Under Orders [Management]

We watched them on the little intercom link. For somebody as intelligent as the doctor it was unusual that he had never spotted the little camera in the room, but we did not question him. Instead we watched as he led Michelle into the room and asked her to talk. And talk she did.

He was about to say something. His eyebrows puckered into a frown and he looked slightly as though he was fighting an inner battle -- which he was. We all knew that Dr Waltham was struggling to contain the secret he was forbidden to reveal at any cost, but we also knew what it was that would happen to him if he were to tell.

"Shelley," he said slowly. "There is something I have to tell you. I'm not supposed to and if anyone finds out..." Did he just look towards the hidden spy camera, or he was that a trick of a light? It was hard to tell.

"You'll be in trouble," she said understandingly. "Is it important?"

"Very," Dr Waltham replied. "It could change everything. I need to make sure you know. These voices..."

He had gone too far, and we had to step in. Together we pressed the small intercom link button. This one he knew about. It would project our words onto a small screen on his desk, as well as amplifying them through the speakers in his office. "You know what will happen if you tell, Dr Waltham," we said.

He looked around, sweat on his brow. "I know ... but I must!" Michelle looked at the screen and saw our clipped phrases in black writing on a red background. Ominous. "She has to know. It's her right. Please, just let me tell her."

"She must not be told," we repeated. "But it is time we spoke to her. Send the girl to us. Immediately, and without delay."

Before he could reply -- it would only be a protest, and we did not have the time -- we closed the link. Now we just had to wait.

The End

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