To feel the sudden wish to betray your mind and become an entirely different person is a terrifying thought, although one that spreads through the mind of every person who walks the deceased earth, especially yours, isn't that right....

Most of us have wished to be someone else, to end it all, and then start it again. We don't like who we are, so we decide that the only way to change this is to put our hopes into a dream of finally disregarding our current blood-bound state... But we never did what you did...

There's always that one person though, the one whom tries to get you to look the other way, tries to clear your mind and offers you redemption. But what do you care? I offered you redemption, and you shoved it back in my face. You're the one who spread this decease into your mind in the first place, you performed the deed that made you realise how much everyone hated you, you can only blame yourself! You can't go around thinking that your life is terrible, when you're the one who made it so in the first place!

I blame you, I blame everything you stand for, it's your fault

The End

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