Chapter two

I awake with a start, sensing the voice enveloping my body, my brain and my soul. Good morning Anne, the voice hisses, are you ready for some fun?

I shudder as I feel the coldness of the voice spreading through me. "What do you want me to do?" I ask, like a solemn, obedient slave.

The voice laughs triumphantly and, not for the first time, I wish it to be gone. Oh Annie, you aren't wishing for me to leave again, are you? You know just how much that hurts. The voice emphasises the word hurts and as it does so sends a writhing pain through my body, bringing me to my knees, and making me scream. As the pain leaves my body I collapse to the ground, shaking on the floor, while the voice cackles loudly in my head. Get up, Annie, commands the voice and I force myself onto my feet, thinking only of my children. Do you miss them, Annie? Do you want them back, Annie? I curtly nod my head, blocking all thoughts from entering my brain, concentrating only on the demanding voice. Does it hurt to be alone, Annie? I feel my heart sink, but my brain tells me to block it out. Does it hurt, Annie?

"Yes!" I scream out, the pain in my heart being to unbearable to ignore. I tense my muscles, waiting for the pain to rip through me once again.

Good, says the voice. And with that, I feel alone again, the coldness slips out of my body and drags away. I choke on the tears that had been rising, before collapsing into a heap on the floor, crying my heart out to anyone that would hear, knowing that that was no one.

The End

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