Stone cold fear.

Next to me I could see Marcie shiver. I turned off my iPod, with trembeling fingers, cutting off the shrieks in mid-flow. I managed how to make my legs work again. And stumbled as I turned around. My eyes as wide as a manga persons.

I looked up to see her face. I tried to look brave but ended up looking like I was holding back a scream.

I looked into the face of Ellonara Belladonna. The only thing in the world that can make me freeze like I just had is her. The Queen of all things evil. She is also named after a poisinous plant which adds to the evilness of her soul.

Your thinking why she scares me so much, your thinking; 'Is she a bully?' or 'Did she run you outta town?' No. She did none of those things. But she is crrazy. Not like funny-crazy. She is a phsyco.  A big one.  The reason is because, she attempted murder.

On me.

When I told her parents she was a crazy person. They made her go to the hospital. She broke out. And slit my throat. I nearly died. I lost too much blood to live. Thats why I'm so pale. It took me months to recover. And when I was better, she tried to kill me again. She tried to push me off a cliff. But was stopped when a passerby saw what she was trying to do to me.

She'd been locked up in the phsyc-ward ever since. Except today. She has been let out! What kind of a person would do that to a phsycopath? SHES CRAZY!!!!!

"Long time no see." She said in the same, cold voice. Marcie grabbed my arm and dragged me to the classroom. I was shaking so badly, my handwriting in french was all wobbly. It was a good lesson, we were wrting poems in french. I couldn't read mine out when she asked me too, I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. Well, except maybe a few croaky ones.

When class had ended. I walked out and practicly sprinted to the back of the school.

The End

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