A mysteryMature

     "Mad. Maybe it is. Maybe I am." Jorgir Bantith mumbled to himself. He looked around, seeing nothing bud blindingly white snow and a crumbling statue, of the god Felgrand it seemed. Maybe that should be taken as a sign. The God of Victorious Light was in ruins before him. Nature's work, surely. But it was ominous, to be sure.

     Jorgir realized that he had come to a halt, and that a female clothed in animal furs had come out from behind the statue, her arms held wide signalling peace with no weapons in hand. Before Jorgir could call to the woman and inquire about her presence, a dull green light enveloped her and a blue light glowed brightly beneath her feet, then the beneath her erupted and sent her flying ten feet into the air before she hit the ground hard on her back.

     Jorgir looked to his brother and back to the woman. They both carefully made their way to her and knelt on either side of her. She as breathing, but she was unconscious. Upon further inspection, he noticed that she had landed on her leg poorly and broken it and a sword she had strapped to her back was cutting into it.

     "Let me seal the wound. You make a litter from branches off of that tree. We will have to use a couple of her furs as well."

     When her leg was healed up, Jorgir and his brother gently positioned her on the litter, Jorgir slung the sword over his shoulder, and they drug her along for a ways until they came across a cave. The cave looked like it was inhabited. Closing his eyes, Jorgir cast out with his mind but felt no presence within so they proceeded into the cave.  

     It was inhabited.. was. The inhabitants were dead, though. Recently slain. Jorgir looked at the woman they had helped and held out the sword she had been carrying. It was much too large for someone her size to be using it as their weapon of choice. It was fine too, definitely not a normal sword. He looked around the cave and tried imagine this girl dispatching a cave full of bandits. Chuckled to himself slightly, he set the sword on a nearby table and helped place the woman on one of the beds that they found further in the cave.

     "Sir, who, or what, do you think killed all of these bandits?" Jorgir's brother asked.

     "I don't know, Sorrick. But maybe she does."

The End

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