What to doMature

     Not wanting to take any chances, she hurried to take cover at the foot of the statue, nestled in some of the rubble. She quickly scanned her surrounding and closed her eyes, lifting her arms straight forward, open palms. She pictured a space along the path in her mind's eye and began to trace an iridescent blue rune. Her hands began to glow with gathered energy and when she had gathered all of the energy required, she drew her arms back and thrust them forward again. A blue rune appeared where she had been focusing her thoughts. It would be invisible to all but her. Her casting was silent, as she had trained vigorously in certain areas of spellcasting and had honed her skills so that there weren't any of the normally intrinsic sounds associated with a spell such as this.


     "Jorgir, er... my King, this is mad!" One of the voices complained.

     Jorgir? Kisa thought. THE Jorgir? THE KING Jorgir?! 

     The crunching of their boots in the snow was steadily getting closer, their voices more audible. Kisa was wracking her brain, trying to figure out what to do. Did she want a king's blood on her hands? Maybe this was an opportunity for her to gain prestige. What was the king doing out here anyway? Steeling herself, she extracted herself from the rubble and stepped out to confront the travellers.

The End

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