Sheer Terror [Michelle]

I stared at Dr Waltham. Never had there been any indication of another presence. The doctors were in charge, surely? But now there was someone giving them orders and the bottom dropped out of my world.

"Don't send me to them," I begged. "Whoever they are, please. Dr Waltham, don't make me go to them. I'm scared."

He looked at me slowly, and the fight went out of his eyes. "I wish I could do what you say," he said sadly. "But I can't. I'm sorry. I'm in their power. If I don't you send there right now I'm in serious trouble, and I mean serious ..." His voice took on a dream-like quality. "Maybe it's all for the best. Maybe they can tell you what I can't."

"Before I go, tell me at least what it was you were about to say." At least then I would perhaps know what this meeting would bring.

The doctor shook his head. "They knew I was about to tell you just then, didn't they? So they must have a camera in here, or a microphone. I can't risk saying anything else, not if we're being watched like this. You have to go, Shelley."

"Then come with me!"

"I can't," he whispered. "Shelley, if I could I would come with you. I can't stand to see you so scared; I hate the fear in your eyes. You shouldn't be feeling like this! But I can't stop it. I can't come with you."

"Then what have I got left?" I looked away. My only ally had turned away, and I was once again on my own. "What is there for me to cling on to, when I'm all alone again in the dark?"

I turned and left the office, to face what was ahead. Though I had not been told where to go I followed my gut instincts and they led me in the right direction. They would lead me to my future.

But I did not yet what this future would hold.

The End

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