The Truth [Michelle]

Lidded eyes like a snake. Dark, jet black face, of a smooth material that couldn't possibly be skin. And those eyes ... that glowed red under the lids, that illuminated a sharp nose and white lips. It was that face.

Ashamed of my scream, I took a step away and tried to pretend I wasn't bothered -- but of course it was too late. So I gave up, and simply stared. Eventually I broke the silence. "What are you?" Nothing polite, no beating about the bush. I wanted to know what this freak was and why they had been invading my brain for so long.

"I am the Voice," it said, sending icy-cold shivers down my spine. I knew that voice ... I had been hearing it all my life. But it was alone and not with others, so different from what I was used to. "I know who you are, Michelle. I know what you want and what you dread. I know everything about you."

"You're lying," I told it. "You're just being melodramatic. You know nothing! Half the stuff going on in my brain I don't even understand myself. How could you possibly hope to get it?"

"Because I have been watching it in all the time that you have slept, puzzled and confused. I have seen how you react to people and places and I know exactly what your plans are." It smiled suddenly. "Why do you look so frightened? I don't want to hurt you."

I wanted to ask what it was doing there, if it wasn't planning to hurt me (after everything the creepy guys in robes had said I was sure that it was only a matter of time before I was taken off for experimentation or something), but the words wouldn't come. So instead I asked, "Where are the others?"

"They are with me." The Voice stepped back and revealed hundreds of others like itself. I found myself backing away, terrified despite my determination. "They have been waiting for you."

"That's just ... creepy," I said, not caring whether it heard. "I'm flattered to get all the attention, but could you, uh, let me be normal now? I mean, I get it. You've been talking to me. But it's wrecked my life. Find someone else! Just let me go home!"

"It's far too late for that," said The Voice, stepping forwards -- out of the screen, towards me, each step closing the distance between us despite the way I backed away. And soon I was against the wall, and there was nowhere else I could go.

The End

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