Months [Michelle]

Was it two months? I couldn't say. Eveyr day just blurred into another and as I had no windows, I could never tell whether it was day or night. Dr Jones tried to comfort me when I lay, sobbing, on my bed. "You will get home," he would say. "Your mother will help you."

"I haven't heard anything," I replied. "Nothing at all. I've seen nothing, they've said nothing ... she could be dead already. And what about me? Here for all eternity, until I die because I may be the strongest Queen they've ever had but I can't keep on going..."

"You're going to get out of here," he said, trying to convince me. For a moment I almost let myself believe. "For goodness sake, Shelley, nothing is hopeless! You and Doc are both going to get out of this alive."

"Not if he tries to escape we won't," I said sullenly. "And look at us now! Slap bang in the middle of the Arctic, doing nothing at all that I can see: how are either of us meant to leave? We'd die if we went out there." Which was probably why they'd given me the run of the ship, now that my cast was off, I could walk and I wasn't likely to run away.

"I don't know," muttered Dr Jones. "But he's pretty determined, your Shane. I don't expect it will be long before he's out of here and running free. You're the one who's likely not to succeed, if you just give up so easily." His words were sobering. "Shelley, if you don't believe it's possible then how will it be?"

"I don't believe in that sort of thing, either." I was sulking, sticking my bottom lip out like a petulant child. "If you don't believe it won't be possible ... it's just stupid. It's possible or not whether I think or not!" Okay, so I wasn't making much sense, but I was seriously peeved and seriously scared.

"Shelley, don't--" A siren cut short our conversation. Red alert. Soemthing had happened. I leaped off the sofa and out of my rooms, dashing down the narrow metal corridor with my heart in my mouth. "Come back!" I heard the doctor calling, but I ignored him. "Oh, for goodness sake..." He was coming after me.

Within a minute I was in the control room. "What's happened? What are the sirens for?"

But looking at the screens was enough to tell me what I wanted to know. Two things had happened. Firstly, Shane had got out and was probably halfway across the Arctic. My head jumped as I looked at the screens, seeing his empty room and the footprints leading away from the ship. And secondly, there were several police -- or was it FBI? That was pretty awesome -- helicopters closing in on us right now.

I was going to get out. I was going to get home.

The End

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