Voo-Doo Doll ~~~The Return Of The Coven.

Lilith must face something even more terrefing than Ellanara Belladonna, there is a great and powerful evil building up.... The Coven of Lilith must help save the town and destroy the evil that lurks....

I put on my new choker that Eddie had got me, he and I are together now, like for real. He seem's much happier now. Sammy didn't talk to me for a while, I think he had a little crush on Eddie, but he seems happier now, because I gave him a 'I'm so sorry!' card and another tux from the victorian closet. Today I'm wearing a pair of black jeans, a  grey and black stripy tee with a spotty bow on and my new black Mary-Janes with a two inch heels on, I gave up on super-high heels a long time ago, I decided they hurt my feet and I couldn't walk in them, so I threw all of mine out.

"Lilith, Marcie's here to walk the shops!!!"Called mum from the bottom of the old, creaky staircase, I smiled as I remembered the first time I stepped on the closet step, the fresh but aged smell of the Old Craft room. Marcie, Luke, Sammy, Dean, Jayne, Starr, Eddie and I have made a coven, although, all the boys except Sammy refused to be called a Witch. I luaghed a bit at this and kept on calling them Witches, but the novelty had worn off after a week or so. But Sammy is insisting that we all have special goth/vamire names. Yes, he actually searched this: Good vampire/goth names, I'm sorry, but how sad can you get, ah well, it makes him happy, the little freak. But we all finally caved in and after a days' thought, we all think it's a great idea! Here's the list he made us learn off my heart:

  • Lilith(me)~~~ Lectwara
  • Marcie~~~Darcelina
  • Luke~~Airion
  • Sammy~~Sackteera
  • Dean~~~Marctina
  • Jayne~~~ Jeloosan
  • Starr~~~Starck
  • Eddie~~~Edlicton

We all hate the names he had chosen for us, we begged him to let us choose our own names, but he was having NONE of it! But I guess they're cool anyhow, all the kids at school avoid us, because the roumor of the whole coven thing totally freaked them out, I think they heard us talking about it because I know none of US would have told anyone, I mean, no one likes us except us! And people are even flinching when we talk about the up-coming trip to Whitby this weekend, were going to goth-central! It's going to be so fun, there are nice little witch craft shops on the cobbled street's and Starr-- I mean Starck, really wants to get hold of some torrot cards, I told her she could have mine because I don't know how to use them, but she told me that I was a born witch and I needed to learn the art of divination, I just told her I would, I still haven't gotten round to learing, I'll have to ask Starck if she can help me. I really don't get it at all!!!!

I skipped down the spiral staircase and down the normal one to a grumpt looking Marcie, drumming her fingers on the banister.

"What took you so long?"She grumbled, floding her arms accross her chest.

"I was just thinking, Marcie-- opps, I mean, Darcelina, just thinking."I smiled, I had put on some vibrant red lipstick/lipgloss on this morning, along with the usual heavy black eye-makeup.

"Nice choker."She noted, nodding towards Eddie's gift.

"Eddie gave it to me."I sighed. She was right, it was lovely, it was studded with little dimante shaped into minute skulls with a silver Ankh dnagling down, it was black, of course.

"You and Eddie seems to be getting on juuuuust fine these days."Said Darcelina/Marcie, smirking. I don't get why I have to use those stupid names anyway!

We stepped out the door, sheilding our eyes from the blinding sunlight, it was hot, I put on my black jacket, we always wear jackets whatever the weather!




The End

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