Get on the starting grid with all of your favourite racers (And some new faces) for an all new season of the Wacky Races!


I first started writing this fanfic around 2003 and I am a little ashamed to admit that it is still in progress. I do intend to finish it at some point and I will do little bits and pieces as often as I can. (Work and such sure gets in the way!)

The story was originally intended to be like a new TV series for the show. I wanted to keep the old characters for nostalgia, as well as including a set of 3 new characters for a little freshness and character development.

It's actually a common thing for me to have OCs in each fandom I create that have a similar appearance and the exact same name of Rachel Prince who has a mother called Julie and a brother called Ryan. However, they (The Rachels) each have a unique character flaw. This incarnation is too clingy and nervous.

As for plot, it was always supposed to feel like watching an episode, only without the harsh voiced announcer and a lot more detail. It was also to follow a small love-triangle plot between Rachel, Max and Dick. This was intended to be only a small fraction of the plot, but it proved popular and became larger than intended.

I steered clear of making it a crossover, as I felt that it would take the focus away from the nostalgia of the old characters. And people would have to be familiar with every show added to appreciate it. So, the characters included are pretty simple in nature, each having a different mix of personality traits and flaws to enhance the existing canon characters.

With this said, I will now add a warning. The first batch of chapters were written back when my writing skills were not exactly tip-top, so please don't leave crit on it. It'd be a waste of your time. If I add new chapters, however, feel free!

Cartoon: Wacky Races

Genre(s): Action/Romance/General/Drama

Age Rating: M (For swearing and possible future... You know. AHEM!)

Love Interests: Triangle - Red Max, Rachel Prince and Dick Dastardly. Penelope Pitstop and Peter Perfect. (Possible inclusion of a surprise romantic interest as a shock ending option.) Onesided Pat Pending and Julie Prince.

Gore: Mild

Sex: Possible in future chapters

Violence: Mild to moderate (May change in later chapters)

Drug Use: None

Canon Characters: Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Peter Perfect, Penelope Pitstop, Pat Pending, Rufus Ruffcut, Sawtooth, The Gruesome Twosome & 'pets, The Anthill Mob, The Slag bothers, The Red Max, Sarge, Meekly, Luke and Blubber bear.

New Characters: Rachel Prince, Julie Prince, Ryan Francis Prince.


The End

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