Vox Nihili

A virus spreads through the human population, infecting a select few. But this is more than a virus, something or someone started this virus, and it's taken the things the affected most care for.

I don’t know when I met the voice. I don’t remember all that well. I guess maybe just one day I woke up and it was there. It was there. The voice doesn’t have a name. I guess it doesn’t have a voice either. It just has a mind of its own, coming and going as it pleases. I’m not even sure that the voice is there sometimes, on those days when I wake up and remember the evil things it makes me do. Maybe, I think, maybe it was all a dream. But it’s never a dream. It’s a nightmare. A nightmare that I’m being forced to live in. If you can call this living, that is. I prefer to say I’m surviving - just. But for now it looks like I have to survive. The voice has my children. The voice has my children and the only way to save them is for me to survive. I will survive for them.
The End

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