

She let out a gleeful laugh as she flung her arms around his neck drawing him closer to her.

He responded by acting likewise, wrapping his arms around her slender waist.

The pair brushed their faces together, enjoying every single moment of their embrace.

Prizing themselves apart, they sat there staring at each other, noting ever detail of each others appearance.

Rachel let out a little giggle, as Dick's hair was still scruffy from when she had removed his hat.

He blinked and smiled nervously.


"You have SEVERE hat head", she laughed putting her hand to her mouth.

He sat there in puzzlement, until he realised what she was going on about.

"O-oh, oh god!"

Rachel fell about giggling as he put his fingers in his hair and brushed it back and forth making it ten times worse.

"Oh, drat and double drat. I can't get it right, never mind... I'll just put my hat back on."

Rachel sat back up, still laughing to herself and held his hat out for him to grab.

"Thank you", said Dick grabbing hold of his hat and tugging it onto his head.


"Oh, you are SO scruffy! Look at you", exclaimed Rachel moving forward, "Your hair is poking out everywhere!"

She tucked the bits of spikey hair away from sight and sighed at a job well done as she admired his once again perfect appearance.

Dick suddenly remembered what had happened in the club. He had forgotten all about it and Rachel didn't know at all, as she had left well before the events unfolded.

Rachel was in the process of giving him a great big squishy hug when he remembered and let out a big gasp.

"Whats wrong", she asked drawing back and tilting her head.

"After you left the club a fight broke out."

"Between who?"

"Pat Pending..."

"Good, hope he got a good thrashing", interrupted Rachel.

"...and Penny."


Dick nodded.

"Yeah, she attacked Pat for his accusations and virtually clawed his face off", explained Dick.

"Good", exclaimed Rachel heartlessly, "Who won?"

"Thats the thing", said Dick peering at her from beneath his hat, "Pat won."


"He smacked her across the face with a table leg, she is in the hospital now..."

Rachel just felt terrible and began to get flustered.

She stood up sharply and raced to get dressed.

"What are you doing", asked Dick watching her as she grabbed her clothes.

"I'm going to... nngh... see her", she replied battling to put her trousers on and nearly falling over because of her haste, "I feel terrible! I gotta know that she is ok!"

She whipped her night dress off regardless of Dick's presence.

"Good... GOD!"

She threw on her top and grabbed her coat.

"Are you coming?"

Dick was silent, his eyes open wide, blushing wildly.


"Oh, s-sorry Rach... I was miles away. Hehe."

He stood up and stopped her in her tacks.

"We have a big race tomorrow Rach, are you sure you want to go? Besides, they might not even let you in to see her."

"I don't care", she said pulling on her socks and shoes, "As long as I know she is ok!"

Dick nodded and followed her as she ran out the door.

She proceeded to run down the corridor and Dick stayed where he was.

Whirling round, Rachel shouted to him to hurry up.

"Haven't you forgotten something", he asked leaning on the door frame and pointing to the lock.

"OH... SHIT!"

She ran back, locked the door and sped back down the corridor.

Dick chuckled to himself at how flustered she was. He understood her concern, but she was really in a panic about it.

"Oh boy, how do I get myself into these things?"

He then ran after her.

Ryan and Julie were still in the bar and saw Rachel run by the glass doors that led to the bar.

They both ran up to the door and opened it just as Dick had run by himself.

"Dammit", said Ryan, "Whats the rush?"

Julie shrugged and edged away from the door.

"If he has upset her I'll..."

"I'm sure its nothing", interrupted Julie sitting back down in her seat and sipping her drink.

Ryan removed his head from inbetween the glass doors and sat down in his seat with an evil look spread across his face.

Back outside, Dick was searching for his car.

"I left it here! WHERE THE F..."

Rachel was bouncing up and down on the spot in an impatient manner.

"We will have to take mine", she said running over to it.

She pulled her keys out her pocket and battled to keep them still, let along put them in the lock.

Dick approached her and placed a caring hand on her shoulder.

"I'll drive, you just get in. You are in no fit state."

"Since when did you care about things like that", she asked jokingly, trying her hardest to force a smile.

Dastardly let out a laugh, which calmed her down slightly.

"Ok then, but I doubt my car will be as good to drive as yours", she nodded rubbing at her red and itchy eyes.

She got into the passenger side and buckled up.

Smiling to himself, Dick got in and shut the door.

He did a few minute checks to get used to the location of everything and placed the key in the lock.

After buckling up, he turned to face Rachel, who was shaking somewhat.

"Don't worry", he said softly as he rubbed her cheek with his gloved finger.

She smiled and nodded, then looked out the window as he started the car and drove off.

Muttley was still on the balcony and watched them leave wondering why on earth they were doing what they were doing.

He scratched at his head and ran out of the hotel room and down the stairs to the lobby bar.

Julie smiled at his clumsy entrance. She liked Muttley, he wasn't like his cruel heartless master. He was cute.

"Hey Muttley", she called as Muttley rubbed the lump on his head that had just appeared when he entered and clonked his head on the doors.

Muttley's ears pricked up at the sound of a friendly voice.

He ran over wagging his tail and smiling.

"Hey up", said Ryan scruffing his fur up.

Muttley tried to explain what he had seen. Ryan didn't understand, but Julie did.

"Its ok Muttley, let them sort out whatever it is themselves", she said patting him on the head.

Dick and Rachel were tanking it down the road and, yet again, it started to snow.

"Does it snow every time we visit hospitals or something", asked Rachel, still shaking from worry.

Dick laughed and glanced over to her.

He placed a hand on her leg and gently patted it to try to ease her as best as he could.

She smiled at his genuine concern and leaned over to him, placing a kiss on his cheek.

"This is a nice car you know", he said turning a corner sharply, but safely.

"Thank you."

"No problem. It really is!"

Rachel smiled proudly and snuggled down in her big red coat.

They were nearing the hospital and it was a good job too, as they had nearly run out of fuel.

"We are here now", whispered Dick gently running his hand down her arm.

"Oh, good!"

The pair exited the car and ran up the steps.

They were met by a reception desk with big lights shining down onto it.

"Oh great", muttered Dick to Rachel out the corner of his mouth.

She inwardly grinned realising what he was referring to and proceeded to walk to the desk, still snuggling into her coat for comfort.

Dick followed with his arm securely round Rachel's shoulders and an irritable frown across his face wondering if all hospital receptionists were the same.

"Hello", said Rach, "We are here to see Penelope Pitstop."

The receptionist, who had a big red name tag on which said 'Clara', looked up at them.

"Penelope Pitstop you say? Isn't she a contestant in the Wacky Races? Wait a minute! Your Dick aren't you!"

Dick cringed and looked at the ceiling. He hated being recognised, as it always led to some stupid comments about his traps and why he always lost.

The receptionist smiled and leafed through the admission slips.

"Sorry, she isn't listed, try in the A&E department."

The pair sighed and walked off towards the A&E department.

"Do you think shes going to be ok", whimpered Rachel as they walked through the A&E connecting corridor.

Dick didn't know what to say, because he really didn't know if she was going to be ok. He was no doctor.

"I'm sure she will be", he said moving closer, grabbing her hand and kissing her on the top of her head.

"I hope so", smiled Rachel, enjoying the feeling of her hand in his.

Wakling hand in hand, they stepped into A&E.

The End

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