Voo-Doo Doll

Lilith is a witch, but she dosn't know it, but when she find an old Voo-Doo doll and witch-y charms in a hidden room in her house, her world will change for ever, and not for the good....

sluuurp I took a long sip from my coffee.

"Ew, is it possible for you to drink your tea ANY louder?!" Marcie-- my best mate-- exclaimed. Looking discusted.

"Yeah, it is actually!!!" I grinned. SLUUURP I made it so I was even noisier than last time. She looked posotively horrified.  I giggled at her expression.

"Rather than drinking tea. You should be doing home wrok..Like ME." She sniffed.

"Um, Marcie. A) It's coffee and you know I drink coffe. B) Home work? REALLY? I'll just make up some excuse about my Gran again." I said in a bored voice. Don't get me wrong, I love Marcie to little bits and bobs I really do, but homework? She's always been a bit like THAT.  I'm not surprised! Her parents nearly made her go to a private, all girls school, they are REALLY posh! I'm still trying to get over the fact that they let her be a goth!

drilinggggggg The class bell went off, and we automaticly got up and went to our next class, double french! I groaned.

"What's up, Lil?" Luke asked bumping his shoulder into mine. I handed him my planner. He looked at my next lesson, andd went, "ah. Well unlucky! I've got IT next."

"Y'know, Luke, for a goth, your pretty geeky. And no offence. But I look down on you that way!" I laughed. He looked quite miffed and said, "well, not all of us goths are class flunkers, like a certain some one I know." Giving me a pointed look. I pulled a face.

"Right. And don't flunk my classes! Bye!" I yelled at him as he walked off, causing a few poeple to stare at me.

"What?" I said irecudiously. They just raised their eyebrows, shook their heads and turned back to whatever they do at this sorry exscuse for a school.

I whirled around and ran off to catch up with Marcie. When I did she merely glanced at me and nodded. I pulled my green iPod nano from my bag. And turned on my favourite song-- Chelsea Smile, by Bring Me The Horizon-- and nodded along to the screeching words, I could barely understand. None of my friends could understand why I got a green one. And I explained to them, green is the only bright colour I like, and they just sniffed at me and looked slightly offended(I still don't have any idea why!).

"Hello, Lilith." A familliar voice said from behind me. I froze with what only coul be described at stone cold fear.

The End

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