Race Number 2Mature

Chapter 4

Race Number 2.

The crowed cheered as the Racers approached their cars that had been taken into the pit-lane for some pre-race checks.

They waved at the crowd as they received whistles, hoots, cheers and the odd shriek from fan-girls/boys.

Dick approached his car glumly with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

Rachel was in the process of opening her car door when she looked up and noticed him.

He looked so depressed, almost on the verge of tears.

Booting a small rock, he sighed, leaned on the top of the Mean Machine and hid his head in his folded arms.

Rachel didn't know what was wrong with him and she felt really guilty.

He looked very pitiful.

His head lifted up a little and he peered out above his arms.

Noticing her looking at him, he blinked.

His heart leapt a foot and his stomach started to ache with sadness.

He stood up properly and clambered into his car.

Suddenly, one of his windscreen wipers fell off and rolled across the front of the car.

Sighing, he got back out and tried to fix it back on.

Rachel saw him and watched his every move.

She was very concerned.

He was perfectly fine the night before.

The other racers taxied out to the starting grid.

Dick, after fixing his wiper with the aid of some gum and a piece of wire, clambered back into his car.

Adjusting his hat, he turned the ignition key.

"Whirr whirr whirr… ROAR… Put put… WHEEZE! Klunk.."

"DRAT!", shouted Dastardly flailing his arms in frustration.

He hammered on the steering wheel a few times and then collapsed forwards hiding his head in his arms once again.

Rachel stared at him and was shocked as he pulled his head back revealing a red tear-stricken face.

She gasped and put her hands to her mouth.

Dick tried the ignition again.

It worked.

He slowly eased off the brakes as tears rolled down his cheeks and fell onto his lap.

Rachel watched as he pulled away towards the starting grid.

Following suit, she tried to think why he was so depressed, but she couldn't think of anything.

They both stopped at the grid and waited for the word 'go'.

Dick was busy mournfully looking at the horizon.

It was made up of a dusty road below a cloudy grey sky, with hints of pink and orange where the sun was shining through the clouds.

He didn't notice that he was parked right beside the Red Max, who was actually talking to Rachel, who was parked next to him, until he turned his head to the left.

The Red Max stopped talking to Rachel because it was almost time to race.

Dick seethed inside.

His face started to burn and his stomach began to churn with hatred.

He suddenly had a plan and he ceased his frowning and growling and grinned in a sinister way as he eyed the horizon with a new sense of perspective.


The racers zoomed off.

The start of a brand new day with a brand new race had just begun.

In first were Luke and Blubber Bear, followed by Peter Perfect and the Anthill Mob.

Penelope Pitstop had just overtaken Rachel and had 4th position.

Behind them, Julie and Ryan were having a job to overtake Rufus Ruffcut, who was busy picking his teeth with a twig, as he had forgotten to brush them in all the flustering and panicking that morning.

All the way back nearly in last place was Dick, who was going at a depressingly slow speed.

Even the commentator noticed and commented on how gloomy he looked.

Suddenly, Dick's eyes flared as the Red Max overtook him.

He put on a burst of speed and followed his course.

The Red Max overtook all the racers at the back, approached Julie and Ryan (Who were STILL stuck behind Rufus), overtook them and then held his speed as he got to Rachel's car.

Max waved as he held the Crimson Haybaler steady next to Rachel, who waved back and smiled.

"Doing ok?", called Max shouting as loud as he could over the din of the Engines and the wind that was rushing in the opposite direction ferociously.

"Yeah", nodded Rachel, "You?"

The Red Max nodded and blushed.

Swerving out of the way of a passing racoon, he tried to get her attention again.

"What are you doing tonight?", he called.

But she couldn't hear him over the din of the engine.

"What?", she replied.


Rachel shook her head to let him know that she couldn't hear a word he was saying and put on a burst of speed.

Dick, however, could hear them both, as the wind was blowing his direction and the sound was travelling with it.

He roared and blasted towards Max.

Max noticed him approaching and sped off, trying to lose him.

He overtook Penelope and the Anthill Mob, only to find Rachel had taken 3rd place.

Dick followed Max and ended up in 5th.

Rachel started to overtake Peter and waved as she went by.

Peter grinned as Max and Dick zoomed past, following Rachel.

Luke and Blubber Bear were still in first and had built up a tremendous lead.

They were 20.34 seconds ahead of Peter.

Luke turned to Blubber.

"I think we're gonna win fer sure this time."

Blubber chewed on his claws and, being the pessimistic creature that he was, moaned nervously.

Luke leaned back and relaxed.

"I do think this is the easiest race so far. Yup, nuthin' to it!"

Back in 8th place, Rufus had finished picking his teeth and had started to steadily creep up to Penelope, who was busy applying her lipstick again.

Ryan and Julie were still stuck behind him and were getting quite frustrated.

Ryan shouted to Rufus to move to the right so they could pass.

Rufus turned his head, raised his eyebrows in puzzlement and blinked.

He didn't budge.

Julie and Ryan fumed.

They both raced either side of Rufus, driving on the roadside to get past him since he wouldn't budge.

Overtaking, Ryan shouted 'ASS!', but quiet enough for Rufus not to hear.

Julie laughed at the expression on Ryan's face (A grim and totally irritated one) and drove on, passing Penny.

Prof. Pat Pending started to gain on Rufus.

He overtook and also passed Ryan.

Ryan frowned.

"I STILL SAY THAT 12 GAUGE SHAMPOO IS A GOOD IDEA!", he called to Pat Pending.

Pat turned his head and raised his eyebrows, which made his forehead wrinkle up even more than it already was.

"Sorry sonny, but it's a silly Idea in my opinion", he said closing his eyes as he spoke, in that irritating way.

"IT ELIMINATES DANDRUFF!", shouted Ryan over the din.

"I expect it eliminates your entire head too", exclaimed Pat.

"Oh… well… 'CREEEAK' to you then", shouted Ryan sarcastically creaking at Patrick.

Ryan slouched down into his seat in a huff and carried on in silence and with a huge frown on his face.

Pat overtook Penny, then Julie (After giving her the once over. Much to her DELIGHT! XD) and got to the Anthill Mob.

Clyde called out to him as he passed.

"HEY! PROFESSOR! Gonna endorse that 12 gauge shampoo? As me n the boys were wondering if we could get our hands on some too."

Prof. Pat Pending looked up at the sky and sighed.

"Will people just shut up about that silly invention already?"

"Gee!", exclaimed Ringa-Ding, "He sure is wired, eh boss?"

Clyde nodded and raised an eyebrow at the, unusually, smouldering Professor.

Luke and Blubber were still in the lead, but Rachel and Max were fast approaching.

Suddenly, it started to rain heavily.

It was the kind of rain that could drown you in 3 seconds if you weren't careful.

The roads got soaked giving everything a shiny, but miserable feel.

The sky was a very bright grey colour and it illuminated everything in a gloomy kind of way.

Penelope, who had dropped back into 8th, frowned as her hair drooped over her eyes.

"Oh dear me", she exclaimed, "Now I have to re-apply my make up!"

Luke blinked as Rachel approached on the left hand side.

"Sweet potatoes of Jersey! Where did you come from?"

Rachel smirked and took 1st place, as it were.

Dick, however, wasn't in 4th place as people would expect…

No, he was way out in front setting up a trap.

"Gyahahahaaa!", he laughed spitefully, "If I eliminate Max, he won't be able to butt his way into the picture! He's such an idiot… I hate him… OH I HATE HIM SO MUCH!"

He stomped on the floor in frustration.

The trap was another mantrap style mechanism.

When the Red Max (Who he hoped would have taken first place by the time the racers got there) approached, the trap would close, splitting the Crimson Haybaler in two and trapping the Red Max in between the metal jaws in the process.

It was a truly evil plot, but Dick didn't care if he killed Max at all.

That would be fine with him.

Dick had set the trap, which had specially sharpened teeth and a message painted on it in big red letters.

The message read: 'See you in HELL, RED MAX!'

Dastardly smirked viciously and peered at the horizon.

The Racers were on their way.

He hoped that Max was in first place and that his plan wouldn't backfire, catching him instead, as it would probably kill him.

Dick was in luck.

Max had taken 1st place and was ahead of the other racers, meaning, when he got caught, it wouldn't harm Rachel. (Who was behind him in 2nd.)

Also, another plus was that Max was going so fast that he wouldn't notice the trap until it was too late.

Dick rubbed his hands together and walked behind the tree that was on the left of the road, awaiting the horrific outcome of his Mantrap.

The Red Max got closer, but to Dick's horror, Prof. Pat Pending had overtaken Rachel and zoomed straight past Max, taking 1st place.

"I hope he doesn't notice the trap", thought Dick tugging on the front of his hat, "Even if Max doesn't die, Pat, hopefully, will instead!"

But Pat noticed the trap and managed to stop before he got to it, blocking the race path, which in turn, stopped all the other racers so that he could dispose of it.

"Oh my!", exclaimed Pat, "This is very dangerous!"

He leaned forwards and prodded one of the specially sharpened teeth.

It pierced his glove and cut his finger making it bleed.

He took out a little gadget in the shape of a pen and blasted his finger with this strange orange beam of light.

His wound sealed up and he wiped the blood from around his, now sealed, cut.

"That was very, very sharp", he exclaimed.

The racers were beginning to stop behind and get out to see what the delay was.

The Red Max got out of his car, as did Rachel and approached the Professor, who had also got out his car to investigate more.

Max put his arm around Rachel and viewed the vicious looking Mantrap before them.

"Do you think this is Dick Dastardly's work", asked Max.

Rachel frowned and jabbed Max in the ribs.

The Professor, who was eyeing the trap from top to bottom, rubbed his chin and scratched his head.

"I don't know", he exclaimed, "It doesn't seem to be his doing, as his traps are never this vicious!"

Max raised his eyebrows.

"Well, if it's not him, then who is it?"

Pat stood back and put his hands on his hips.

"I don't know…", he said kneeling down to get a better look, "But, whoever it is… They were aiming for you, Max!"

The Red Max gasped as Pat pointed out the message that Dick had spray painted on the sides of the trap.

Rachel covered her mouth in shock.

"Who would do such a thing?"

Max shook his head.

"I don't know…"

Pat stood back up and got into his car again.

"I'm going to remove this death-dealing device now… Stand back!"

Everyone got back into their cars and watched as the Professor activated his grabbing claw.

He took a rock and activated the device so that he could remove it from the road.

It made a vicious 'SHHNAP' noise, which made everyone jump.

He then grabbed it with the claw and tossed it from off the road.

Rachel was staring at Max.

He had been shaken badly by the experience.

Now she had 2 people to feel sorry for.

Pat made some final checks to make sure everything was safe before signalling for the race to continue.

Peter Perfect hollered from near the back of the queue of traffic.


The race resumed and everyone zoomed off, leaving a big trail of dust behind them as they went.

Dick emerged from behind the tree fuming and leaping up and down, flailing his arms wildly.

"DAMN PROFESSOR! I HATE HIM", he yelled as his face turned red.

He stopped flailing wildly and sighed.

Walking back to his car, he thought about Muttley.

He really wished that he were there with him.

He missed him so much.

Plus, he could blame him for it going wrong.

Now in last place, he started the engine and roared off to catch up with the rest of the racers.

In so called 'last place' were Sarge and Meekly.

Sarge was talking to Meekly about 'the old days', when he used to be a young soldier in the war.

Meekly found it all very boring, but listened out of respect.

He inwardly praised Dick for zooming past and distracting Sarge from his speech.

The Gruesome Twosome were quite irritated though, when Dastardly came zooming past and made their lunch blow out their hands.

The Anthill Mob were having a few engine problems when Dick had caught up with them.

They shouted to him for a hand, but Dick just cursed and shook his fist violently and called their car, The Bullet-proof Bomb, a shed on wheels.

"Boy, what I wouldn't do for some 12 Gauge shampoo right now", muttered Clyde as dust from Dick's car blew up in his face and eyes.

Ryan was busy talking to Peter Perfect.

He was explaining about how much he hated his old work place.

"Yeah… My boss was this total bitch..."

Peter raised an eyebrow in shock.

He just wasn't used to hearing such language.

"A… B-b-bitch? Like… a dog sort of bitch?"

Ryan nodded.

"The term is used as an insult. Like calling someone a dog."

"OH!", shouted Peter in alarm, "I see…!"

Ryan smirked to himself as he watched Peter mull it over in his mind and mouth it a few times to try and get used to it.

"Bitch, eh?"

Ryan grinned widely.

"It's mainly used for women", he explained.

"Well, of course", said Peter, "A bitch is a female Canine!"

"But", said Ryan, "It can also be used against men too… They take it personally."

Peter nodded his head.


Dick zoomed by at an alarming rate.

"MY GOSH! Er, I mean…. B-BITCH!", hollered Peter.

Ryan nearly keeled over with laughter.

Nearly ploughing into a tree, Ryan regained his composure and overtook Peter, grinning as he went.

Penelope was in first place.

Since the rain had stopped a while ago, She was busy brushing her hair and was re-applying her make up.

"Oh dear me… I look a sight…", she complained.

Behind her were Max and Rachel, who were followed by Julie, the Professor and Rufus.

Pat Pending was busy having a conversation with Julie.

She was telling him some of her ideas for inventions.

He always liked to hear peoples ideas, but he found hers the most intriguing.

As she was talking, he slipped into a trance-like state and awoke to find himself drooling profusely.

Not out of boredom either…

Julie raised an eyebrow.

Pat apologised and tugged nervously on his collar.

Julie looked away with a worried look on her face and gulped.

Behind them, Rufus and Sawtooth were busy chuckling to themselves because of the Professor.

Ahead of Julie and Pat, Rachel and Max were talking about what everyone was going to be doing that night.

"Yeah, everyone's planned to go out to the local nightclub/bar tonight", explained Max.

"Really", asked Rachel, "I didn't know about that. I would have thought that they would have waited, since we have one of the longest races tomorrow."

Max shrugged and smiled.

"You going", asked Rachel.

"Yes. If you are", he replied adjusting his goggles that were on his head.

Rachel nodded.

"I might… It depends on how I'm feeling."

"I think the only people who don't know yet, are Luke and Blubber Bear, I doubt if they'd come anyway, and Dick Dastardly", explained Max.

"OH!", exclaimed Rachel, "I gotta tell Dick! It might cheer him up. Plus I want to see him shake his groove thang!"

She winked and grinned.

Max raised an eyebrow and tilted his head.

"You know what", said Max, "We ought to use this opportunity to get to know each other a bit better!"

"What, you mean the outing to the nightclub thing", asked Rachel quite puzzled.

Max nodded his head and smiled.

Rachel agreed, and then overtook.

Dick had just got to Rufus and could see Max ahead.

He had to plan everything out carefully.

The last thing he wanted was to end up hurting himself and/or Rachel in the process of being sadistic.

He roared past Max and got to the Harlequin Star.

Max frowned at Dick inwardly.

He didn't know what he was up to, but he didn't like it.

He didn't want Dirty Dick Dastardly to hurt 'HIS' Rachel whatsoever.

Rachel turned her head to see Dick at the side of her car, peering into her window.

He had a frown across his face.

She shivered violently, as his face looked terrifying.

Waving with her little finger, she tried to smile.

Dastardly blinked in recognition and overtook.

Approaching Penny, he hovered steadily at the side of her car.

Penny gasped in shock, as she thought he was going to do something nasty.

But he didn't.

Instead, he called over to her and asked her a question that no one expected him to ask.

"Can I have a word with you in private after the race is over?"

She blinked in silence at his unusual and startling request.

She agreed and wafted air using her hand, as she was getting quite flustered.

Dick broke a faint smile on his grim, depressed looking face.

Dick drove on towards the finish line, leaving the other racers behind.

He had decided to wait for the next race to eliminate Max, as it would be highly suspicious of him to roar out in front and there be yet another trap waiting for Max.

Peter had roared into 3rd place and was talking to penny.

His car was such a beast.

It's engine sounded like it was about to shoot out and eat your face.

They had to yell over the din, unlike other racers who didn't seem to have a problem with speech unless there was a harsh wind blowing the opposite way.

"Hello my darling Penelope", he yelled cupping his hand round his mouth.

Penny turned her head to face Peter.

"My gosh Penny, your not your usual bright self. It wasn't a beaming smile that greeted me, it was a worried frown", he exclaimed drawing back in shock, "Do tell me what is troubling you!"

"Oh", said Penny putting a finger to her chin in puzzlement and worry, "I do believe I'm getting worried about lil' old Dick Dastardly, Peter!"

Peter raised his eyebrows in shock.

"Why is that my dear?"

"He's just not… himself… lately", explained Penny averting her eyes back to the road ahead.

"Not a cheater, scumbag Bitch, you mean", sniggered Peter toying with the new expression he had learnt.

Penny gasped.

"OH MY! PETER! If you were over here I'd slap you upside you big ol' head!"

Peter hung his head in shame.

"So sorry dearest."

Penny had a deep frown on her face.

"Please go on Penny", called Peter trying to be as apologetic as he could.

"Only if you take me seriously", replied Penny sticking her nose in the air.

Peter agreed and urged her to resume her explanation.

"He seems so depressed… And, he just drove up to me, stared ever so mournfully at me and asked me a frightfully surprising and unusual question!"

"If he offended you, I'll break him like a twig!", shouted Peter frowning.

"OH No, no… I guess I shouldn't have said frightfully", explained Penny trying to take back what she had said, "What I meant was… umm… 'Incredible'? 'Incredibly strange'?"

Peter blinked.

"It was so out of character, I'm so worried about him", she said fluffing her hair up.

There was a pause, in which they had to turn a lot of corners.

Arriving back onto a nice straight bit of road again, they resumed their conversation.

Peter was grinning.

Penny looked round, looked back at the road, realised he was grinning like the Cheshire cat, turned back round with a puzzled frown on her face and tilted her head.

"What is so funny?"

Peter raised his eyebrows and kept quiet.

"Whaaat, what, what, whaaat?"

Penny was virtually leaping out the car with curiosity.

"Well, from what I can gather… He's having girl problems", explained Peter out the corner of his mouth.

"What? You mean… You mean, her?", asked Penelope under her breath so no cars behind heard what they were saying.

Peter nodded.

He really though Dick was in love.

Penny grinned a satisfied grin.

She really hoped that it was true and that it wasn't all a misunderstanding.

Peter overtook, laughing at Penny's silent mirth.

Behind, Max and Rachel were gaining fast.

Behind them, Professor Pat Pending was talking to Julie again.

Ryan had managed to catch up and was following closely. (And eavesdropping.)

"So, Julie", said the Professor restraining himself from vaulting over into her car and whisking her away, "Any more invention ideas?"

Julie sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

"I only told you some, like, 50 minutes ago!"

Pat grinned nervously.

"Well, I also like the sound of this '12 Gauge Shampoo', sounds very useful to me", she said adjusting her rear view mirror.

"OH YES", exclaimed Pat with unimaginable enthusiasm, "THAT excellent invention idea, yes! I like it too! I'll have to endorse it!"

"HOI! THOUGHT YOU HATED THAT IDEA, YOU BIRK!", shouted Ryan, shaking his fist violently, from behind.

Pat gulped, blushed, gulped again, tugged on his collar nervously and resumed racing.

The Anthill mob were very close to Rufus Ruffcut, who was behind Ryan.

They hollered to him to move so they wouldn't crash into him, as they were heading for him at an alarming rate.

Rufus, being the kind of guy he was, either didn't hear or ignored them.

The Anthill mob ploughed right into the back of Rufus, demolishing his car and severely damaging the Bullet-proof Bomb.

Sawtooth hopped out from the wreckage and tried his hardest to sit Rufus up.

Rufus, eventually, came to and sat up, allowing poor Sawtooth rest his aching back.

The Anthill mob crowded round the two wrecked cars and proceeded to clear up and fix their car.

Clyde was busy surveying the Buzzwagon.

"Gee, er, like sorry, but you didn't budge when we asked you to!"

Rufus frowned.

"Shouldn't have been going so fast then should you?"

"This is a race dumb-dumb, you're supposed to go fast", exclaimed Clyde stuffing his hands into his pockets and glaring at Rufus and Sawtooth.

Clyde sighed.

"Never mind all that now, how's the car fella's?"

He turned round and walked off just as Rufus was about to grab hold of him and spifflicate him.

"Looks like she's ok, boss", said Ring-a-Ding, "She can run, but try not to push her too hard!"

"I'll push her how ever hard I think she CAN go", said Clyde pushing the boys aside and climbing into the Bullet-Proof Bomb, "I've been driving this car longer than you have had no brains… Which is forever!"

"Uhh, yes Boss!", they all called hopping into the car.

They drove off, leaving poor Rufus with his pile of wood and metal that used to be his car.

"We didn't need help from that bunch of goons anyway", he frowned helping Sawtooth to his feet, "We can re-build this no problem."

Sawtooth, who's back was still aching from trying to sit Rufus up, sighed and started to help him re-assemble the junked car.

Most of the racers had passed them by the time they had finished and so they ended up in 12th position.

The sky had cleared, revealing a strange blue, glowing, cloudless space.

The race took them past a big forest, with trees as green as on postcards.

The road was still slightly wet from the sudden downpour, but it was drying out slowly but surely.

At one point, the race actually passed through the forest.

The road curved through gorgeous trees that leaned over the road, in perfect natural arches.

The sun started to shine through the trees and the wind blew very gently, causing the rainwater that had collected on the leaves and branches, to fall and lightly spatter on the windscreens and/or faces of the racers as they went.

It was terribly peaceful.

The kind of place you would want to stay for the rest of your life.

Up ahead, along the way, were small natural springs that trickled down moss-covered rocks and rested in pools by the roadside.

It was a truly awe-inspiring place.

Penelope was driving through the trees and was smiling to herself.

She was busy trying to imagine what would happen that night if Peter was right about Dick.

Images of Dick confessing there and then, in a rather red-faced manner

Not only that, but images of the pair kissing, cuddling and being all lovey-dovey.

Out in front, Dick was casually driving.

He had a huge lead and was able to take it steadily.

He was thinking about Muttley.

Muttley was going to be driven to the next hotel that they were going to be staying the night at.

After that night, Muttley would be able to be a spectator of the races.

It would be way to risky for him to actually join them.

Dick was looking forward to seeing his old pal again.

A smile crossed Dastardly's face as he sailed past the wonderful scenery.

The Red Max, who was in front of Rachel, had images of Rachel and him floating around in his brain.

He sighed a besotted sigh as he blushed.

Rachel was the opposite.

She was looking mournfully at the road ahead with a grim and worried look on her face.

Rufus had caught up with Ryan, who was sat at the wheel with rigid shoulders and a miffed expression on his mush.

"Hey Ryan", called Rufus raucously, "what's the matter?"

Ryan turned his head slowly in an almost creepy, psychotic kind of way.

"Professor Pat Pending is getting on my nerves", he exclaimed, "THAT is what is the matter!"

Rufus blinked and an eerie silence followed.

Then, Ryan spoke again.

"He needs eliminating!"

Julie was busy trying to give the 'Aforementioned Professor' the slip.

He was continually going close and talking about nothing.

It was doing her head in.

If he carried on, he would talk her to death.

Eventually, she managed to overtake most of the racers that were ahead and caught up with Rachel.

She waved, followed by a tired sigh and Rachel waved back.

"'Sup, Ma?"

"Oh just that stupid Professor going on about nothing in particular… you?"

Rachel grinned.

"Want me to assassinate him? He he!"

"Please do", replied Julie shaking her head with a sarcastic smirk.

The race turned a corner and was heading straight into the oncoming wind so all talking had ceased.

The finish line was not far away and all the racers had put on a burst of speed.

Dick was still in first, closely followed by Rachel and Penelope, who were gaining fast.

He sighed as his car edged ever closer to the finish line.

The wind gusting in the opposite direction, making a howling sound was harsh and cold.

All the spectators were huddled in the stands wearing scarves and hats.

It was a very cold day.

Muttley was also watching and was staring in shock as he saw Dick's car approaching.

Dastardly peered up into the stands and stared in shock as he saw Muttley watching.

He raced past the finish line in a blur of purple.

The crowd cheered in a very stuffed up and sniffly kind of way.

Dick exited the car and looked upwards to the stands.

Muttley had fainted in shock and was being hastily resuscitated by the people around him.

Rachel crossed the line a few minutes afterwards, Penny following close behind.

Dick walked up the stairs at the side of the stands and walked over to the now resuscitated Muttley.

Dick peered down at him with a happy and tearful smirk on his face.

Grinning, the pair hugged each other.

Rachel looked up after getting out her car and saw the two buddies reunited once again.

She was so happy to see them both together and happy.

Penelope was leaning against her car and watching Rachel's face the whole time.

She was smiling to herself inwardly as Peter, got out his car and approached her and tapped her on her shoulders.

"Hey there pretty Penny", he smirked, "What's cookin'?"

Penny smiled at him and pointed to Rachel, who was smiling herself.

Peter raised his eyebrows and blinked.


The End

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