The Boy

"Um," Violet says quietly, feeling nervous. She's not used to talking to strangers, let alone being complimented by one. "My name's Violet."

"Wow," the boy says. "A pretty name for a pretty girl." He gives her a crooked grin. "My name's Luke. Did you come here alone?"

Violet squirms a little. "Um, no. I came here with a group," she says.

"Oh, really? Are they here right now?"

She ignores him, and lets the instructor talk to the riders. "Alright, you know the rules. Keep the belt on and have fun!" he says.

He pulls down the lever and the ride starts moving. Violet smiles as they go through with it. Luke notices and yells out, "You like this ride?"

"I love it!" she says excitedly. "Whoo!" She lifts up her hands as the coaster goes down. 

Minutes later, the ride's over, and all the riders get out, half with a sick look on their faces and the other sad that the ride's over. Violet is one of the sad people. She walks away, dreading the fact about the missed bus. 

"So," Luke says behind her. She turns around and almost freaks. She hasn't realized he followed her. "Do you want me to help you find your group?"

"Um, no," Violet says. "I can find them on my own." She runs off before Luke can say anything else.

The End

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