Meeting of Some Importance

The sunlight streamed through the thick glass walls and reflected all down the corridor, which was dimly lit with modern looking chrome candles, a couple on each side of the walls. It was silent except for the tapping of bare feet against the cool, hard tiles as they got to the office. Nala knocke, and a young European woman motioned for them to come in. Amara shot Nala a look of horror, and the two girls slipped into the room.

   The office was luke warm, and fruit flies were dropping around the bowl of apples in the middle of the table. The room smelt of warm, hot coffee, and one could imagine a group of enterpreneurs chatting away, a few quite carelessly burning their own toungues as they begun to 'wake up' and begin a new day.

"Poor girls. I hope you haven't been treated too badly. Nala, did you take care of my little princess like I asked you to?"  She nodded quietly, eyes to the ground and her smile instantly dissapeared. The leather chair spun around to reveal a handsome looking man with an Australian accent. His eyes looked so calm and caring, but looks are often decieving. He took out a vial of red liquid and spread it across his arm, and grinned at the pain that followed.

"Hmph. We'll fix you up and when the Colonel comes, you'll be ready for him. You girls are lucky. Especially you, Nala; coming this far and living a pretty decent life is rare for inferior people like you."

   Time passed slowly, and Amara sat in a chair with twenty people leaning over her trying to make her look pretty, when she didn't feel pretty at all. Staring back at herself, she shuddered and silent tears tricked down her hot cheeks as people dabbed them away and tutted, "Your makeup will be ruined," as if the makeup was the only thing keeping her social class above an ape's. Nala had already gone, and the boss had sent her to aid others. Amara felt so alone sitting in a chair with 'boss man' looking over her as she stared at the babydoll encased in glass, unable to escape or speak.

   It seemed like hours before the 'real' boss arrived, and when he did, Amara was still in a daze. She had imagined him to be this hideous, malicious-looking man, when in fact, here was this successful looking buisnessman looking her honestly in the eyes. She faltered, taken aback by this strange and seemingly unreal reality.

"Amara." He looked kind and warm and caring, and everything a father should be. Everything her father should have been. She resisted the urge to hold him close, to embrace him, and stared at the pattered carpet under her feet.

"So why am I here then?" She whispered coldly.

"You are my special princess."

The End

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