Ellonara Belladonna

Ellonara Belladonna:

I creep like a robber, I creep like cat woman! I slid through the window. Into the spooky house. I opened my mouth to let out a quiet crazy giggle. But a muffled niose came out instead. I put my hand to my mouth....IT HAD GONE!

Making frantic nioses I gave up. Who cares if my mouth was gone? I would not be able to drink her book. I'd just smear it on my face instead.!!!

OUCH! I tripped as a sharp pain  shot through my right leg. OUCH! A sharp pain in the left. I carried on walking ignoring the horrible spiking pains that shot through my legs.

SNAP! My finger bonde had been snaped in two!!!! Now I was scared. But I carried on! Because I'm brave! I stalked up to ber bedroom door. And ran in. no one home!

I heared voices from upstairs. I followed the sounds. Found a door. There is stairs behind the door. I walk up the stairs counting as I go 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30. I follow. I find!

I see her! She's with her death-buddies.

"Hello Lilith!" I say in a voice as sweet as honey, although it was muffled through my no-lips mouth, so it really came out:"Ello Milif!" She was holding a doll. A doll. A doll. A doll. A doll. A stupid little doll!

"Hello, Ellonara! Nice to see you!" She smiled. No that was WRONG! She shouldn't be smiling, she should be crying, begging me not to kill her!

She was still smailing when I charged at her. But I couln't some force held me back! What the hell? She cluched at the doll, and I realised what it was; a Voo-Doo doll. Great! Marvolous! Now I wasn't going to get a swipe at her OR her friends!

"Mff Muh!!"I shrieked in frustration. She laughed quietly.

"I told you to come kill me. So why can't you? You can't because I have compleat control over you body. I own your body. But your mind? Well I don't think any one would want to go in there. But I did. Why is it you want to kill me so bad? What have I done to you that would want to make you seek revenge so bed?" She said softly, cooing maybe.

"'Ecause 'ou 'uined 'iy 'ife! 'ou 'ut E in a 'ental o-it-tal!" I shouted through the skin at her. Translation: "Because you ruined my life! You put me in a mental hosmital!" But she still seemed to understand persectly fine.

"Yes, I did."She said, nodding, "but thats because you needed to go in there. You were mentally ill Ellonara!!"

I screamed quietly and raced towardes her, in hope of knocking the doll from the grasp. But she was quicker.

"Ah a-ahhh."She said shaking her head."Tut-tut! You should know bellet than to trick me! I will let you go ifyou leave. And if you ever try to kill me again. I will kill you before you can even think the words in you mind!" I stared at her. Shaking my head.

I lunged at her. I heared a snap. Someone grabbed the doll from her and snapped something important. Something I needed.... MY LEGS!!!

"IY EGS! IY EGS!!!"I shriek furiously as I tumbled to the ground.

"NO!DEAN STOP!"Lilith cried. But she was to late. 'Dean' was putting the dolls arms in the candle fame...

The pain was horrific. It was so intense I rolled about on the floor in agony.Lilith grabbed the doll from him and put me in a bowl of water.Or, rather, put the DOLL in a bowl of cool, soothing water, hang on! I coudn't breath! My lungs filled with water and I was stitting it out by the gallon! She took the doll out and I would instanly breath again.

"I'll give you one more chance before I kill you Ellonara, will you go home, forget about this and never bother me again? Or will you keep on trying to kill me? Because if you do I will kill you. But if you take the first option, I will not harm you anymore. And your inguries will be healed."

"'LEASE! 'ET E GO!" I pleaded. And suddenly my mouth was back and my legs were back on I could think clearly. I stared at her with big, wide eyes and ran out, ran out of the room, down the stars, not counting as I went, scrambled out of the window. Wnet home. Mum was still there, she was breathing, but she was just lying there, I grabbed a phone and called 911.

"Hello? Ambulance, police or fire bregade? which do you require?"

"AMBULANCE!" I yell.


"Hello, Bradford Hospital, how can I asist you?"

I gave her my address, post code and told her that my mother had been attacked with a stick, whilst I was upstairs.

Soon I could hear the sirens...And she was taken away.

The End

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