Ellonara Belladonna

Ellonara Belladonna:

Kill her.Kill her. Kill her. The only words racing through my mind.  This time she WILL die. I'm gonna creep into her house. Up to her room and stub her right in the heart!

"MWAHAHAHAAA!" I let out a crazy laugh. Because thats what I am. A PHSYCO!!!!HAHAHAAA!

"Ellonara! Are you okay?" Mother called.

"Yes mother!"I said sweetly.

You don't want to kill me Ellonara. Lilith's voice rang loud and clear through my mind!

"Get outta my head!" I screeched to thin air.

I can't do that! Not until you promise not to kill me.

"NO!" I snarled.

Come kill me then. She said flatly and her presance in my mind vanished. So, wonderful, I'm now bypolar to! OH DEEP JOY!

But not as much joy as her death will bring me. I'm going to get one of my dads knifes from his hunting collection and go to her house then come in through the little window thats really small, but I can fit through it. I ahve once before! Next I'll creep into her room, gagg her, cut out her heard and drink the blood from it and write a note in blood to her parents and then cut off her hand and put one on each of their heads!

"MWAHAHAAAA!"I screamed. I'm crazy. I know that. She thought she was doing the right thing. Telling my parent 'bout that. But she is wrong. I'm going to go to her house now and kill her!

"NOW!!!!"I shrieked.

"Honey? You ARE okay arent you??" Mothers scared voice came out shrill. She doesn't know what to do with me any more. Not scince Pops left us because he said he couln't deal with having a crazy kid!!!!Idiot! I'm the one who should be upset! I'm the crazy one!

"Now, paper, paper, paper." I muttered, I snached up a paper and a pen and scrawled down on it;

  1. Knock out Mother to escape.
  2. Get one of dads hunting knifes.
  3. Go to Liliths house.
  4. Sneak into Liliths house
  5. Go into her room.
  6. Gagg her.
  7. Cut off her hands.
  8. cut out her heart
  9. drink blood from heart.
  10. Put hands on parents heads
  11. Run away!

"heh heh heeeeee!"I squealed. I walked down the stairs counting as I went. Got an umerella..

"Mother....!"I yelled. She came in quickly.

"What--"She stopped and fell to the ground as the hard wooden handle of the unberella connected with her head. I smashed it againsted her forehead for good measure.

I sauntered downstairs into the cellar, and grabbed a machete and legged it up the stairs and out the door......

The End

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