My Little Secret

"Lilith? What? Tell me had what hapened!"My Mum exclaimed, as I skiddied into the kitchen.

"Mum! I found some more rooms..."I said panting a little, "at the top of the house! Theres two bedrooms and a study and a bathroom and this really cool gothc room! I'll show you! Come quick!!!" I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her along.

"So what your telling me is that there are more rooms than the estate agent showed us?"She asked.

"Yeah! And they have all these vintage things in them! And I think there is clothes in the wardrobe too!...hurry!" I said breathlessly.

Once I'd managed to get her to the top of the staircase, she looked around. Blinking.

"Oh my God!"She said in a confused voice.

"Come-- look, theres loads of rooms!" I exclaimed. Opening the first  bedroom door,"some of this stuff must be worth a fortune! Look, look at the bed! And the old dresser! And(I opened the wardrobe which, like I'd predicted, as full of clothes)OHMIGOD!MUM!Look at all these old clothes! If we sold these to a museum, we'd be soooo ritch!!!" She just storta stood there blinking, looking dazed.


"Oh, yeah, honey! Do you know what you've found? Victorian treasures!This stuff is vintage! How could you possibly want to sell it???" She said, shocked.

"Um, Mum, never mind!Come look at the bathroom! It B-E-AUTIFUL! This stuff is GOLD!"

I ran in to the next room and she followed.  She gasped as she took in the wonders of the....bathroom. I grinned.

"Oh, Mu-uum! It gets better!"

We walked into the study. We fiddled with the type-writer and sat down on the big, old chairs.

Once we'd looked in every room at least 3 times, she'd only gone in the spooky room once though, cause it freaked her out. I asked, "Mum, I know your gonna say no, but I'll ask anyway! Um, seeing as I found this cool place. Can it be MY place?"

"Oh, honey! Of course! Besides, all it would do for Daddy and I would make us nervous about things crawling about in the old covers! Which I know I said were vintage, but no way am I letting you sleep in that dusty,must, moth-eaten heap of silk!" She said all in one breath.

"OH!thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!"I yelled, "I'm gonna call the gang NOW! And ask them if they can all come over for the night! if thats okay?"I added.

"Sure, Lil'."She sighed. "But don't go messing up the rooms."

"Okay!"I promised. As soon as she'd gone down stairs to tell Dad 'bout our epic discovery, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called them all at the same time, so we could all hear eachother.

"Hi everone!"I said.

"Hiya!"Said Marcie.

"Wazzup?"This was Lukes annoying way of answering the phone.

"Hey Y'all!"Exclaimed sammy, our cute little gay-goth, bless, he is sooo sweet!

"Hello."Murmered Dean.

"Bonjour, poeple!"Yelled Jayne.

"Merry meet, my friends." Said Starr, our TRUE pagan!

"Hello?"Said Eddie flatly.

"Um, hey guys, it's Lilith. I was seeing if any of you could come round tonight!I found five new rooms upstairs with old clothes and gothic stuff and big old beds. Come if you can. If you don't show up, I'll know your not coming!"I gushed.

"Luke and I were meeting up anyway. We'll come over your house after we've been to the movies."Said Jayne.

"Ok, so, uh, like I said come if you can, bye!!"I said quickly, cutting them all of after.

"Lilith!!"Mum shouted. "I have your clean bedding here!!!!"

"Coming!!!"I yelled back.

"Bring the old stuff down!"


I threw all of the gross old stuff down and dashed down the stairs to get the cleaan stuff.

Once I'de made the beds. Dad said he'd move all of my stuff into the room tomorrow afternoon.

I sauntered into the creepy room, and pulled down the old piece of black cloth. Blinded momentarily by the sun. I looked around, my eyes zoned in on a doll, but not just any doll, a Voo-Doo doll!

"Dude!!!"I breathed, "Cool!" I grabbed it. It felt so right to hold it. I set it down, scared by the sudden passion of holding a doll, stepping back, I almost tripped over a pile of books.

"'ello, 'ello, 'ello!" I said picking one up. The title read; Voo-Doo-- a simple guide. By Rosmary Zorinie.

"Creepy."I muttered. Putting it down. Then pickin up the next one, title: A starters guide to Magick, by Faith Moore.

Going through them all, they all had titles to do with which-craft:

  • Herbel Remidies, by Saffire Seeti
  • Spirtiual Animals, by Kat Moochie
  • The dream dictionary, by Pamala Bell

And many more creepy titles.

"LILITH! EDDIE IS HERE!!!!"Mum shrieked from the kitchen.

"TELL HIM TO COME UP!!!"I screamed back.

I heared footstepts on the stairs, I slammed the door shut.

"Lil'?"Eddie said. "Where are you?"

"Just gimmie a miniut!" I called. Stuffing the Voo-Doo doll and books into an empty chest.

I opened the the door, he narrowed his eyes at me, " what were you doing?" I felt my face heat up.

"Nothing!"I said to quickly.

"Are you sure you--"I cut him off.

"Hey, come look at all these old clothes!" Pulling him by the wrist.

We opened the wardrobe and searched for something cool and gothinc to put on, which wasn't hard as ALL of the stuff in the wardrobe is gothic; the deep purple dresses, corsets, black suits(for boys), long white night gowns, the lot!

In the end Eddie ended up wearing an old black suit, slightly frayed at the edges, and I wore a figure-hugging, dark purple dress with a black corset. 

When he emerged from the bathroom, I couldn't help but notice how good he looked in the suit, He looked taller than he usually does and I liked the way his emo-styled black hair made him look extra old-fashioned. He looked like he'd just stepped out of an old black and white film.

His eyes bulged a bit when he took in the whole, uber-gothc dress. I was glad about this. I know I'm pretty. And I know I have a good figure! We went into the study. And stood by the window. Having a polite convorsation about the 'gothic-essence' of these rooms, until he moaned.

"Whats up?" I asked. But the word 'up' barely got past my lips, because he pushed me against the wall and kissed me!

It was a mind-whirling-soul-searing kiss, it made my heart race in a pleasant kind of way. I felt like all my nerves were on fire. He had his hands in my pure(though non-dyed!)black hair and I'd flung my arms around his neck. And just as quickly as it has started, it had ended.

My eyes were wide as I stared at him in wonder.......

The End

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