The Myserious staircase

It was a usual Saturday for me, Well as normal as a goth's Saturday could be. I was wandering around the house, we live in a huge old house, with creaking staircases and loads of big, empty rooms we don't really need. Today, I felt the sudden urge to explore our house, find rooms I don't know about. Which is odd, because, this urge felt like a need like I HAD to find another room.

So, just for the sake of being bored I skipped around, looking for a new room.

I stopped dead in my tracks. A new door. I tilted my head to one side. I'd seen things like this happen in those horror films. Like where the 'helpless girlie-girl would go into the room and get killed my a phscopath monster or would be dragged under the bed by something. The suspence was killing me, I had to go in this room!!!

I placed one of my thin, pale hands on the door-handle and pushed....

I blinked. It wasn't a room. It was a staircase. A big twirly-whirly one like in a palace. I placed one foot on a step, it creaked, and bended slightly under my weight.

It seemed safe enough. I carefully put my other bare foot on the step. I started walking up slowly. Until I reached...ANOTHER HALLWAY!!! A long corridor streached out. There were at least five rooms!!!

"Wow!"I breathed. I scurried onto the corridor. and opened one door....

"No way!!" I cried, the room was a fully furnished bedroom, with a big fourposter bed with canopy. A old, blue Victorian dressing table, a big wardrobe and chest of draws, and a fireplace. It was amazing.

I ran out of the bedroom and into the next room along. It was a bathroom with a big old-fashioned bath tub and a sink. It was beautiful!

In the NEXT room was office, it had a big table and a  desk with a type-writer on, I've always wondered what it was like to write with one of them, so I decided it was time to try it out. There was some old paper already in it. I typed; This is my hallway It was so fun! There was a big window with some musty-moth-eaten curtains.

The room NEXT to that one was another bedroom, obviously the master bedroom. It had a MA-HUSSIVE king size bed, with all the canopy floating down, the covers were made from what looked like silk. I did all I could to restrain myself from jumping onto it, n=but it was no us, I did anyway! I ran and leapt onto the bed, coughing as a cloud of dust  swarmed around me. I laughed! For the first time today, I actually laughed until tears blurred my vision!

"WICKID!!!" I squealed. I sprinted out, desperate to find the treasures in the next room!

"Oh. My. God!" I gasped. This room, now this room is the sorta room I've been desperate for ever scince I became a goth...

It had a huge window with some black silky material draped over the top of it, with only a crack of space so some light could get through. It had a fire place with a built in range. And a.....Couldren hanging from the meatal bar.

"Cool!" I gasped. I looked around again. There were herbs and books and chests and all sorts of gothic stuff, than I could have only dreamed of!

"Now this, this is my room from now on!" I cried to myself.

I ran out of the room, back down the staircase yelling, "MUM!!MUM!!!I FOUND LOADS OF NEW ROOMS!!!"


The End

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