Violet- The amusement park

Violet gazed out the window, as the bus came to a complete stop outside the amusement park everyone cheered. It had been a while since there last trip of the facility of Saint Francis and she was excited. Violet loved to make new friends, although she didn't have many.

She had pretty much been at Saint Francis since she was five. Her birth mother had a bad reputation for leaving her alone a lot, and all her foster parent couldn't handle her many personalities. She was diagnosed at the age five with multiple personality disorder. Though it can be a dangerous sickness, so far Violet was as harmless as they came. She was very curious, and had a playful demeanor.

Violet only the age of 19, stood about 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She had shoulder length brown hair, and the most beautiful green eyes with a spec of blue in the center.

She pulled her head from the window as Ms. Mason spoke, " Now listen up everyone, as we talked about before we left everyone will stay with their appointed partner. We will meet at the food court a noon, and we will be on our best behavior."

Ms. Mason was the lead coordinator at Saint Francis, and has known Violet since the day she arrived. She was in her late forties, and no children of her home. As she was so busy with her career she never married either.

"Violet, you're with me," Ms. Mason called to the back where she sat.

Violet got up from her seat and followed Ms. Mason's instructions. When they exited the bus Violet could hear all kinds of noise roaring from the rides. Her eyes light up with excitement, and a smile filled her pale face.

"Oh please please can we go on the Ferris wheel first?" Violet asked anxiously.

Ms. Mason nodded and led her to the Ferris wheel. She spent the whole day dragging Ms. mason around to all the rides and games.

It was time to go before she even realized. Violet was disappointed, but rules were rules. She followed everyone onto the bus and took her seat. While Ms. Mason was busy checking everyone in Violet realized she had left her favorite jacket on the Ferris wheel. She slipped right past Ms. Mason and ran to retrieve her jacket.

She was only gone moments, but when she turned back the bus was gone. In a panic violet began to breath heavily as she called out for Ms. Mason. The tears began to pour from her face as she circled the park several times.

Eventually she sat down at one of the picnic tables to rest. She was just about to lay her head down when she spotted some tickets at her feet. All she could think of was more rides. She had forgotten all about being left behind at this point and began smiling again. She headed toward the tilt-o whirl, and waited patiently in line. When her turn finally came she entered her cart.

"One more rider, I need one more," The operator shouted over the crowd.

Finally a boy around violets age raised his hand and hurried to the front. He plopped down next to Violet and buckled up.

"What's your name gorgeous?" he asked.

The End

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