My breath was ragged and I really didn't know how to react! No boy had EVER kissed me before!!! I pulled myself out of his arms. And moved to the side. Eddie looked at me curiously.

"Uh, I...Um."Was all I managed to croak out. I sighed and sat down on a chair. My heart has still racing.

"Sorry." He finally said after what seemed like an eternity!

"Uh, I think we should, um, forget about what just happened. I don't want to ruin our friend ship Eddie." I said carefully.

"'Kay." It was a little awrkward after that. And I was glad when Mum yelled.


"TELL HIM TO COME UP!!"I shouted. I heared footsteps on the stairs.

"Hi, guys!!" He said gleefully. The his jaw went slack as he saw our outfits, "ohmigod!!!Those outfits are awesome!!! You gotta let me have one!!"

"Sure. I fount this place today. Its got two wardrobes full of old gothic/victorian stuff in them! Including shoes!" I said, lifting up my skirt to show him my little red mary-janes.

"Cool!!!" He shrieked. And I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the room. Sammy wore a super-sweet little black and red bell-boys outfit! AWW!He looked so cute!!!!

"Awwww, Sammy, you look so cute!!" I giggled. He glared at me.

"FWI, gay-goths are NOT cute, we are as mournful and as spooky as the rest of you!"He said primly. Looking down at me from his nose. I burst out laughing, he did too, so I knew he was joking.

"Hey, Eddie! Look at Sammy!!!He looks adorable!"I called. Like eveything was normal between us. We strolled in. And Sammy pouted a bit(in a he-looks-so-hot-and-I-want-him-so-bad sorta pout!).

"Hey, Eddie, lovin' the look, you look so se--" I cute him off with a look. And he blushed. Soon Starr came, along with, Jayne and Dean, Luke and Marcie. Starr wore a dark brown silk dress, she looked like a proper pagan! Jayne wore a big black ballgown with a hoop and everything! Dean wore a neat black blouse and some brown trouses. Luke had gone for the whole 'I'm a vampire!' look, with a scarlet souit and a dark-dark green cloak(green because, I'd seen a black hooded cloak and snached it up just before he did!) and Marcie wore a pure white night gown...She look awesome! She looked like princess.

So there we were, sitting in the master bedroom, eating burgers and hotdogs. Dean and Jayne were lying on the bed, talking. Eddie was looking at me very intently the whole time, Sammy was giving me the evil eye. Starr was begging me to let her go in the witchcraft room. And Luke had just sneakily drank the rest of my sugary coffee!

"Guys! It's time to go to sleep!!!"Mum yelled.

"OKAY MUM!!!"I shouted, "yeah right." I added, which caused some giggles from Jayne, Marcie, Sammy and Starr.

"Right...One sec, I've gotta show you something. Starr, your gonna love this...Be right back!"I gushed, dashing out of the room, and went to get the Voo-Doo Doll and old books.

I ran back in and dropped them onto the foor.

"There!" I said beaming. Starr looked mesmorised.

"Wow! Lilith! This is a real old craft voo-doo doll!" She gasped.

"I know."I said, her hand reached out to pick it up,"don't!"

"Why not?" She said, reaching out to grab it. I grabbed her hand.

"I said, don't!" I snapped sharply. She looked hurt. "Sorry! It's just when I touch it it makes me feel all, like, powerful and passionate."I looked down, feeling the heat rush to my pallid cheeks.

"Ohmigod! Lilith! Hold it! Lemmi see!" She said urgently.

I plucked it up off the floor, I felt the smae odd flow of power and passion and well amazing-ness I had felt before. I held it tighter to my chest, without realising.

"Uh, Lilith. This is cool stuff! You are a witch!"She exclaimed gleefully. My jaw went slack and my mouth hung open. "Haha! I've never actually met a born witch before! Your a natural witch! This is amazing! You could do so much more than me, a mere pagan!"

"What? You mean, I can do magic. I mean, this is call fake1 They spelt magic wrong!" I cried.

She shook her head."No, they have spelt it right. The wicca way of spelling it is spelt with a 'K' on the end! It's all real Lil'! Your a real witch!" She smiled.

Oh myGod! I'm a witch! Hang on! If I'm a witch, I can stop Her Evilness!!!! I can live!!! IM A WITCH! AND IM HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!

The End

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