Charlotte in the Club

Charlotte enters the club with strong confidence. She wasn't the type to back down if asked to. 

"The dressing room is over there," the woman says, pointing at the shabby-looking room. "Help yourself to some of the club's outfits. You rip them, you pay them." She leaves in a hustle.

"Geez, someone likes her job," Charlotte says to herself. She enters the room and sees several girls in various stages of dressed. She smiles in approval. Being here might not be so bad.

"Hi," the girl nearest to Charlotte says. "Are you the new dancer?"

"Um, yeah. I am." Charlotte sees a closet full of skimpy clothes. She walks to it and grabs a couple of outfits. She looks them over. Man, she might as well just dance naked; the clothes were very revealing, and left very little imagination.

"Five minutes!" the same girl warns. "The customers don't like delays."

"Okay." Charlotte chooses a blue outfit that reminds her of Princess Jasmine in the Disney movie. She strips down her own clothes, and them puts on the outfit. She looks at herself in the cracked mirror by the closet. 

"Wow," the girl remarks. "Even I want you to do a lap dance for me."

Charlotte raises her brow. "You like girls?" she asks.

"Yeah, I'm bisexual." The girl holds out her hand. "I'm Amy, by the way."

"Charlotte." She takes the hand and shakes it. "Pansexual."

"Oh thank God, I'm not the only non-straight person here." Amy looks at the clock. "Two minutes. You should get out there."

"I will," Charlotte says. She walks out of the room and heads to the stage. She's quickly pulled by the woman from earlier. 

"Whoa, whoa. Not yet, hon. Sparkle's still dancing."

"Oh. Sorry." Charlotte waits for Sparkle to finish. When she does, she hears the men chant, "Next one! Next one!"

"Now you go," the woman says.

"Okay." Charlotte passes by the girl she assumes is Sparkle and gets on stage. 

"I introduce you to our new dancer," a man says. She sees him holding a microphone. He gets close to here. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. What's your name?"

The End

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