"I summon the pagan Gods......"

"She heard me!" I cried. Grinning."But there one little catch. She's coming over to kill me." Eveyone stared at me, gaping like fishes.

"Theres only one thing left to do. Your going to have to call upon the Voo-Doo Goddess!"Starr said seriously. "The spell will be in the Voo-Doo book." She indicated to the book.

"I know, I've read it. But. It says you need charms. And we don't have any."I pointed out.

"I know, but there will be some in the room." She could barely contain her excitement, because she knew she'd have to go in there with me to find some Voo-Doo charms.

"Fine, you can all come help look for them. The should look like this."I said, pointing to the picture on the front of the book, it was a drawing of a peice of string with some feathers and beeds on.

With a few mumbled 'Okays' we went into the Crafting Room and got to work looking.

"OH MY GOD!"Sammy squealed in fright. "Oh whoops,it's just Magick." He looked realived picking up the ball of sleeping back fur. "Pretty kitty." He cooed. Getting a few odd looks from people.

"Found them!" Marcie and Jayne declared at the same time. Then they both fell into a fit of gigggles.

"Shush you two!" Dean hissed.

"Tar." I murmered.

"I think we should grab a few ritual candles aswell."Luke said helpfully.

"Good idea!"Starr agreed. "Eddie. Grab the candles." Eddie rushed over to help.

We walked back to the room, out hands full.

"I don't want to hurt her too bad, so I'll just stick a few pins in her legs so she can't walk and maybe hold her back, if she gets to close."I mumbled.

"Yeah. We don't want to end up killing her do we now?" Eddie laughed. "Although, it would be a relief to us all!" I nodded in agreement.

We put the cloth with  a pentegram on the floor and put the ritual canles on each corner and lit them. I was sat in the middle of the cloth, my dress was poofing out around me  it was a cool effect , looking at the book reading the lines so I could remember them.

"It's time." Said Starr, shivering slightly. Jayne and Marcie were huddled together, all the boys looked away, as if they didn't want to look. In fact, the only person looking at me, was Starr, who looked like she was about to burst with excitement.

"eh hem! I ask the Voo-Doo priestess to hear me!" I said in a clear and suprisingly calm voice. "I summon you! I ask you to see the chosen one: Ellonara Belladonna! Ievoke thee! I summon thee!(I called sprinkling her hair onto the doll)I force thee! I EVOKE THEE TO SEE UPON THE CHOSEN ONE:ELLONARA BELLADONNA!" A cold wind made the candles flicker around me, and I knew it was time to start.....

The End

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