When I got home, I scrambled up the stares to my bedroom. And sat on my bed next to my black cat, Magick , and started crying. Which isnt something I usually do. But these sobbs were not ones of saddness. They were terrified sobbs. Because I was terrified. She is going to kill me. She's going to want to get revenge. And she's going to make sure nobody will ever stop her! I turned on my CD player, putting on the screechy-iest band I could find in my collectoin of CD's. Putting it on full blast, so no one could here me weeping.

"Lilith! Marcie is here!" My mum called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Tell her to come up." I cried in a shrill voice.

"OKAY!" She called back. I heard footsteps on the landing and I wiped my eyes with my sleeve. Staining my pure white blouse by doing so.

"Oh, Lil! You okay?!" She cried, plonking herself down next to me. Causing Magick to leap off the bed and go under it.

"I...I...I c-c-can't believe they-y-y l-l-l-let ou-ou-outtt! W-w-w-what-t-t kind of pers-s-son would d-d-d-o that?" I stuttered.

"Yeah, she's still crazy, she's got that phsycotic glint in her eye." She said, shaking her head slightly.

"Seriously, Marcie, NOT helping."I said flatly.

"Sorry."She apologised.

"Marcie." I said in a scared voice, looking her dead in the eye(no pun intended) , "She's going to kill me. And she's going to make sure she actually does this time. Thsi time, Marie, I'm going to die."

I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die.

The only thing in my mind. I'm going to die.

That night I had a nightmare, so vivid, it seemed real, it seemed to real for my liking. I was standing over a voo-doo doll, putting pins into it, torchering it, like it were a real person.

The End

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