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Violet looks around a little confused, "Um Violet"

The man nudges me to go onto the stage further, but I anchors myself in place. The last thing I remember is going to fetch my jacket at the park. I scan the crowd and fear blankets over me. Not to mention the embarrassment once I see I'm half naked, I've never even had a boyfriend.

"Playing shy this one, " the announcer laughs.

The crowd is laughing, and I panic and run off stage. I grab my clothes throwing then over the skimpy outfit I had on. Running out the back door as fast as possible, once far enough away I stop to catch my breath. I drop down to my knees and start crying.

"Are you lost?" A gentle voice bends my ear.

I look up to see that I am outside a market, that appears to have just closed. In front of me stands an elderly lady with white hair and wrinkled skin. She smiles as she stands waiting my reply.

"What time is is?" I ask.

"Well dear , it's eleven," She looks worried.

I have never been out this late, Saint Francis would never allow this activity. I didn't even know where I was, or how long I had been gone.

"I'm Eva," the woman stretches her hand and helps me to my feet. "Can I offer you a ride somewhere?'

I didn't know what to tell her, " Saint Francis?"

"Saint who dear, is that a church?" she replies.

"Never mind I'll just grab the bus," I say as it pulls up across the street.

I hurry off to the bus, it seemed so much scarier the later it got. I was going to be in some big trouble when I got back. I am pretty sure Ms. Mason was furiously searching for me. It makes her look bad if someone runs off. Also she cared about my well being.

I saw a gentleman at the back of the bus eyeballing me, and he was creepy. I pulled my arms in close and turned toward the window. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a familiar place, the park.

I pulled the rope and hopped off the bus toward the park. It was dark, and there was no Ms. Mason there either.

I sat down on the bench and took a deep breath. Asking myself what will I do now, and a familiar voice appears.

"Violet?" what are you doing out here so late.

It was the boy from the ride earlier Luke. I was kind of hesitant to respond, as I could ask him the same question. Well I have nothing to lose I guess, so I respond. "Truth is I got lost from my group earlier today, and then left behind. I been trying to find my way back ever since."

"Can I help you somehow?" Luke asks with his adorable smile.

The End

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