Capture [Michelle]

I turned to see the doctor's legs disappearing out of the entrance. He was being dragged by someone or something, though I couldn't tell which. "No!" I cried, realising as soon as the exclamation passed through my lips that it was the most stupid thing I could have done. Now they would know that I was here, and I would be taken too.

Dr Waltham has been taken, I'll go too, I told myself. I found that I was wondering what his first name was -- I hadn't a clue. He'd never mentioned it and I had never asked. And now it might be too late.

That thought spurred me on so I valuted up to the door. I'd had to drop down about a metre and it was pretty hard getting back out, but I would try my hardest. Soon enough I was peering out through the rotten wood. At first I couldn't see Dr Waltham anywhere, so assuming it was safe to come out I crawled a little way on my hands and knees.

Bad mistake. I was grabbed from behind, a gag slipped over my mouth so that I couldn't cry out. My hands, wrenched behind my back and with my arms half popping out of their sockets, were useless for defence. All I had left was my feet, so I kicked and kicked, trying to break free. It was to no avail. I couldn't get away.

They took me somewhere, but before we started moving a blindfold was fastened over my eyes. I could have been anywhere and with anyone, and I wouldn't have known. Was the doctor there? He might have been, but he was probably gagged too. Certainly I didn't hear a sound.

Then, so suddenly I was left blinking in the light, they ripped away the cloth and I saw where I was. I was on a stage. No, it wasn't a stage -- it was a clearing among the dense woods that made up part of the 50-acre hospital campus. Well, we were in the countryside, so what did you expect? And around me where hundreds of the Voices. Too many for me to count, though I tried.

The doctor was nearby, but he was unconscious. That would explain his lack of communication. I looked away, turning my attention to the fact that they were speaking. A leader was addressing the others, so I tried to listen despite my pounding heart and splitting headache, but it was in another language. Something I didn't understand. I got the last bit though: "Queen."

And they surged towards me en masse. I was helpless. I couldn't run away. This had to be the end.

The End

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